10 Summer Job Ideas for Teenagers and Students!

good day subscribers thank you so much

for joining me today I am Jeremy this is

the financial education Channel and

today I'm going to give you guys 10

great summer job ideas for those

teenagers out there if your student

you're at high school you're in college

and you're just looking for a summer job

just to make money in the summer you

don't need a full year around job guys

I'm going to give you ten of the best

ones I could possibly think of and all

these type of companies or businesses

are looking for exactly what you are a

younger type person who's just looking

for maybe not the highest paying job but

at the same time looking for a job

that's just for the summer just for you

know when school's out in those kinds of

things guys so I'm going to share these

ten with you today I hope you enjoy it

and you know what let's just get into

this so by the way one thing I got to

share before I even get into the list

you want to apply for these jobs in

April or May like April or make that's

the best time because that's when these

companies and businesses are looking

specifically and want to come in and

interview people and whatnot if you're

applying for these in June you might

already be too late I just want to share

that with you guys make sure you get

those applications in April or May now

number one number one

lifeguard lifeguard like during the

summer what is everybody doing it seems

like swimming like everybody swimming so

lake guard jobs are in high high high

demand in the summer time and they're

looking for a lot of young people who

work those jobs now if you live within

like let's say a 30 minute drive of

each's and things like that apply for

like a beach type lifeguard job if you

are living out like I live in Vegas

right so it'd be pretty dang it I

wouldn't say easy but it would be

there's jobs plentiful jobs in lifeguard

jobs all up and down the strip because

what is almost every Hotel and Resort

here have here they got a pool they got

a resort-style pool those resort style


they usually have three four maybe even

five lifeguards on all times during the

pool hours and those those get changed

out you know there's a morning shift and

there's an afternoon shift so you need

like ten different lifeguards per day

and there's a massive nother resorts on

the strip guys so that's definitely you

know in public pools in general they all

pretty much have lifeguards on them guys

so is definitely a great

for you if you know how to swim well and

you can take the little lessons they're

going to give you you know for a week

prior or whatever usually those lessons

are paid by the by whatever company's

hiring you you know water parks I think

about how many water parks are all

across America that are all open during

the summer that need massive amounts of

lifeguards a water park can employ fifty

to a hundred different lifeguards guys

so a great job if you're in high school

or if you're in college great job

number two mile company quick trip

otherwise known as qt

now that they're only in about twelve

states in the United States so it's not

going to be a job that's realistic for

all you guys out there especially

obviously if you live internationally

they're not an international company but

it's a great company to work for if

you're looking for a summertime job

quick trip volumes are highest in the

summertime so meaning they're looking

for part-time workers for the summertime

and usually love younger type people you

know high school workers college workers

those type of workers and the great

thing about working a quick trip is you

can actually when you're done with the

summer you can actually go I can't

remember the technical term for it you

can actually go on a program where

you're still employed technically but

you don't work all fall and then when

you want to come back and work during

the winter break you ten and then you

don't work all spring and then when

summer comes back you can come back and

get hours because we have more hours

well I don't work for a company in worse

than like three years but basically the

company as a whole has more hours to

give out there to employees during the

summer time so it's a great company we

work for a part-time I think they start

around I defend on the market I think

they start around ten bucks per hour

maybe ten fifty per hour plus you get

some bonuses in there so definitely a

company you can you know look for in

that definitely hire year around

especially during the summer time guys

get those applications in April May

trust me on that

number three ice cream shops on

summertime people love the ice cream

every single ice cream shop pretty much

in America their sales go through the

roof in summertime like they're

struggling like all winter and whatnot

they're doing okay in the fall in the

spring but during summer there's get

their sales skyrocket that's how a lot

of them make make it through the entire

year because summer sales are so insane

every single ice cream shop out there

hires during summer I mean you can look

at Ben & Jerry's

baskin-robbins Dairy Queen your local

type ice cream shops I'm sure you know

in your community you've got a lot of

local take places that aren't brand

names all those places are hiring

workers and some of them payday and good

wages I saw Ben and Jerry start I think

it is 13 or $15 per hour or something

like that me are you kidding me so

absolutely ice cream shops a phenomenal

one in the place you're gonna have a

very good shot at getting employed at in

a pretty simple job - number four

cool businesses so if you want to work

outdoors you want to make a decent money

contact different people that work in

pool businesses or pool business sake

companies they're looking for part-time

help all pretty much pool men out there

in pool businesses in general

Aurel busiest during summer that's when

