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the best time to get blocks on amazon

flex let's


before we get into the video fully i

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so anyway let's get into this let's have

a little look

the best time to get amazon flex blocks

it's very simple there are set times

that amazon releases blocks

to flexes now you might be wondering why

would they do it like that it's just the

way it is

they don't actually tell you when it is

either not really um

but yeah so the best time without a

shadow of a doubt to get blocks is from

around about three or four p.m on


so blocks will drop as they say uh

between three and four ish sometimes a

little late as soon as late at six


they'll start filtering through um

with office so that can go on from sort


four o'clock or three o'clock even

though it's it's unpredictable

but from friday afternoon let's say it

goes on until approximately midnight on


um stroke idea whatever you want to call


um but yeah so from friday afternoon

until midnight that's when you're going

to see office for

um the coming monday and tuesday's

logistics blocks

and prime now blocks and morrison's


you'll see all them coming through there

periodically so usually it starts off i

mean i don't know it might be different

in different regions obviously i've only

used the northeast region

um because that's where i'm from that's

where i do flex

in the northeast um so yeah it starts


you'll get a bunch of logistics offers

so lots of offers

50 60 for usually for monday and tuesday

now the blocks will they'll have

afternoon blocks they'll have lots of

blocks different hour lengths so you'll

have four hour blocks sometimes four and

a half hour blocks

uh three hour three and a half hour and

sometimes two and a half hour blocks

and it's just a matter of you looking

through them and selecting the ones you

want to do

and they'll be added to your calendar

but just to be aware

on occasion if you select one say it say

you've got 50 offers up some on monday

someone tuesday

if you select the block say i don't know

3 p.m on monday if you select that and

accept it

in your into your um work schedule

the other offers often disappear

so you'll be left with just having the

one block i'm not sure why they would

like that or i guess it's to spread work

around other people

and but yeah so that's how it usually

works you'll pick a block and the rest

will go

uh yep that's it

and then you keep on swiping on friday

keep swiping keep swiping keep swiping

until the prime now blocks arrive then

you can pick one or two prime now blocks

and they'll also then disappear

and the same with the morris blocks they

they tend to come on last

um last few weeks anyway it does vary

from week to week as well it's really

difficult to say

but it's always on a friday you're

always going to get job offers on a

friday but yet so the morrison's box

come last

usually here between sort of nine

o'clock uh

maybe half eight until kind of ten

to midnight you know depending on the

exact schedule of the days

drop blocks uh block drops yeah block

drops whatever

but anyway yeah so that's that's the

best time to get blocks is on a friday

and you're going to pick up blocks then

for monday and tuesday

for the coming week the next best time

to get blocks

is on a saturday and sunday so on

saturday mornings

you're going to get prime now offers for

the following saturday

i know it's a bit strange but that's the

way the system works especially at the


yeah yeah so you pick the blocks on

saturday for the next saturday you put

them in

they're like sort of semi-reserved so

i'll talk a little bit more about

reserves later so as uh

i'll just i'll talk about now so

reserves or offers that are sent by

amazon just for you

you you won't be notified of reserve

unless you're logged into the app and

swiping so if you're swiping

you will periodically get reserves

offers now personally

i haven't had any reserves because i

have not been

sitting on a friday swipe and i've been

too busy with my other jobs

um to be doing flex much lately um but i

have a little look on friday just gone

so that

the screenshots are from from that

friday from when i'm swiping you know

just to have a look to show you guys

here um kind of what it looks like on a


evening um well yes a friday evening

lots of offers

saturdays usually lots of offers for the

following week

but it's this is not the only time you

get blocks and reserves

um amazon also drops blocks

throughout the day every day i've never

once had a day

where i've wanted to work and haven't

been able to work put it that way so if

i wanted to work today

i would have gotten up early how about

six or so

in fact i did and i've got i've got the

job offers up there

so i've been up since my six anyway but

i thought i would have a look because i

knew i was going to do this video today

so i had a look on there

and i swiped and i swiped and swiped a

couple of times

and after a few swipes i got i can't

remember there's five or six offices

you've seen them on the screen

uh five or six offers up um and if i

wanted to work today

i could pick one of those um logistics

box no problem

um that would be work booked in that

would be work i'm going to do

you know but i'm not i'm not working

today i've got my other job to do and

i also run another another business

which is very busy at the moment so i

simply haven't got time to do amazon


much as i do enjoy getting out there and

doing deliveries it's all right most of

the time

it's a pretty cool job um pretty laid

back on the whole

um but yeah so there's no

set time really except for the friday


usually in the mornings through the week

every day

you will see offers come up for the

day's logistics so

sort of between uh again difficult time

on it exactly i don't want people to go

on and be disappointed if they don't

save but

kind of but somewhere between 6am and 7


a.m per on the day that's the best time

to get on the up and have a look to see

what's available for you

