we skip this I know I'm not really sure

the thing is I wear on basic economy

yeah just think if you don't know what

it's gonna be a pat-down honor there

can't carry on it has to go as a

check-in and we have the pay for it

it's a lose-lose and a little celebrity

and I brought the drone first time

traveling with a I crashed it three days

ago on my trial run



now you have to commit to it like a

cappella this you won't stop wasting

time no louder

you suck


it'll be careful your shell your show

what happened beach it opened Oh gross

and give her the bag for one second

she had one job know how to mix aji i

money you and Austin yeah no it was on


look I can do


but it's delicious don't trip I was

trying to be as steady as possible yeah

I was like look other dude





look at me we made it


because if you're not my name on

anything over that oh my god it was

super small




MTV welcome to our crib honey so this is

our tent where the weekend Lampe it's


we got a yoga mat over here a fan I

think the Lord and then we have a little

bed with a mosquito net around it and

this is our attempt obvious surface and

and Skeeter bathrooms toilets showers

right yoga right very right very right

that's where we work for some dinner




age is a baby down years huge maybe damn

sure I killed the spider tried to try to

tell you he went in little scorpion if

Ellen's been so good times looking

forward to that so we're eating our

feelings and wall update on bedtime yeah





I'm out I'm out

so yeah dinner yeah to dance for

everyone hate being pronounced I'm gonna

see if we can make it through his bugs

that are real it wasn't for the bugs to

be fine but these bugs are real so they

would make it double the you doing that

over here so day three surf day

yesterday as you can tell from sunburn

trees II trying to set up something new

here we're gonna go see turtles today

piratebay spending the night there

especially fun don't know what hair on

the ground for bringing all we're

bringing tents that's right

and yeah I'm getting bit everywhere by

bugs but digging it Oh keep you guys

updated on our adventures changing 101

right we're putting up our tent well we

are they are Hertz pay for the night

new tonight there was like eight people

in there good thing gonna get that was a

fail to tools but we did climb that rock

over there the way down you can imagine

it was like climbing at a 90-degree