people are using their pools the most


so pools are getting messed up the most

you know kids are interning greens

they're peeing them and this and that

like that's when pools are the highest

and that's when the biggest amount of

repair jobs usually happening because

things go wrong with the peas so if

you're in any type of state that has a

lot of pools you know but people have

pools in their backyards I'm talking

like in Arizona talking here in Nevada

I'm talking about California Florida a

lot of those places guys the phenomenal

phenomenal one that's definitely cool

men are looking for some part-time help

to come help them out you know 20 hours

a week 30 hours a week sometimes in 40

hours a week and they'll pay generally

pretty decent wage to code will help

them out guys definitely a good one

number five car washes car washes also

have the highest volume during the

summer time I mean that's when people

are most out driving around doing stuff

that's the most time people are getting

the cars clean so definitely you know

look at your local car washes and see if

they're looking for some help I'm almost

guaranteeing they are during April and

May getting ready for the summertime

guys so car washes number six if you

live in a vacation type area a tourist

type area there's going to be jobs are

plentiful during summer a lot of people

take vacations most people take

vacations in the summertime because

their kids are out of school especially

if they have a family things like that

you know so they go on vacation in the

summertime so if you live in any type of

you know like resort type area or you're

close to a resort

or just in a vacation spot in general a

jobs are going to be a prana flow at

that time I mean if you live in any of

the beach cities you know in California

you know the Orange County type area

Newport Beach huntington beach a lot of

those places there's going to be a lot

of businesses looking for employees

during the summertime because

everybody's out and visiting those areas

if you live here in Vegas right there's

going to be jobs up plentiful during

those times I mean we talked about the

full lifeguard right

not just lifeguards are employed when

the pools open but a lot of part-time

workers as far as like food runners and

drink runners people order drinks

bartenders that need the drinks brought

out to them like these pools have like

10 20 different drink and food runners

working at them at a time guys so if you

live in any type of you know vacation

spot area you're going to have a lot of

job opportunities just find where

they're at and they're pretty much be at

every business out there to expose times

guys number seven number seven

YouTube YouTube now with YouTube it's

hard to make money however I'm going to

give you a plan here on the best in

easiest possible way that you could

build this up in the course of a summer

and start making good money now one

you've got to be good on camera you've

got to be interesting on camera if

you're not like you know if you're not

amped on camera and you're shy you're

probably not going to make it so I'm

just going to be straight up so you got

to be type person I've got a very

outgoing personality you're you're like

want to keep that camera so the way you

could do it is that way you to blow up a

channel the fastest right now is you

could do reactions to popular videos as

soon as popular videos come out do a

reaction to them and make sure you know

your your understand tagtitles so you

can put that in a title then in the

description then tag titles in tag it

and all those kinds of things make sure

you understand that basic SEO so if you

don't understand that type in basic SEO

or understanding SEO and research that

guys so doing the actions there's how

many music videos come out per week that

blow up but 510 million views within the

first week I can tell you there's

probably 10 to 20 music videos alone per

week they have 510 million views plus

within that first week as soon as that

video comes out do a reaction like video

to that

and the trick is you want to do that to

several videos per day so don't just do

it toward one video you want to change

your luck basically the the more videos

you put out there the better chance of

them succeeding so what I would do and

not just reactions but also talk about

viral take subjects so what I would do

is I would you know get in front your

camera if you're good on camera and once

again you got to make sure you're good

on camera if you don't have some talent

it's not going to work so get on camera

record three different reaction videos

all the same music video right you're

probably not going to be able to

monetize that but that's fine I'll

explain in a minute music dude like

three different videos and then pick

whichever one was the best that you like

old man I was really excited in that one

you know I would act it funny you're

said something funny like this is

definitely the best reaction video okay

tag title s you'll get views on that I

can almost guarantee you if you know

anything about SEO you will get views on

that and the more videos you do you need

to do four or five videos a day right

and that's an additional you take up a

full workday the recording parts the

easy part is it's probably only a five

minute music video right and do that

times three that's like 15 minutes but

then you need to figure out which one

was my best and then you've added that

upload that they can take you at least

an hour and a half to two hours to do

each video but you do four or five

videos it's about 810 hours you spent

during that day and you'll have a lot

better chance to make a lot more money

doing that than actually working at

McDonald's or something like that now so

you're going to get views like that

you'll end up getting some subscribers

cuz people will like you right so like

those ones you can't usually monetize

