How to inject insulin into a Diabetic cat.mp4

diabetes is a disease which is being

diagnosed more and more in dogs and cats

these days particularly in cats the kind

of diabetes that they get is very

similar to the form of diabetes which is

most common in people which is when they

get quite all the cats who are quite

overweight whose pancreas just give out

in the end

because of a rich high-fat high-calorie

diet the treatment for diabetes is

regular injections of insulin which is

the hormone that helps to keep the blood

sugar levels stable and obviously if you

have a cat that's been diagnosed with

diabetes and the vet says well now you

need to inject them twice a day

it can be an extremely daunting prospect

but actually it's just a skill to learn

like any other anybody can do it

it's not nearly as scary as you would

think and most vets will talk you

through the procedure and ensure that

you're happy with it before they send

you home but what we're going to do

today is we're going to show you on TC

here how to inject cats so and you can

have a reference at home if you need one

I do on all my diabetic capsule have

been diagnosed if I shave a patch of

hair on the back of their neck injecting

into the scruff in the back of the neck

is the easiest place to inject in a cat

and if you take off the hair first of

all it's obviously much easier to see

the skin and therefore what you're doing

they don't have to have a clipped neck

for all of the time when you're learning

it's easier but once you get good at it

you can let the hair grow back and

you'll have no problems at all this is a

typical example of an insulin syringe

they're very small and they're very thin

the graduations along the side are for

how much insulin you need to give the

cat they all have a little safety cap on

them so pull that off make sure you pull

straight and clean because the needle is

very soft and will Bend if you catch it

you can see that the needle is

absolutely tiny the cats will very

rarely feel it going in hardly any of

them will make a fuss so don't worry

about hurting your cat it is definitely

worth it so first of all pick up the

skin with one hand and make a tent what

you're aiming to do is have a triangle

of skin coming away from the area that

you've picked up and you're going to be

injecting into the base of that triangle

down here this is where you have the

largest amount of skin space to go into

underneath the skin okay take the needle

pick up the skin with your other hand

and make a tent remember you're aiming

for the base of this triangle hold the

needle and then gently but firmly just

push it through the skin you can see

that TC didn't even flinch then that's

how tiny these needles are then gently

put your hands on the plunger and

squeeze and the insulin will go into the

skin then gently remove the needle and

relax the skin and a little rub there

you are

it's that easy