hello and welcome to my channel I'm

Brendan O'Brien here in Nashville

Tennessee if you're watching this then

you probably just started driving for

Amazon flex or you're thinking about

driving for Amazon Place which by the

way I think is a great idea I'm going to

share with you two very important

time-saving tips that you're gonna want

to start using right away

okay and by the way if you saw my first

Amazon video it was titled the top five

things I love about Amazon flex after

week and I'm gonna put that link in the

description so you could watch it if you

have it this is the vest I was wearing

they give you this vest it's velcro II

and yeah you know it's like let me try

Amazon flex for a little bit and see if

I like it kind of vest well I liked it a

lot enough to find one of these now I

like the logo I like looking a

professional out in the field so if you

don't have one of these vests just go to

the warehouse and ask okay and just

because you get a no and if the


it doesn't have an ain't go to the next

warehouse and ask them if they don't

have him just keep asking because

eventually you're gonna find one and

don't buy one on eBay I saw one on eBay

50 dollars for a vest that you can get

for free okay so yeah alright let's get

into it let's talk about deliveries

because we want to save you some time

okay and as you know every minute counts

okay like if it takes you an extra two

minutes to find a package on your route

like every single package you could be

spending over an hour of your block just

digging through your car or looking for

you know Jill Jones or whoever you're

wasting a lot of time okay we don't want

to add any more time on the route than

we have to okay that basically that was

me a week ago until I figured out a

couple things that was really a game

changer okay and save me so much time

the first thing the packages are pre

sorted at most of the warehouses okay

now the reason I say most is because

some of the newer warehouses or at least

the one that I go to

doesn't sort them okay that's up to the

driver to look at the itinerary and sort

the packages that way but what Amazon

doesn't tell you and you kind of have to

learn this as you go is that there are

these yellow stickers on the packages

with numbers on them and most people

don't have a clue what those numbers

represent I had no clue I just you see

stickers with numbers you don't know I

didn't know so here here's a look at

those stickers okay so the top number

represents your route okay which you

don't really need for this but the

bottom numbers are very important those

are the ones side to side now in this

case the sticker says 1/1 which means

it's the first package on your itinerary

and the first package overall now the

second number changes when you deliver

more than one package to an address for

example if two packages went to number

two okay house number two then house

three sticker would read 3/4 because

it's your third address on your

itinerary right but your fourth package

I hope that makes sense

so when you get to the warehouse okay

and you start scanning your packages

look for those numbers you can organize

them in your car to get to them faster

okay which brings me to my second tip on

how to save time how I organize my

packages in the car I know there are so

many different methods I see people

doing all kinds of things there if you

know one that works well for you please

share it in the comments but when I scan

anything between the numbers 1 through

10 they go right here next to me okay in

the passenger seat 1 through 10 eleven

through 25 I put in the backseat

passenger side 11 to 25 26 through 39 I

put right behind them okay back seat on

the floor - and then anything over 40

goes in the trunk and then after every

10 deliveries or so I rotate the

packages and like I mentioned earlier

every minute counts at each delivery and

this method assured me that I can get to

the property and jump out scan the

package take that picture jump back in

my car turn my radio back up have a

drink of Diet Coke and get on to my next

house ok I've only been delivering now

for about a month and these are two of

my favorite

time-saving tips I hope you will use

them and if you have any you'd like to

share with me you have any questions if

you have anything that could help me

with my deliveries please let me know in

the comments also be sure to subscribe

to this channel I love interacting with

people that have similar interests so

that would be cool too thanks for

watching be safe out there

ice machine