How to Get Blocks for Amazon Flex Without Cheating!!!

what's going on youtubers jackknife

Finnegan subscribers and or Finnegan

what is going on you guys I'm gonna

bring you guys kind of a different video

this is more for a gig economy type

based people but I recently just been

accepted back into Amazon flex you guys

for you that doesn't know what Amazon

flex is you should definitely check it

out it's a great way of making money

it's a side gig a side hustle and you

make good money at doing it and you know

granted you got it you know it has its

quirks don't get me wrong something

God's gift to gig economy but it

all honest to you guys it is one of the

better making gig economy type jobs so

I'm gonna show you guys how to

effectively get blocks the first thing

you want to do is you go to Amazon flex

you click on Amazon flex I have not

refreshed the page so these blocks

probably don't exist but I live in

Minnesota right now and I'm hitting

refresh and they do exist normally you

get nothing here and the best way to

keep getting blocks if these do not

exist see none of these times work for

me because I got to get my kids from

school so they don't work for me but

normally what you do is you guys sit

here and keep tapping this refresh

button and you see the refresh button

loading loading loading I had that's how

many times I'm tapping it you can hear

it don't pay attention to my dogs in the

background pay attention how many times

I'm smack in this button this is oh

there we go we had one that showed up

you guys see that it went it went very

fast it went very fast but imma show you

guys how to do this and one second let

me let my dog out alright

oh there's one real quick all right what

is this that is a wholefoods job I don't

want that because I gotta go to work

tonight so now watch I'm gonna click it

it's gone see how fast those go okay

it's back again see people are picking

it up and they're dropping it that's

what that means they're picking it up

they're seeing what it is and they don't

like it they're dropping it but what I

don't like about this is you guys is it

got three hour blocks three and a half

hour blocks I have not seen any four

hour blocks

they've been very rare which is kind of

upsetting I'll cover that in another

video to tell you why they're upsetting

but I mean this is how hard you gotta

keep tapping that button now let's say

you let's say you did want to do this

job you're like okay I want to do this

job you click the job you read it at

5:15 8:45 three hours 30 minutes pay is

$63 I got to go to egon you swipe to

accept and boom you've accepted the

block now let's say you're like oh man I

could go to calendar go to the block

forfeit block boom you forfeit the block

now you don't have to worry about doing

that block now go back to your offers

and you keep hitting it so apparently

some people are taking the offers

because now we're down to three offers

but if you keep tapping this over and

over again you'll get those random

offers that show up and then hopefully

your goal is to get a Saturday offer you

guys but I'm not seeing a Saturday offer

which is very upsetting but normally

around this time I usually check it

every every 15 minutes I check it 15

before the half and 15 before the hour

is when I check it so right now I'm

kinda in the middle point I'm at 134 so

I'm kind of breaking my rules but you

know this is for demonstration purposes

only to show you guys how to properly

and effectively get blocks you can

scroll oh there we go we've got one

there what happened to oh look at that

you guys they increase the offer right

there look at 2:15 to 5:15 they increase

it to $75 that means that it's snowing

in Minnesota right now and no one wants

to work so no one's gonna really take

that one unless you you know like I

would love to take that for three hours

that's $20 more now it's gone but that

was $20 more than what they were

offering that would've been a great one

to take but I gotta go and pick up my

kids from school so I can't I can't do

that one but that was a great offer you

guys whoo

back again look at damn and it's

taunting me it's taunting me you guys uh

for three hours look at that's $20 $21

more than what they offer for 2:30 15

minute difference you guys look at 15

minute difference they're offering 21

extra dollars that's crazy crazy but

anyway guys hopefully you enjoyed the

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types of stuff oh oh man we had a whole

bunch of stuff you see that oh my god we

had all these restaurants what they have

restaurants still on here I didn't know

they had restaurants still on here

oh man okay wait wait wait oh it's Whole

Foods again Whole Foods ok Whole Foods I

haven't done a Whole Foods one yet I

only heard about them and they're kind

of they're kind of in between right now

the Whole Foods is kind of in between

this is guaranteed money this is all

warehouse work this is the warehouse

Amazon flex delivery package ones there

is another Whole Foods ok

but the egan ones those are warehouse

ones so Egan is warehouse Minneapolis is

Whole Foods and we had oh here's

restaurants what does this one say it

doesn't say just as you go to

Minneapolis well good luck on that one

if you guys really wanted to take your

chances good luck but that is how you do

it you guys hopefully this was an

informative video hopefully you liked it

hopefully it makes sense and hopefully

it gets you out there to start hammering

away on your phone and trying to get

these blocks you guys and make it some

money I plan on going out this weekend I

will vlog if I go out and do this I plan

on hitting it hard this week with Amazon

flex so hopefully you guys stay tuned

and check out some of those blogs until

then I will see you guys on YouTube