How to Start Hiking for Beginners

hey there adventure fantasy a little bit

of a different background than you guys

are used to we are in the wonderful and

exciting it's too loud

Central Park we're up in the northern

portion of Central Park today just

walking around checking it out and one

of the things I get asked all the time

is how do I start hiking right

everybody's always on social media

checking everything out maybe Facebook

Instagram whatever you really need to

stop comparing your life to somebody

else's highlight reel and get out there

and start making your own so today we're

going to go over the five steps to start



basically keep it simple you don't start

right running marathon you start with

smaller one kilometer of 5k runs and you

make your way up to running half

marathons and marathons the same goes

with hiking so start by finding

something in your area a four to five

kilometer flat-ish hike I'm in Central

Park right so there's all these lovely

little pathways off here and yeah we

also have some paved spots if we need to

the nice thing about somewhere like

Central Park is that you're still close

enough to civilization your cell phone

definitely works in here and there's a

lot of NYPD in the area to come save

your sorry blood if something goes wrong

how well do you know your walkability

nice thing about having a fitness

tracker is that I'm able to map the

walks that I take with the dogs and I

know what a four to five kilometer walk

feels like and from there I'm able to

evaluate my hiking skills don't know

where to hike that's fine then download

an app like all trails onto your phone

it ranks all the hikes in your area from

easy moderate to hard and will also

track your progress while you're out on

that trail you can also buy any maps or

guides at your local adventure store one

of my favorite places to hike is to

catch your recreation area I'm gonna

link to it down below for all you local

admin Tony ins so you know how to get

out there it is a six kilometer easy ish

hike it does have some hills which I

really enjoy because that's where I test

out all my new gear the nice thing is

you're also close enough to Edmonton

that you kind of have that safety net if

you need to just head home


step number two find a friend this

person will be your safety net they will

help push you up the hill and they will

be able to share in your successes your

victories and all the memories don't

know anybody that hikes that's okay

there's a lot of online hiking groups my

favorite is hike Alberta which is on is

a Facebook group you can go on there you

can always find other experienced hikers

that are willing to take you out and get

you used to the area especially if

you're new to an area except your gear

you don't want to bring them wrong gear

but you don't want to break the bank

buying new gear one of the things my

girlfriend always says is that she's

always wearing the wrong shoes around me

I'm used to walking anywhere from ten to

thirty kilometres a day for work so I'm

not always used to other people not

having that same level of mileage and

the last thing you want is to have a

hike totally ruined by mangled toes and

blisters most are you really going to

need is a simple trail runner quite

often I will retire my old fitness

runners into my trail runners that also

being said I've broken both my ankles so

I will quite often off for just a

slightly higher boot to provide myself

with a little bit more stability into

the areas that I have problems but

remember that a boot is a little bit

heavier than a runner and the heavier

the boot or Footwear the faster you will

fatigue the next piece of gear I

recommend you look into is a backpack

right now Justin is wearing my camel

pack which I'm pretty sure I got for

about $50 a Canadian Tire and I am

wearing a canvas camera bag it's okay

but it doesn't have really good

ventilation so it's a little bit warm on

the back the only time you need to start

looking at bigger and better and more

expensive bags because when you start

getting into the bigger hikes some of

the other gear that I recommend would be

a camera great you could also bring your

phone although I generally try and

recommend that people not bring their

cell phones out and have that chance and

that ability to unplug although that

being said quite often a cell phone can

also be a safety net great especially

out here where we are in chakku

recreation park right now there is cell

service so I could always call for

health if something went wrong and you

can use it at some form of GPS with come

or with programs like all trails you

really want to unplug and get away I'm

gonna recommend a plb or a personal

locator beacon I'll link down to spots

website we also mentioned it in our Mays

campfire coffee chat in regards to the

10 essentials where you kind of featured

it in there and inReach also now sells a

GPS personal locator beacon package

those I think goes for about $600 to me

again I will link everything down below

so you guys step 4 prepare think about

your safety if you're not quite sure

what you need to bring with you go check

out our main campfire coffee chat where

we talk about the 10 essentials you

should bring with you everywhere you're

going right you need to be prepared and

ready for your adventure part of that

preparation process starts here in my

home office that's why I'm in my comfy

here today so let's hop over onto that

computer and I'll show you a little bit

of that process that I go through when

I'm getting prepared before a hike ok so

now that we're on their computer here's

my desktop what we're gonna do is

definitely just kind of start off with

my general would I go over so I'm gonna

be using the Shirley Lake Trail as an

example for today so this is one that I

did for my birthday this year so first

thing I did was just kind of went on had

a quick look at where I was able to park

what my access routes were into that


we ended up kind of doing a bit of a

shortcut cuz it was kind of raining and

miserable so we did quickly come through

just on the road we ended up camping

overnight at Oster Lake background your

campground and then we came back out on

the trail I have in the past done the

full loop it is absolutely gorgeous i

highly recommend awesome this is at Elk

Island National Park this is actually

the first time when we went on the 4th

of June this year that we actually saw

bison on the trail so that was pretty

awesome so once I kind of know where

that I want to go and this is using the

government in Canada websites which air

okay some of the times I find their

information to be a little lacking again

I just hop on over to all trails again I

just I tend to love all trails they are

not the sponsoring is buy a new shape