um as long as you've got your delivery

station set is available

um if you remember from the calendar


uh you can set your availability on

there and you can also set which

delivery stations you want to work from

so as long as they are set um

as long as you're swiping at the right

sort of time so on the day

remember 6am ish you have to put your

alarm and you have to get your butt out

of bed

6am ish swipe see what offers come up

until about 7 30. if you don't see

anything by 7 30 i would say

uh you're probably not going to get a

logistics block that day unless one

comes through later

so you can literally spend the whole day

sometimes if you if you're looking for

work and if you've got nowhere else to

do you can just sit there you can just

swipe and you

work will come through you will get work

if you're looking for work

um same with prime now blocks they come

through periodically in the day

morrison's blocks there seems to be lots

of work at morrison's i think amazon are

kind of expanding how much morrison's

deliveries they're doing

or how many mars deliveries they're

doing and becoming more popular now with

the customers

so uh yeah morrison's deliveries are

really busy

i mentioned earlier that the devil for


uh i've seen earlier in an earlier video

um i mentioned that morrison's depot for

me is

miles away i've only ever done a few

morrisons drops because

it's just a pain in the butt for me to

get over there the bike out it means i

have to cross the tine bridge and

and it would make that that would mean a

thing again if you're not from the

region but it's

morris's deliveries are pretty good it's

just they're inconvenient for me

um but obviously for yourself they may

work out well

and if you're in a different region

there there's usually lots more

um devils available i mean we're out of

here in the northeast we've only

actually got

we've got four and two of them are

logistics depots

one is uh prime now deadpool team valley

and another one is the morrison's

delivery from biker that i mentioned

morrison's prime now

um but like i said uh i think in this

example i'm popping up here

we've got uh blocks from i think surrey

or down south there some anyway

and as you can see there's lots more

stations on there

so obviously there's more work available

usually down there i would imagine

um i've just nabbed this from from one

of the uh facebook groups someone i'm

sure the guys won't mind they haven't

shared any deals or anything so this is

from another flex user

uh who posted this up to show their

delivery stations and

uh there's another example here um you

know there's lots of more stations but

all regions will have access to probably

i'm pretty sure all of them have got all

access to all different blocks so you've

got your logistics blocks

you've got your prime now blocks and

you've got morrison's prime now so

there is usually work available work is

on there through the day

now a little mistake that new users

often make is that they will log into

the app

they will click on the upcoming office

section they will see no office

available and think well

that's it there's no office so log out

and they end up never getting work or

very very rarely saying work that's just

not how the app works

that works like i say on the set times

they drop

lots of blocks but amazon do release

blocks through the day so if you're

looking for work you've just got to

swipe you

you've got to swipe on the up refresh

refresh refresh

again again it gets so tedious if you're

looking for work doing that

it must be frustrating if you're relying

on this for your main money especially

at the moment you know with the covet

crap going on and people losing their

jobs and stuff and relying more and more

on this sort of gig

uh economy i don't know that's right but

on this sort of gig culture that amazon

promotes i mean i'm not going to go to

amazon because

they appear okay um but yeah

so swipe and swiping so if you're a new

guy if you log on there don't be

disheartened if you say no office

available check back soon

it's just that's just what it says you

just keep on swiping again and again and

again again

keep on going you will find work on that


just to reiterate the best time for

blocks friday

afternoons from three four o'clock until


variously drop in the mornings you'll

pick up logistics blocks if you get on


at six ish until 7 30

8 a.m you will pick them up

through the day there will be periodic

offers available for

prime now especially and for morrison's

prime now with them being

same day delivery so if they haven't got

enough people booked in they will offer

more work out

so get on there find the work if you

want the work

you'll be fine you will find the work

it's easy

you'll be you'll do great i'm sure of it

but anyway i'm going to draw this video

to close just it was just a little short


this is like part three of my uh amazon

flex tutorial if you will which i hope

is useful to some guys some of you guys

out there

and girls you know um because

it's not the easiest thing to get

started off in it can be disheartening

when you're looking on the app and not

seeing work

available but hang in keep swiping

check on a friday like i said check in

the mornings and you will find work on

days that you want to work

and like i say i've never ever wanted to


and on a day and not found any offers

coming through

um i've always found work and surely i

can't just be a fluke

that must be a general sort of thing

well yeah here i am signing out with me

crap haircut

um we might have done our best just

another bob but uh it was getting long

and it looks terrible now so the bar was

due to reopen on the 2nd of december i


i'll be able to get a proper haircut but

anyway for now

i hope you found this video useful i

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subscribers on here

um and a bit of feedback in the comments

would be great as well

but that's all i've got time for today

it's time to head out work

and get some money in and um so i will

catch you later

tara for now