Cape Cod Barnstable Whale Watching Trip New England in the Fall


take the fourth exit

massachusetts 6a leaving rhode island

we're now on route to cape cod staying

in hyannis

and we had an excellent dinner at the

hotel too

next morning we're off whale watching

we're in barnstable not devon but cape


and the boat you can see behind me we're

hopefully going on

we booked online last night but we

didn't get any actual confirmation

at least not a confirmation email anyway

so karen's gone over to check it out and

hopefully we'll be all okay but really

looking forward to this because uh they

pretty much guarantee sea and wales

uh yeah well we've been on these sort of

trips before you

you might see wales you might see

dolphins you see nothing but

except for new zealand we did see some


anybody seen moby dick

so we're really looking forward to this

and it's a beautiful blue sky day




to reach open water we have to head out

beyond provincetown

and on routes we pass the 250 foot tall

pilgrims tower a memorial to where the

pilgrims first landed

yeah we're not sure what it is but it's

something from a well

keep watching




oh there he is oh yeah

right next

a hundred gallons of milk a day from

that mickey whale at 10.

you can see it raise it snout out of the

water the latin name is

keep watching


there he is





well as you've seen we got up fairly

close to some whales

and we were out for around five hours

too this lady in yellow is a local

and is telling karen how on an earlier

trip she saw whales

leaping out of the water and splashing

their tails but sadly that didn't happen

for us today

otherwise i would have caught it and you

would have seen it


we get back around late afternoon and

now we're off to provincetown

at the far tip of cape cod and it's

where the pilgrims first landed

way back in 1620