with me I'll be it if all trails

listening and you do want to sponsors

we're on board for some sponsorship so I

go on there I have a look this is a

super nice because I can click on this

printable map which I have open here in

the next tab then I'm able to quickly

print this map it even has the elevation

down in the bottom which is kind of nice

again so I can kind of have a look you

can print this off you can get it as a

downloadable PDF and all those other fun

things so there's that again when you're

on all trails one of the other things I

like is just being able to open up the

photos and it gives you a chance to kind

of quickly click through and see the

other photos that anybody else is taking

of the trail so you can get some of that

winter condition look and so you kind of

know what it's like to be out there

during all different times of the year

so that's kind of nice this is one of

the reasons that I truly love this this

app in the program send to phone great

great little thing one of the other

things I would also recommend especially

if you're going to somewhere in the

national parks check out their visitor

safety they're gonna kind of go over

some of the things and especially for

Alex island so we're just national parks

elk I like parks because that our safety

and it goes over that one of the biggest

ones out here will be the beef bison

wise and it talks about how to stay safe

when you're out around the bison again

we were in there in that June timeframe

we didn't see any cows thankfully we

just had two bulls that were kind of

hanging out in our campground and they

were totally respectful of us and we

were totally respectful of them we also

saw a couple coyotes who were a little

less respectful of our space and to the

point where we actually had the bear

spray out during the evenings because we

weren't sure if we were gonna have to go

down that route with those little pesky

critters that night again so just on the

main page sometimes there's also

important bulletins that you can quickly

look out

so area closures restricted and of

course national parks absolutely no UAV

drones or as they're calling them now is

RPAs motely piloted aircraft so if you

guys are going and getting your drone

license which I'm in the process of

doing right now

one of the things I always check out

next is just the weather the weather

networks pretty good for just giving me

so right now as you can see it is

nothing but rain and cloudy there right

now which is again the same that I'm

having in my hometown here it's a little

miserable so you can kind of go gives

you the the general gist but one of the

things I also love is they have this

lovely little thing where they're

telling you about the the bug problem

that is in the park so when we were on

the roadway the bugs weren't so bad but

it was pouring rain when we went in

however when we were walking back

through the trail mosquitoes were

horrendous to the point where my bug

spray was in my main pocket and about

every kilometer so we were reapplying

just to keep them off of us and we ended

up passing a nice couple of guys up on

the trail and they were just heading in

there like the bugs get any better we're

like no but here have her bug spray and

she forgot yours one of the other things

that I also checked just depending

because we were going out overnight with

the intent to camp and I know that

there's campground fire pits at Oster

lake backcountry so we also checked out

the fire bans for the alberta area

simple website alberta fire bans dot CA

can also go on to there's another

website that I don't have here that

shows you where the active fires are so

I would definitely recommend avoid

hiking where there is any active fires

at the time I will put that website up

one of the things that I also check

that's a little bit more on that

photography side of thing is I go to Sun

calc I also have photo pills oh my my

phone has an app again not sponsored but

I highly recommend it's a little bit on

the pricier side but it was definitely


it shows sunrise sunset again shows you

everything no different than this when

you're your golden phase and your your

blue phases will be for sunrise and

sunset and when would be the best time

to get up and take those kinds of photos

so for Austria like we definitely got up

took some sunrise photos and I went back

to bed and had a nap because the Coyotes

had kept this up for most of the night

so those are kind of the ones that I

have up here right now let's see we can

just quickly find that active liars

you know Berta there you go well fire

Alberto da ta there we go

so this is another good one for just

double-checking where you're going again

paying attention to where you have some

of those active fires and what you need

to be avoiding the area for right so red

Fredo controlled being held in under

control so there we are right now so if

we were to go to Oscar Lake according to

this map anything in the elk island area

is totes safe so there you go so just

kind of checking those out and again by

all means use and abuse Facebook go on

there again I highly recommend hike

Alberta if you're not sure just throw

off there hey I'm heading out to session

such place I'm new to the area what you

got for me any recommendations anything

I should avoid right sometimes you'll

even get people to be like hey man I was

just out there like two days ago it's

nothing but mud I actually highly

recommend a slightly different trail in

the area so there you go that's

everything that I have for that

preparing while you're at home part of

that preparation is also setting up that

safety net right I'm a big fan of

texting somebody that I love be it my

mom or my husband giving them an idea of

where I'm going how long I intend to be

out what my path I intend to take is and

what I'm wearing for the day


Step five probably the easiest of the

steps but the most important of the

steps go outside and hike

you don't have to rush down the trail

take the time to smell the roses or the

tree but a tea and I probably take twice

as long to do a hike because we're

always stopping to take pictures and

enjoy the views like that out there

there's no need to rush thank you for

watching this video on the five steps to

how to start hiking I'm gonna link in

the cards and down below to my favorite

YouTube channels that offer hiking

adventure and education also we'll say

hi to JQ this is his first time coming

out with us on a high

he has been definitely working really

hard in the background he got us our

comm and set up for emails for us how'd

that tell us what you thought of this

video sent us any requests or

suggestions for future videos until next

time go outside find your adventure