Surfing & Living in Costa Rica, How We Afford To Do It

hey what's up everybody so today's video

we got the videos kind of rolling in

slow-mo and I'm going to talk about a

topic that I may have covered a little

bit but I don't really remember covering

a lot but it has been asked quite a few

times and the question is how do you

guys live in close together you make a

living and surf and do what you do how

do you guys give by and actually it's a

very good question so I guess I'll take

us back a little bit so when we first

came to Costa Rica that we'd had sold

our house in Las Vegas and that was

right before the financial bubble the

real estate bubble so we got lucky

turned out about a year year and a half

later but anyhow we basically were able

to come to Costa Rica buy some land it

was a lot cheaper back then so I'll tell

you living in Costa Rica a lot of people

come here and they try to move here and

they have these dreams and aspirations

of starting the small business and live

in a simple life but it turns out it's a

lot more expensive than they thought and

it really is it's not as easy to just

come down here and work as a yoga

instructor or surf instructor and they

ran the food's really expensive and it's

just so many things and you a lot of

especially families will find it harder

to make ends meet but anyways to get

back to the story what we did is we knew

at some point that we were going to have

to you know make an income because it

was only temporary that we were here in

Bothell and we were going to build a

house and we started building the house

and ran into somebody my partner and

boom shock of surf camp was the the idea

came out so we actually that was

basically what we did the majority of

the time we were here we're an owned

half owned shock a surf camp and we did

that for about seven and a half years

eight years we built it for about nine

months and it was like perfect timing

because pretty much when we were running

out of money is right when we just kind

of started getting going and that's what

we did for about seven years and I can

tell you you know if you looked at it

and you saw if you might think that we

were doing really well

but it was really just affording the

lifestyle and a lot of work I mean we

were doing yoga surfing breakfast dinner

and of course the hotel and it was a

small boutique hotel surf camp that is

for cabinas max capacity of around 10 to

12 people and we did that for about yeah

seven half years like I said and we

pretty much got burnt out of it and

towards the last couple years that's

when we started this YouTube channel

about two years two and a half years

before we got out of the surf camp and

we also started a membership site and I

started getting a lot of surf lessons on

the side so it was kind of an

accumulation of things so when we

basically completely burnt out

we decided you know what it's not worth

it to be down here

if we're just working and stressing and

you know not really enjoying ourselves

like we felt like we should so we

basically went ahead and sold our half

which we definitely probably sold

cheaper than if we had owned the whole

thing but it was worth it to us and

sometimes that's a sacrifice you have to

make to get the quality of life that

you're looking for so basically what

we've been doing since then is we've

been basically doing the YouTube channel

the membership and then I do surf

lessons on the side and a couple other

things online sometimes I'll do a little

bit of graphic design or web design but

one of the things that makes it possible

for us is the fact that we had bought

land when we first came out here and it

was a lot cheaper back then and when I

say a lot cheaper I mean like literally

one fifth the price maybe even cheaper

one six the price so if we were to come

now we wouldn't be able to afford it so

it was just timing and I feel like you

know there's always opportunities for

something out there if you can just find

it look for it and that kind of brings

us into the next thing that we've been

doing so you know I've been telling you

guys a little bit here and there about

this whole cryptocurrency thing that a


and I've been doing and I announce it on

our Instagram and you know just kind of

out of the blue a few months ago I

started to learn about cryptocurrency

things like Bitcoin aetherium and right

now the market is just going crazy I

mean it's it's like the craze right now

and it's pretty much just a bull market

pretty much anything you put your money

into right now is going up it's very

volatile but if you haven't heard of it

now then I'm sure you will any day now

and if not you may have just heard it

like in the last month or two but just

completely out of the blue a - and I ran

into a start up here and this kind of is

me always looking for that opportunity

or something and it turns out there was

a group of people doing a basically

starting their own blockchain coin and

the founder creator just happened to be

a blog fan he's like a huge Casey

Neistat fan and we told him what we did

and what he did and the next thing you

know he's like hey you know we would

love to do a vlog for our startup and I

and I was like you know what this would

be a great learning opportunity for a

tool and for me so that's what we've

been doing the last two weeks and we've

been filming these vlogs and I haven't

really said anything about it because

they wanted us to keep it a secret but

we released them about two and a half

days ago so definitely want to invite

you guys to come check out the vlogs too

and I are actually in charge so we are

actually co-hosting and it's really cool

if you're a programmer or if you're in a

tech or if you just want to learn more

about this kind of stuff you can check

out our vlog there turn I think they

turn they're turning out really good and

the name is mimic and I am IQ I will put

this in the description if you guys want

to come check it out you know there's a

lot of these things going around so I'm

not recommending that you get involved

in their starter for anything like that

I'm just saying come over you can learn

from the vlog and actually I had talked

to them about once they go public with

the coins if maybe as a promotion I

could give some away and they were they

seemed pretty keen on it so that would

probably happen in a month or two but to

kind of keep up on that

just go over and subscribe and you can

watch it too and I basically filming

this group of people here in Costa Rica

right in our backyard so it's really

interesting actually so you can come

check it out and learn about that and

hopefully the let us give some coins

away and if it's anything like Bitcoin

if you know anything about it the coin

went from being I mean if you would have

invested a hundred dollars in Bitcoin

first came in the market you would be a

millionaire that's how crazy it went and

these things are going even faster now

they're they're like increasing in value

a lot quicker I don't know where the

market will go or how volatile all safe

I definitely wouldn't recommend people

jump on that bandwagon and just throw

their money into it but definitely seems

like a lot of millionaires are being

made in this new industry everybody's

saying it's like the web was in 1999 and

this is like the newest thing the

technology and all this that's happening

anyways that's all I want to say and I

just want to invite you guys to come

check out the vlog nimac I will put it

in the description and definitely if you

haven't heard about it you should learn

about cryptocurrency because it's going

to make a big statement in the future in

the upcoming near future until then guys

Kota betta and Aloha and I will see you

in the next video