How to Give Your Diabetic Cat an Insulin Injection

hello I'm dr. Mike today we'll learn the

easy way to give your cat an insulin

injection it is important to understand

that there are different concentrations

of insulin therefore you need to make

sure you have the proper syringe a u4t

insulin requires a u4t syringe and a

u-100 insulin requires a u-100 syringe

today we are going to be using pro zinc

a u4t insulin made just for cats most

people are a little nervous the first

time they give the injection but it's

really not hard to do will visit Lisa

and her diabetic cat Frankie to watch

how it's done when you're ready to give

the injection place your cat on a stable

surface and take a moment to pet your

cat before you begin the injection will

be easiest if both of you are calm Lisa

has already filled the syringe with

Frankie's correct dose for more

information on preparing your syringe

you can watch our vet vid video how to

prepare an insulin syringe for your

diabetic cat decide where you're going

to inject your cap you can give the

injection in your cat's side or in the

back of your cat's neck just make sure

you don't use the same spot each time

while you're petting your cat

gently pull up a fold of skin at the

spot you've chosen like Lisa is doing

now quickly insert the needle into the

fold of skin the insulin needle is very

thin and sharp so it won't hurt your cat

especially if you insert it quickly pull

the plunger back a little bit to make

sure no blood enters the syringe if you

do see some blood inside the syringe you

should throw it away and start over with

a new syringe push the plunger all the

way in and then remove the needle it's

that easy

now reward your cat with more petting

you'll need to dispose of the used

syringe in an appropriate container if

you don't have a syringe disposal

container like Lisa's ask your

veterinarian for an alternative option

and be sure to dispose of it according

to local regulations please remember

that no other information replaces the

advice of your veterinarian so don't

ever hesitate to contact your veterinary

hospital with questions about your cat's

condition or treatment I hope this video

has been helpful and thanks for watching