How to Give Insulin Injections to Diabetic Pets

hi my name is Kristen I'm a technician

here at Union Lake veterinary hospital

and this is my cat Cruz and today I'm

going to show you guys how to give

insulin injections the things you're

gonna need are going to be your bottle

of insulin that's prescribed by your

veterinarian and the appropriate insulin

syringe if it's a u-100 insulin using a

u-100 syringe so u4t insulin using a u4t

syringe so your insulin will be kept in

the fridge they'll take it out of the

fridge when you're ready to use it to

mix it we never want to shake the

insulin we want to roll it gently

between our hands let's roll it like

that we're then gonna take our syringe

take the cap off and insert it into the

bottle here we're gonna draw back past

the number of units that you want so if

I wanted five I'm gonna pull back past

the five and then push it back up so if

we don't get any air bubbles in our

syringe and then we'll take that out and

as to what we're gonna give for the

injection the next step is going to be

to kind of give the injection in the

area by the shoulder blades here so we

kind of want to rotate where we give the

injection every time so kind of think

about as a face of a clock so you have

one injection at one the next one you

know could be at two three four five is

kind of rotating around that area where

you give it gonna be once or twice a day

we don't want to cause any scar tissue

so we're gonna kind of tent the skin by

the shoulder blades here we're going to

then make a little pocket and just

insert our needle and then push the

plunger in to inject the insulin you

wanna make sure your pet has a full meal

prior to giving the insulin injection

your pet does not eat its full meal make

sure you give your veterinarian a call

so they can advise you on what to do

with the dose of insulin if you have any

questions or concerns don't hesitate to

give us a call thank you guys for

watching and we'll see you next time