Family Whale Watch in New England Vlog


we're on vacation in hampton beach

nathan's finest kites

nice hey

what are you doing

are you having fun yet





don't go out too far nathan




all right some whales out there

yeah you see their fins they don't have

horns they're not in our walls

there's a whale right over there right

over there look at that

are you seeing this whale over here

let's go wake up

leo wake up wake up wake up

no that's a whale

did you see the whale

did you see that dude you're a shark no

it's a whale

whoa look at that deal


oh yeah they're right there right there


i know me too


and take a photo



in the whole world what do they teach

they teach math




you guys got whale watching here did you

have a good nap zoe

oh no the rain's coming deal

we made it back just in time huh made it

we made it

it was a fun little trip we just saw a

bunch of whales and dolphins and now

we're beating the storm back home