Job Interview Tips (Part 25): How to get a summer job

In this week's video, we're gonna go

over four tips for your summer job interview.

That's coming up!

Hey guys, I'm Kim with Snagajob

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So between trips to the beach,

amusement parks, and studying for your finals

you've been applying for jobs.

And that's awesome. And it looks like

all your hard work is paying off

because you have a big job interview coming up.

So we're gonna go over with you a few tips

on how you can stand out and get hired.

First, be flexible.

With students being out of school for the summer

and a lot of people being on vacations,

employers are expecting to see a rush of

business during the summer.

Employers want to know that their employees

will be flexible and ready to work when they

need them to. We know that missing out

on those weekends probably wasn't your plan

for the summer, but I bet your friends would understand.

Second, show off your personality.

Employers tell us that a positive attitude

is even more important than previous experience.

So really show them your eagerness

to join the team. You want to really be sure

that they don't think you're gonna

upset their customers.

Employers want to get a sense

of your personality and your work ethic

to see how you'll actually interact with the customers.

So show them how positive you are

and that you can be a little fun too.

Third, dress professionally.

We know it's really hot out there

but warm weather is no excuse to

dress inappropriately for your job interview.

So steer clear from sandals, short shorts,

tank tops, things like that.

There are ways to keep cool and still

look the part.

Wear light colors, pull your hair up,

or throw on a blazer as soon as you get out of the car.

Just remember. Keep it classy.

Fourth, prepare.

You should review common job interview

questions and set up a mock interview

so you're fully prepared for the big day.

Also, keep in mind that employers might

ask you summer specific questions,

like when are you returning to school

or do you have any vacations planned.

It's ok to be honest.

They just want to know what to expect.

With these tips under your belt,

go in there and show them why they should hire you.

Good luck!

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