Amazon Flex // Getting work and Reserve Blocks // 2021 // Amazon Flex Wages and more

hello and welcome to another amazon flex

video it's been a while since i've done

one of these but yesterday i went on to

have a look for some work

i've been out of action for a little

while i've had a bad back i've had a

broken foot

it's not being ideal for doing

deliveries or anything like that

so i haven't done any for a while uh but

i thought i'd go on to see what the


of amazon flex is in 2021 and have a

look at how much work i picked up

yesterday or how much work i could have

picked up yesterday

let's have a look

so yeah let's have a little look at this


yesterday was friday and as you know

from my previous videos i'll put a link

somewhere here for the playlist

um fridays is a great time for picking

up work on amazon flex it's

when they release reserves what is a


it's basically an offer from amazon just

for you so that's not you're not kind of

in competition

to get that block with any of the other


it's just an offer for yourself from

amazon so you can

accept that or decline it you know so

that's what we're saying in previous


friday evenings are the best it's the

best time to pick up work on amazon flex

here in the uk i don't know if it's like

the same in

in the us or in other places where they

offer flex but definitely here on a

friday evening is when you're going to

pick up work for

saturday sunday monday and tuesday

for that sort of that coming week um

so you log on the arms and flex up as


let it load up then you go on to the

office screen

and you will have to refresh refresh


refresh uh and gradually on friday

there's not a set time but somewhere

between 4 and kind of

10 p.m it's when the office drop again

in the playlist

uh the amazon flex playlist i've got up

there's like i've

done detailed videos on this this is

maybe it's like the ninth

eighth ninth video in the series uh for

amazon flex so

if you are interested in arms and

effects if you want some other

information on amazon flex like

how to get blocks what time to get

blocks um

some information on actually doing the

blocks you know

like some hints and tips on how to make

it a bit more efficient when you're out

and about so

uh i hope all these videos are helpful

the new people who are starting off on


um i think they are they're getting

quite decent viewer numbers

and likes and stuff but if not if

something's not clear just drop

drop a little message and i always

respond um when i can't but anyway so

yesterday i went on here

yesterday evening about nine o'clock and

as you can see here

um there were office on there was lots

of offers on yesterday mostly morrison's


uh which i really hate doing uh but

actually up here i don't know if it's

the same everywhere but here up here in

the northeast now the morning we're in

amazon office i mean i was morrison's

office um kind of

up to two and a half hours which was

unheard of previously as far as i'm


uh we only have about one hour one and a

half hour or two hour blocks but now

they're offering two and a half hour


on morrisons which so you'd be

delivering quite a lot of groceries in

that time

going out all over the place um

especially with the corvette thing going

on still

i just think the morrison's blocks are

crap if i'm honest they're

not worth the money same with logistics


um a two and a half hour logistics block


i just wouldn't be doing it but then i i


particularly need the money i suppose i

was desperate for the money then yeah i

would go out and i would uh

i would do those two and a half blocks

but but you're pretty much getting

shafted on them so that

it used to get up to four hour blocks or

even longer uh on amazon flex back in

the day

but at the moment it seems to be all

either three hours or two and a half

hour blocks and they are kind of

cramming in

the same amount of work that they used

to give you on a four hour block but i

think amazon's kind of learned that you

used to finish

a bit earlier on those blocks you know

so if you had a four block usually

you were finished in somewhere between

two and three hours time uh or that was

my experience anyway

so you were making decent money because

i mean on a two and a half hour block

you're not really making very good money

unless you get an

enhanced rate but that's another story


personally for me a two and a half hour

block you're barely coming out with

minimum wager in fact

you could possibly come with less just

to put in perspective so like i live in

county durham

so the drive to the depot is i don't

know like 10 miles or something

um less maybe six miles but from that


you can then be sent anywhere pretty

much in the northeast of england so

you could be picking that up and i could

be heading from the depot which is

um in washington near sunderland you

could be heading to hexham

which is what 30 mile away and it's a

nightmare and

anyway so on a two and a half hour block

for me i just don't bother with it

it's not worth it for me i don't do them

at all

um logistics that is sorry

um but so like a two i would like a two

hour block on prime now i'll do

um again look in the previous videos for

descriptions of exactly what this is

prime now

morrisons and logistics are the three

the three types of

delivery um deliveries available here in

the north east anyway

i don't know if there's other kinds in

other parts of the country i really

don't know uh or in other countries i

have no idea i only know from what i've

done here

so anyway back to what i was actually

talking about so i went on yesterday and


there was a lot of office on um

actually 108 at the peak so here's a

little video that i took from this

little screen grab

showing you just what was on offer

yesterday you can see a lot of

morrison's jobs

um but there's some prime now in there

and actually i picked up a reserve

yesterday as well which

i have like i said i haven't really been

on um and i hadn't seen the reserve for

a while before this there was just kind

of daily office

um but i so i got the reserve

uh selected the reserve accepted the


and booked in for it to work it um

now as you can see there's 108 office at

the peak so if you want work

work is definitely available on amazon

so if you're kind of on the fence

wondering whether amazon flex is worth

doing is there work available well

if you're in the northeast of england

then yeah there is work available as you

can see

