How To Give My Cat An Insulin Injection

I've got my insulin here I've taken it

just out of the fridge so insulin is a

very fragile molecule we don't shake

this bottle up and even storing is

important so we're gonna we keep it off

the door cuz sometimes a rattling of the

door if you have teenagers always in out

of the fridge it might actually disrupt

the insulin so just even a gentle kind

of inversion putting the insulin upon my

hand and just kind of holding it 1 2 3

that's enough mixing up I'm gonna take

my insulin syringe so insulin is an

interesting substance we dose it off of

units and I have 2 different types of

insulin syringes I have you 40 and you

100 syringes and all that tells me as

the manufacturer says that I have 40

units per mill on my insulin or I have a

higher units per mill CAD insulin is you

40 insulin and human insulin is you 100

so it's always important to make sure

you have the right syringe so I've got

my syringe here it's always a sterile

brand new one every time and we can see

it's a very very tiny mosquito bite size

needle it's a very small poke so I'm

gonna put my needle in the bottle

there's easy a little bit of air in

there I just kind of squished that in

and I pull my plunger down and if I

happen to have some air in there I'm

gonna tap them out because we're

injecting under the skin air bubbles

don't are not going to harm my cat but

air bubbles in my syringe will affect

how much insulin I'm giving and when in

doubt cuz we're usually talking about

very small volumes you can always draw

extra extra insulin into your syringe

and then push it back into the bottle so

in this case if my cat was on two units

of insulin I've drawn it down to the

five insulin Mart or a five unit mark

I'm gonna go four three two so I bought

Lance I'm ready to go I'm gonna take

down I'm gonna put my bottle back on the

counter and then if you don't have a cat

quite so wonderful as mr. bigglesworth

and you won't catch your cat so I've got

my insulin ready to go I've got my cat

I've seen him eat

so we can inject the insulin anywhere

under the skin

we usually avoid head face and lower

limbs so cats have all this wonderful

loose skin so what I do is I feel right

between my cat's shoulder blade there's

a little kind of a ridge there I use my

finger to scoop up a nice big pocket of

skin and then what I can do is either

push the barrel forward or I pull the

skin back and I've already injected him

and see he didn't even notice and then

once I'm comfortably in I just wished I

didn't slit in and I let go

and then