Important Tips For Administering Insulin And Caring For Your Diabetic Cat

hi everyone I have Clementine here and

today we have a video about Kitty

diabetes a diagnosis of diabetes in your

cat can sound scary at first but with

proper planning managing your cat's

health at home doesn't need to be

difficult I'm doctor Abril a bozo twin

Cole our technician and I are going to

show you a few of the basic steps when

it comes to administering insulin to

your cat keep all insulin refrigerated

users prescribed and handled carefully

we need to have ready a one-time-use

disposable needle and our bottle of

insulin check with your veterinarian on

whether their injection protocol

includes sterilizing your cat skin prior

to injection before you give an

injection remember to keep your

veterinarians feeding instructions in

mind before giving the shot when you

take your insulin from the refrigerator

gently roll the bottle in your hand to

mix it don't shake invert the bottle

insert the needle and pull back on your

plunger until the prescribed amount of

insulin is in your syringe you can push

back into the bottle until you at the

correct amount and that eliminates any

air bubbles pick up the loose skin

between the shoulder blades to form a

tent when injecting push the needle

quickly and firmly through the skin

practice on fruit or a stuffed animal to

become more comfortable with giving the

injection it is important to manage food

and caloric intake to keep the cat's

glucose levels constant regular

monitoring is essential your

veterinarian will suggest a combination

of clinic visits and home monitoring to

keep a close eye on your cat's health if

more than one person in your household

is involved in your cat's care consider

keeping a journal in a specific place so

everyone knows if the cat has received

his injection at the right time

disposable syringes are meant to be used

only once if you miss an injection or

wonder if your cat has received the full

dose skip that dose and wait for the

next one it is always better to under

dose rather than risk overdosing a

diagnosis of diabetes is not a death

sentence for your pet diabetes can be

managed and your cat can live for many

more years after a diagnosis