How to get AMAZON FLEX Blocks everyday! 3 Best ways To get AMAZON BLOCKS

hello guys how you doing today hope all

is good first of all I would like to

thank you for being here once again I

would like to give a warm welcome to the

new subscribers to the channel this

video that I'm going to share today it's

basically my second video in English and

it is a replica from a video that I

upload yesterday I really think it's

some great information that it's worth

to share with or Amazon flexers this

video will be basically about the three

ways that we have as Amazon driver to

find Amazon blogs which all of us know

that through having Amazon blogs is like

almost impossible challenge to find

Amazon blood really hard in this video I

would like to share the different ways

that we have to get those blogs I

recently finished a tryout that I did on

three ways to get Amazon blood I spent

two weeks getting Amazon blurbs the way

that Amazon one asked to find the blogs

actually the way that it should be the

way that you know that we all know the

traditional way I also spend two weeks

with an application that I use it's a

free app couple of videos ago I

introduced that app and I actually show

you guys how to do the setup so that out

you know we all know as well option

number three it's an app that is not

free it's a pay the name of the app is

flex America it's not as popular as

their regular applications that we use

that one is not free it's like half

price of the average applications of

their to get up so basically that's what

I want to do this video about I spent a

total of six weeks two weeks with each

application in order to get Amazon blogs

and here will be the results that I have

used in this application I will share

with you the amount of blocks that I get

using each and also how much money I

made using each in this video I would

like to share what we all know but for

some reason nobody shares I don't know

exactly why if you are not subscribed to

this channel and you are watching this

video it's basically because you were

looking for info about Amazon flex and

most likely how to get blogs and Amazon

flex which is one of the most difficult

things to do when you search how to get

blogs basically you keep finding the

same thing my first time doing Amazon

blogs my first time driving Amazon flex

how I did on my first day with Amazon

flex but nobody tells you how hard it is

to get Amazon blogs

nobody shared that little thing on how

to get Amazon blocks is frustrating

getting Amazon blogs so that's exactly

what I'm planning to do in this video I

really hope you guys like this video and

share it that way we make people's life

easier to get Amazon block the first

option that I'm gonna discuss is

basically the way that it should be the

only legal way that it should be the way

that Amazon wants us to find the blocks

it's not the most popular one and we all

know that I have to say I always said in

all videos that I have related to this

topic when you register to be a driver

in Amazon flex one of the things that is

clear in the Amazon rules is that we are

not allowed to either use applications

to help us to get blogs or even worse to

pay a third party in order to get

meaning that we are not allowed to use

any application or pay a third-party

another person to help the drivers to

get blood so I would like to be a

hundred percent clear about that that's

one of the most popular questions that I

have in the comments every time that I

upload a new way to find blogs like this

way like application you know anything

that is not the right way let's be

honest there's not a secret that we all

use applications to get blogs it's not a

secret that there are mafias up there

that we pay in order to get drugs I mean

that's something that everybody knows

that something that Amazon knows

Amazon is a is a huge company Amazon is

a logistic company and they know exactly

what's going you know they know that

we're using applications they know I'm

gonna give you the three options that I

have in order to find drugs option

number one is the traditional way the

way that I Masson want us to find the

power is that is really simple


meditate like a patient

just sit tight and start like a dummy

and go once again and refresh and

refresh and refresh and my friend even

though that's the right way you can

spend hours there and you won't get

anybody it's just mission impossible to

get blocks that way and let me tell you

more if you are one of the few that can

fill out your day probably with this way

you are a very lucky person just that's

almost impossible so being that says I'm

gonna I'm gonna leave you here I'm gonna

leave you basically the time that I

spend which is two weeks the money that

I make and the amount of blocks that I

found using this way as you can see

option number two option number two is

an app it's a free it's a pretty good

app I have I have use data and the

results are pretty good it's basically

automatic the name is automatic clicker

and you can download it for free and you

can use it also for free now they're

good things bad things about it the good

things are first of all is automatic it

basically goes the clicking and the

swipe and everything in one click and

you don't have to worry about now the

bad things about that out first of all

you don't have control of when you want

to work meaning you can start using the

app and you can get a block for the next

20 minutes and that's really bad because

you won't have time the time to get to

the Amazon warehouse in 20 minutes that

means that you're gonna have to fulfill

it and if you do that that's bad

especially if you do it within 45

minutes that's really bad you only have

20 minutes so that's one of the bad

things about this app another bad thing

about the app you're not allowed to

select a day or

a specific blog that you would like to

do another bad thing about this app or

at least one thing that I don't like

about the app it's the speed that you

have trying to select the blog's it's

too fast

that's one of the reason why Amazon can

get you out using a third products too

fast I mean there's no there's no way

that a human can do it as fast as the

application and that's that's a truly

red flag on the Amazon system to get you

using a third-party that's another thing

that I don't like the app if you want to

save the money if you want to use this

app I recommend you not to use it for

too long probably I don't know ten

minutes the most stop it wait a couple

of hours and try it again don't go like

really crazy with the thing cuz once in

a while when you spend too much time

doing it you get like Amazon message a

red thing on the top that says basically

that you have clicking too many times

for too long so like I said before

Amazon is a logistic company it's not

done even though they know what we're

doing is better if they don't find out

as I told you with option number one

here our result for my two weeks using

automatic liquor here you can see how

many blocks I got how much money I made

so something to consider option number

three option number three is a new app

that I recently discovered I have test

the app for two weeks and I'm kind of

impressed with the result it's not free

but it has so many options that I kind

of like this app it's not as expensive

as any other app if you use an app that

you pay you know that the average cost

per week it's been fifty and sixty

dollars 65 sometimes this app is half of

cheap as their apps that I know

like this up until now it doesn't have

the weekly option like like the other

apps that we all know so the monthly

option is the first option that gopher

pinging that says it's only $100 so

basically it's half of any traditional

that or it's like $25 per week I have

tested here are the results liking the

other two options and you can see how

many blocks I got you can see how much

money I made this app I like it so much

that I'm working on step-by-step how to

install the app and how to basically

adjust it one of the things that I like

about the app you're able to do

everything that you are not able to do

on the free I like for example you're

able to set how many hours you want to

work a week from what time to what time

you want to work that way you can also

play with the speed of how to get the

blocks in other words it will be kind of

hard for Amazon to find out that you're

using a third-party it's like a safer up

let's put it that way

it's got like a safer speed like any

human can do like you're doing it with

your finger you can adjust the speed you

know a little bit more a little bit less

so I'm working on step-by-step

instructions how to do everything on the

app wait for that video I will upload

that in the next day or so and I would

really appreciate if you guys leave in

the comments how good is it if it works

at your end what do you think about it

it will help all of us all amazon flex

drivers if you're here and you are not

subscribed to my channel please do so

you're gonna help me to keep drawing

this channel and

sharing videos like this with all of us

Amazon flexor so I would like to thank

you once again for watching this video

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