Costa Rica Surf Trip! | Manuel Antonio, Quepos, Vista Hermosa Estate | Jason Klunk




















hola como estas so it's my last day in

Costa Rica I'm here in Manuel Antonio ok

posts at the beautiful Vista Hermosa

State and we're all just feeling very

grateful and blessed to be here be here

with awesome friends and yeah we had an

epic week of surfing we surfed every day

I just hit session 124 hoping to go out

one more time before we leave tonight

and I'll be halfway towards my goal of

the year of 250 so super stoked but yeah

this place is absolutely beautiful I

will post a little bit of footage that I

got from the place here but if you have

16 to 20 friends you want to hit up

Costa Rica I definitely recommend this

place special shout out to David and his

father David thank you very much for

letting me come and stay this place is


we absolutely scored our first day we

arrived there was a swell that was

pumping and it was definitely yeah

heaviest we have ever surfed in my life

so just really no words for it

definitely way different than what I'm

used to in San Diego but it was it was

absolutely epic so stoked that I got to

see those waves here and then the rest

of the week it kind of dwindled down we

had just normal sized stuff but still a

little different than home and water is

super warm so I just wearing board

shorts and all that fun stuff so super

stoked I can't wait to get home and see

Tiffany and Winnie you this is the view

from my balcony in our room

and everyday we actually walked down

this path and then it's like a quarter

mile hike jungle epic hike down to the

beach and there's where we surfed every

day here's the kitchen

all these class doors open up see you

have this like sick view and all open

air and we had a private chef call week

chef Javier shoutout to you man thanks

for all the meals thanks for taking care

of my vegetarian needs appreciate it


so we are on our way into town again to

Capo's just started raining and last

time when we were there a downpour - got

to see a pretty epic thunderstorm we've

got to see pretty rad weather all week

actually the I experienced my first

earthquake here it was like a

six-pointed something not too far from

here and that was really intense oh yeah

rains coming down probably gonna get

stuck again today but what else you



well we made it to cables again

therefore tune


we got caught in the rain again this has

like the gnarliest taxi ride overhead in

my life

those kind of exotic so I was supposed

to get session 125 in before he left but

I don't think it's happening because

we're in the middle of a thunderstorm

but that's okay we've had an epic trip

surfed every day multiple times got

caught in a multiple thunderstorm got to

experience my first earthquake yeah what

a trip

so so