because you're kind of making money off

to someone else so you can't usually

monetize those you'll get a copyright

strike that's fine

so you're those other ones are just

alike get you more traffic the other one

is then you do videos talking about

viral subjects when the viral subjects

are talked about oh my gosh you can make

a lot of money guys so anytime a viral

subject comes out do a video about it

like every single like semi viral

subject out there talk about it I'll

give you a great example this past week

there was a unicorn Frappuccino at

Starbucks any video like related to

Unicorn Frappuccino at Starbucks was

getting massive amount of views I saw on

the trending list at one time there was

like four or five different videos last

week that had to do with the unicorn

Frappuccino at Starbucks like when you

take advantage of those subjects and

those mega trends like YouTube promotes

and promotes and promotes it and the

chance you'll have videos even if you're

a smaller Channel you know fifty

subscribers or hundred subscribers 400

subscribers the chances you'll get your

videos going to get seen very high and

those ones you can monetize so make sure

you monetize those ones those are ones

you're going to make a lot of money on

and then basically you just keep doing

that all summer long all summer long

make sure you're good on camera if

you're not going on camera it's not

going to work I'm just straight up with

you guys you've got to be good on camera

so definitely a way you can make money

and you're manipulating your luck by

doing more and more videos so basically

the chance that you have that that hit

that ulsan gets a thousand views 10,000

views 100,000 views the more videos you

put out the better chance you're going

to have of that hit happening guys so

that was all about quality over quantity

although try to be exciting on camera

that way you bring on some subscribers

and they're like oh I want to actually

watch this guy or gal do this so that's

definitely ways you can do it guys

number eight tutor a tutor guys you know

how many people are you know need

tutoring out there you know that are in

high school or college a massive amount

of em especially if you're in college

this is a really great one be as a lot

of college students actually have some

money either from their parents or they

have a job so they're actually willing

to pay you and you can contact them and

they're looking for tutors to tutor them

on this subject or that subject because

they don't want to fail or waste that

money or they just want to be better at

the subject so if you're in college and

you're really good at certain subjects

make sure you get your name out there do

it through social media you know talk to

people you know that you might know or

having struggle or having struggles in a

certain class if you're really good at

that there's a good chance they might

pay you twenty dollars an hour

fifty dollars an hour thirty dollars an

hour to help tutor them and teach them

the subject because you might end up

being a better teacher and end an actual

teacher is guys so tutoring a big one

especially if you're a college number

nine number nine we talked about a lot

of people go on vacation right be a pet

sitter for people that are going on

vacation maximum amounts of people go on

vacation and they don't take their dogs

they don't take their cat they you need

someone to look after that not all the

time family can do it or want to do it

right so your trick is you could start a

little business

make some business cards out there pass

them around your whole entire


hey pep sitting you know $10 today $50 a

day whatever price you want to charge

right and and when people who are on

vacation if they trust you they'll have

you watch their pet you know feed them

give them the water like it's an easy

job you know having to go take a dump

and create it up like it's so simple

guys it would be your own little summer

business you got going on and then who

knows maybe you'll start getting calls

you know even out of summer and if you

want to do it at that point as a

year-round type thing you can or you can

just say no I only do that during

summertime and so on that's fine as well

guys so definitely pet sitter during

summer vacations

it's huge vacation season during summer

people are looking for people to take

care of the pet you can be that person

any last one number ten number ten is

fiber fiber is a website which basically

you if you have any type of skill maybe

you are a graphics designer you have

some graphics to the designer type

qualities you can post on there hey I'll

make you a great graphic design for

such-and-such for $15 and people that go

on that website or looking for people

that do that hey I make great beats and

I'll you know make you a custom beat for

10 bucks or 20 bucks or 50 bucks or

whatever people are looking for that

guy's fiber 5 is going not fiber fiber f

IV ve R so that website you'll see

exactly what I'm talking about if you've

got any type of skill out there

absolutely get on fiber and you can make

lots of money just from sitting at home

doing some stuff on your computer that

other people either don't know how to do

or don't want to know how to do or don't

want to do in general you can be that

person that will create that that that

product for them and do it for a price

and you get paid all electronically it's

so easy so fiber go to that website if

you have some of those type of skills

check that out all 10 of these great

summer jobs guys I hope you enjoyed if

your teenager out there if your student

out there let me know in that comment

section if you are if you're planning on

getting a job doing any of these if you

already have a job doing one of these I

would love to hear from you guys if you

have any other great suggestions other

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