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I'm gonna give you five beginner

mistakes that you could make on trail if

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share of mistakes I know I've made many

of these and if you've been hiking for a

while you've probably made some of them


let me save you some pain and agony if

you haven't experienced these mistakes

these are in no particular order

starting with number 1 kicking yourself

yeah pick this title because it sounds

better than poor shoe choice you get it

kicking feet yeah you get it

so my first backpacking trip I went to

my local shoe store and I said I need a

pair of hiking boots I'm about to go on

a backpacking trip for 4 days like ok

follow me and I said which one of these

are on sale and they said all right here

you go try them on and I was like oh

these are ok I guess I'll take them plus

or Unseld so I'm saving some money

brought them home so I was 14 thought

they'd work that's about what size I

wear you know just around and start

backpacking got 10 miles in on my first

day first time I've ever worn them

backpacking first time I've been

backpacking and took them off and I was

like man my feet are big and not just

big because they're big but these feet

are swelled up they're not fitting in my

shoes properly so I would suggest

whenever you go to buy your shoes make

sure you get the right size by possibly

going after you've worked all day if

you've been standing a lot and that's

going to give you an idea of how much

your feet are we're going to be swelled

while you're out backpacking another

thing to consider is you could go up a

half size or maybe even a full size

depending on the shoe brand like now

I've been using ultra and going with the

trail runner instead and I get a size 15

which is around the size that I would

normally wear look about a half size

bigger number two everything but the

kitchen sink the other day I was I was

going through some old papers and I

a list of everything everything even my

food that I took on my first backpacking

trip and I thought man I brought

everything but the kitchen sink actually

I may make a video of that on the future

let me know if you'd want to see that

going through and taking a specific look

on each item that I brought on the first

trip I brought duplicates of all kinds

of stuff stuff I didn't need I don't

know if I thought I was going out there

B Bear Grylls or what survivor man and

you know after looking back I was like

why would I ever need any of this so

don't bring everything but the kitchen


I would suggest doing small backpacking

trips especially if you're starting out

and then make a checklist of everything

you brought and when you get home

checklist off or a check mark off the

stuff that you actually used and then

maybe put a tally next to the things

that you didn't use and if you take an

item on two or three trips and you

haven't touched it you probably don't

need to bring that out of me more number

three gear know how guys you got to know

how to use your gear so I made this

mistake I get out there and I try to set

something up or use something and I'm

like wait oh yeah I didn't bring the

instructions with me I don't even know

if I know how to use this so save

yourself some hassle try it out at home

you may find that it's a piece of gear

that you never would actually use on

trail it look like a good idea at the

store and then you get home and you try

it out and you're like why did I ever

buy this I'm taking it back and getting

my money back

number four too much to choose sometimes

we bought off more than we can chew I've

been there I've actually gotten injured

on trail while doing that trying to hike

too many miles it could be physical it

could be something like hey you know

what I think I'm gonna go hock this

14,000 foot mountain and each day I'm

gonna do 15 miles a day well I just I

physically can't do it my physical

abilities will not allow me to do that

or it could be mental I've been on trail

especially on a thru-hike and people

have had to bail out because their mind

is just not in it you know they say

things like this trail has beat me up so

much I'm just mentally not checked in

I'm done

gonna bill and you got to do what's best

for you so make sure you're not biting

off more than you can chew whenever

you're scheduling out what trail you're

doing number five cotton keels I'm

serious on this one cut and you get it

wet it loses all of its insulation value

you get soaking wet out there wearing

cotton who gets cold you can die from

hypothermia I made the mistake of

bringing cotton socks whenever I went on

my first backpacking trip and those

actually wore through there were literal

holes in the socks by the time I was

done and what you could do to avoid this

this whole cotton situation is wear

synthetic clothing or wool or a wool

blend especially my socks I always go

with the wool blend my shirts I'll

normally wear something like this an

athletic tee or an athleisure and then

under wearing pants also synthetic I

want to hear some of the mistakes that

you've made while you've been on trail

so if you would share in the comments

below what are some of the biggest

mistakes that you've made while

backpacking folks I hope you enjoyed the

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