i'm not sure what it's like in other

parts of the country but here definitely

there is work available

um yeah i've been checking

kind of periodically through the day as

well there's always something on there

pretty much every time i check but it

hadn't been on a friday for a while but

108 offers i'm sure you'll agree

that if you're looking for work then

there's definitely some work there for


um i don't know if amazon maybe are

going to increase their rates with the

minimum wage rising

or due to rise in april hopefully they


because in all honesty it's kind of the

money is not

great on amazon at the moment especially

not with minimum wage appears going up

to eight about 90 or so

so if you're doing an hour's block for

amazon for 13 quid

that's not really much more than minimum

wage it's called a minimum wage nine

pound and you

so you've got a four pound window in

between that

um and the minimum wage

and you've got to take your these law

parallel costs into consideration which


high at the moment where here it's kind

of 129 130 a liter for a liter of diesel


is damned expensive um so if you're

getting a long run

that's going to eat into your profits

and at 13 quid an hour which

is not amazing wear and tear on your

vehicle you've got to take all that kind

of thing in consideration

and i think genuinely think that amazon

is going to have to increase its rates

because why would i do this for

less than minimum wage potentially it's

just not what i'm about

um i feel bad for people who rely on

this for their money because i mean the

economy is in

dire straits like the job market is not

amazing for

like people with limited skills like

myself i don't have any um

anything real i mean i've got my own

very successful self-employment

that i do alongside this flex thing flex

is more it's more like a hobby for me

to be honest i just just get out once in

a while to do some delivery so i just

enjoy i

enjoy the driving and i enjoy the

deliveries you know it's it it's really

it's just an easy way to make money and

it gives you something to do when

there's nothing else going on

um like i run a successful retail

business online and uh

run another business um which i'm gonna

do um which is also successful i mean

like money-wise i'm fine and but i don't

i do feel bad for people who

rely on amazon for their money but it's

kind of going off tangent with the video

but i usually do when i do these

so um yes there is work available yes

you will get reserve office and again

reserve officer officer

amazon says just for you um the rest of

these offers are all you're kind of in

competition with

other drivers for so there's a hundred

needed offers but

if there could be possibly two three

hundred four hundred people

on a friday swiping you know for for

jobs so they can't go quite quick and

bear in mind

if you accept one of these offers then

as explained in previous videos

lots of these obviously disappear so say

you select one so there's 108 of us

there there's dozens on for

monday you select one offer on monday

and the rest of monday will disappear

so you just be careful the one that you

pick is actually the one you definitely

want to do

because you don't want to be left with a

block that you didn't really want

and then seeing all the rest disappear

it's just not worth the hassle with it

but yeah there is work you can

definitely get work

um amazon flex is it's all

right like the money is not amazing

anymore it

really isn't and it won't be amazing

when the minimum wage goes up

it's quite sad really but um i think

amazon knows that there's quite a lot of

desperate people out there doing flex so

people are unlikely to kick up much of a


um and they'll just head out and do it

but like i mean on the face of a 13

pound an hour sounds pretty good

but just remember you've got to take

your diesel costs out that your

insurance cost your vehicle

wear and tear i know you're covered for


career insurance by amazon but that

you've got to have your own insurance as


um well you should have anyway but still

it's still

it's still another cost and it's still

things that eat into your profits

which essentially is what a 13 pound

hours that's your profit margin

um because you're a self-employed person

so my advice is

if you're looking to make reasonable

money at this

don't do a two and a half hour

morrison's block they're going to send

you all over the place you're not going

to make much money

don't do a two and a half hour logistics

block because

they're a ripoff they'll cram in the

same amount of parcels that they used to

give you for a three and a half or four

hour block

and just expect you to get on with it

and there's nothing you can really do

about it

yeah if you're doing flex let us know

how it's going

is is it all right for you are you

enjoying doing it is it a pain in the

ass um

what's the work like where you are are

you getting many offers i mean did you

do you see a hundred year office where

you are on a friday

um like kind of 100 is kind of the

standard and uh there might even be more

earlier because i think i missed the

logistics drops

because i didn't log on until nine

o'clock or something last night so maybe

they were there earlier usually

here we get kind of the first lot of

offers come through and

it'll be logistics the next slot is

usually prime now and then morrisons and


a few prime now is mixed in with them as

well so i suspect i missed most of the

prime now drop and the logistics drops


like there is there were still prime now

offers in there there might even be a

couple of logistics ones i can't


but you'll see from the scrolling thing

and the pictures i've put up here

that there is work yeah arms and flex

it's all right um i keep saying it's all


it is all right but i do think that

they're gonna have to increase the money

i kind of think they're gonna hopefully

move towards 14 50 15 quid an hour to

make this more worth it

uh for people who are out there doing

this that would be fair from

amazon i feel and fair for the drivers

because i'm just

i mean they're still making a lot of

money but it'd be nice to see the wage

go to

like 14 15 pounds an hour for the

drivers for self-employed flex drivers

because i mean much as it's an easy job

it's still

you can end up driving miles and miles

which obviously is not ideal when you're

on tight profit margins

so i hope you found the video useful and

i'll catch you