The 10 Essentials for Hiking - What I Pack for a Day Hike [Hiking Safety]

hey there welcome to my channel I am Amanda and in this video we're going go

over the ten essential systems for hiking these are the things that you

really should pack on every single hiking trip I'm really glad you're watching

this video because this is important so I have tons of my gear laid out here

we're gonna go over every single thing and then you'll be prepared for your

next hike so let's jump right in to these ten systems so the first system we're

gonna talk about is navigation for navigation you want to have a map and a

compass it's very small simple to just slide into your pack and just make

sure that you know how to use these things

you also could bring a GPS an altimeter watch or a personal locator beacon the

next system we're going to talk about is first aid and so I have a first aid kit

here as an example and in your first-aid kit you want to have things like blister

treatment gauze bandages of various sizes over-the-counter medication

antibiotic ointments and also make sure they're not expired so if you're using a

kit that is a few years old it's likely that a lot of those medications have

expired and you want to go and replace those before you begin and make sure

that your med kit is tailored to the size of your group so if you're going

with a bigger group you're obviously gonna want more of these things I like

to also throw tweezers and a little bug spray into my medicine

the next system we're going to talk about is fire you want to make sure you

have a way of starting and maintaining a fire and so for that we have some

waterproof matches or I really like this little kit here which is waterproof

tinder and a sparker and so it comes in this little package here it's so light

and a lighter here so just a couple options to show you but you definitely

want to make sure you have a way of starting and maintaining a fire in case

of an emergency the next system is sun protection so for sun protection of

course you want maybe some sunglasses I have a little hat here and a ton of

sunscreen so I bring like a big tube this one is like one of those little

sticks that you can just kind of reapply and then I have SPF chapstick I also

have SPF clothing that I usually hike in that kind of protects me so a lot of

options but you really want to make sure you not only have

sun protection but you have options to keep protecting yourself throughout the

day so don't just like put it on and then go for a ten hour hike in the Sun

all day in the summer make sure you have some of these things that you can

reapply as the day goes on the next system is a headlamp this is really just

one piece of gear so awesome to have in case your hike goes a little bit longer

than you thought or you need to kind of hike out in the dark these are so useful

definitely pack one the next system we're going to talk about is a knife now

I personally opted for a multi-tool which has a knife and several other

tools in it but a knife can be useful for so many things for example fixing

gear making kindling for fire emergency situations fixing food all sorts of

things so make sure that you pack a knife the next system is an emergency shelter

now an emergency shelter can protect you from the elements if you're stranded out

on the trail the option that I want to show you today is this emergency blanket

which reflects 90% of your body heat again another really small light item

that will be really useful if you need it which hopefully you never do other

options for this system would be a ultralight tarp or even a very large

trash bag but personally I would not do the trash bag thing I would just get one

of these because I think this would be a lot more effective and probably even

smaller than trying to shove a trash bag into your pack

the next system we're going to talk about is extra water hydration is

crucial so you want to make sure you pack enough water and have a way to

treat or filter water when you're out on the trail so if you're getting into

hiking I really recommend that you get yourself one of these reservoirs or

sometimes called bladders and don't use water bottles so I pretty much guarantee

that if you put a water bottle in your backpack you will hardly ever drink it

throughout your entire hike but if you have this with the little hose that

feeds through and it's like right by your face

you're probably going to sip a lot more water through this hose than you would

through a water bottle so I really recommend just getting one of these

reservoirs but this system is really about extra water and so for that I love

this Sawyer Squeeze water filter I talk about this a

lot I carry this backpacking and I'll link to actually a

lot of this stuff in the description below so make sure to check that out

this is so small and so light basically it's a way that you can filter water

from a stream or a river or a puddle in case you need more or in case you have

to stay out later so really think through okay what am I gonna do if I

need extra water and there are tons of water filtering options there's actually

even smaller ones than this so just make sure that you have some way to get extra

water and maybe carry a little extra water at the start of your hike as well

the next system is extra food so pack what you think you're gonna need for

your day hike and then pack more the rule of thumb is actually to pack an

entire day's worth of extra food and some of the options here I have like

dried fruit some nut butters some jerky things like that so make sure you

just pack more food than you think you're going to need the last system is

extra clothing so I have a rain jacket here an extra little puffy jacket to

layer with the weather can change very quickly in the mountains and you really

want to have some layers to protect yourself from that now the amount of

extra clothing you bring will depend a lot on where you're hiking the time of

year the weather things like that but make sure you have some extra layers in

your pack all right there you go these are the ten essential systems that you

need to pack for your hikes if you have any questions let me know in the

comments below I'll link to a lot of this stuff in the description I actually

have a blog post that will go into all this stuff written out so if you want it

in a written form I'll link to that below as well I'm here for you so really

if you have any questions I love this community I love YouTube I have tons of

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and I'll see you in the next video