Costa Rica Surf School - Best Beginner Surf Lesson


I think every day has been a good

session I think by Monday or Tuesday of

this week I was gained my confidence

catching a lot of rides Tuesday had just

had one of the best sessions of my life

and then Wednesday happened and then I

had even a better session and then

Thursday was better and friday was

better I mean just the conditions were

such that every day was consistent this

morning in the river mouth I called that

one wave and that was really good maybe

my best but every day it's been a best

though I can't think of just one and

that's one of the great things about

surf camp is especially when the

conditions are right you're going to get

better every day in that great session

you had on Tuesday is only going to get

better on a Wednesday and Thursday my

best session was definitely yesterday

catching waves catching my own which was

huge the conditions were about us

pressure because they could be the water

was clear looking down and seeing that

huge fish and having the one jump and

hit my board and go across an eagle ray

went under my board was so great I could

see the spots on him the water so clear

I could see the spots on his back oh my

best way was the one I wrote in I

actually took the face of a way this

time and I never did that before so that

was that was truly amazing to actually

go down the green water I did it I was

there yesterday was just perfect it all

came together does session was yesterday

my last day I stayed in in the morning

instead of going to I'll be honest and

hung out with my wife is your family

time chillin by the pool reading doing a

whole bunch of nothing which is great

you know you got to kind of do that as

well didn't want to leave without

getting my last session in so I went and

grabbed Steve's and all the sudden waves

offshore wind

it was just the waves kicked up probably

rose five or six just like perfect waves

very last one a road paddled into got up

wrote it probably a hundred and twenty

hundred thirty yards all the way the

beach I just jumped off my board and I

was like man I'm handing it like that

that's it but that was my best sensor

I'll never forget a best day at surf

camp I think was fugly around day for it

wasn't just a visually wonderful day it

was the experience the day that I was

able to turn to the left and look down a

kind of a wall of a wave and and get

down the wall of a wave independently

that xhilaration and that excitement and

that shot in the arm was tremendous and

to immediately finish off my ride turn

around and go again more and that was

pretty great and it was a gift that I

had to keep remembering