Amazon Flex Double Block Earnings, Expenses and Review

hey what's going on everybody it's your

boy Jonathan with the rideshare panel

and I'm checking in today about to get

started on a double block with Amazon

flex for those of you that don't know

I've been doing Amazon flex deliveries

for about the past two months and I

started off getting into the blocks

that's really the easiest way to get

started because blocks are more readily

available than like instant offers and

restaurant offers and then for a while I

kind of got sidetracked I was picking up

a lot of restaurant Amazon fresh blocks

and doing a lot more of the instant

offers but right now I'm getting back

into the regular blocks where I kind of

just head to a distribution center and

pick up a ton of packages as you can see

I'm fully just loaded up in the car

right now and I'm getting back into that

because I really enjoyed the restaurant

stuff for a while I was definitely

making good money on tips Amazon flex

tips are really good when you're doing

instant offers or when you're picking up

from restaurants because the customers

tend to just make more money at least

here in Seattle it's kind of like

higher-end restaurants and stuff but the

setup on the app makes it so that you

spend a lot of time swiping trying to

pick these up and less time working and

I started to realize that I was spending

a lot of the day just trying to pick

these up when I should just be doing

stuff and the one thing I like about

blocks is that they're easy to grab and

they're very consistent you know what

you're gonna get into so I'm gonna show

you guys I just picked up my first block

down here in Georgetown and I'm set this

one's paying 66 50 and the next one's

paying 72 I believe so I'm set to make

no this the next one is paying 76 and

I'll double check that but I'm set to

make about a hundred and forty to fifty

today just on these two Amazon flex

blocks which is not bad this one is a

three and a half hour the next one's of

four hours so that's seven and a half

hours but I've as I've mentioned kind of

earlier I usually finish these in like

70 percent of the time the packages

right now on this block I've got 45 so I

expect this one to take probably two and

a half hours out of the three and a half

and I'll show you guys on the map

exactly what I'm getting into so I kind

of pulled up my map here and I'm headed

to downtown just a little bit north of

downtown kind of like South Lake Union

of Seattle to drop all these off I've

got 18 stops which isn't that bad it is

downtown so it's gonna be kind of

painful trying to park but with that

said 18 stops isn't bad a lot of these

are bunched and they're business

packages which is cool and what I like

about this is that with Amazon flex

blocks my expenses are really low so I'm

gonna be driving you know as you can see

on the map with the map that I just

pulled up I'm really not driving that

far once I get to like the cluster that

I'm dropping off at so my my gas

expenses are very low and I'm gonna do a

separate video on this like what my gas

expenses are for Amazon flex blocks

because I really want to show that to

you guys a lot of times people get

sucked into different types of on-demand

opportunities because you know there's a

higher payout with tips or for whatever

reason you get lured in Amazon flex

blocks are very basic very

straightforward you're not going to get

tipped but you are keeping your expenses

very low and you do luck out

occasionally and get blocks where like

you're not really picking up that many

packages so overall you can finish those

faster and you keep your expenses very

low which is why I really like doing it

so I'm update you guys later on with my

second block show you kind of what that

looks like the layout on the map and

then I'm going to give you an overview

and so this full day as I mentioned

earlier I'm making one forty to fifty

with just two blocks the one part about

Amazon flex box is that you do have to

show up at a distribution center so

unless you live like right next door to

one you do have to drive a little bit

personally I'm coming down from North

Seattle to this Georgetown distribution

center so that's a bit of a drive drive

what I usually do is I pick up like a

lift like a like a lift destination

filter right and I drive down here I

Drive a couple of people try and get as

close as possible and that way I don't

have to count that mileage as an expense

on my Amazon flex I'm really getting

paid to drive down here which is the

ideal way to do it keeping my expenses

low per usual and so this full day

actually got started with TaskRabbit so

I walked a dog for about an hour in

Green Lake that was a blast I'm gonna

have to do like an episode on that

because that was just getting paid to

have fun really enjoyed that

after that I picked up a quick instant

offer of over in Lake City that was in

the 12 to 17 dollar range for three

total miles just a quick pick up from a

restaurant and drop off to a business

usually those tips tip decently so I

expect to get paid about fifteen bucks

on that so already that's 30 bucks in

the morning and then my lift destination

filter down here that made me a few

as well getting that ride so I'm coming

up you know like 30 40 bucks before I

even start there's a 142 dollar block so

that adds up to be like a 180 dollar day

just kind of having you know like a few

different options going for me ride

share and so you know I'll be exploring

a lot of further different options that

you can kind of use you know to

diversify alongside of Amazon flex and

ones on flex is your bread and butter

you know you can pick up blocks get a

guaranteed 20 bucks an hour you are good

to go but you want to kind of have other

stuff so that you can you know get that

mileage taken care of on the way down to

the distribution centers all right so

I'm gonna go hand out these packages and

check back in with you guys later

tonight checking in right now I'm

officially on my last package of the

first block so I'm gonna go ahead and

drop this off and I started this block

at about 12:30 right now it's a little

bit after 3:00 so that took two and a

half hours and it was a three and a half

hour block so that rounds out to be

about 66 54 two and a half hours which

is not that bad

I will say that this block was not as

fun into the blocks that I've done a lot

of times I'll be doing residential

blocks and I'm just dropping at the

customers front door it's really easy to

do commercial blocks I've done a few of

these before a lot of them are apartment

drop off so I got to go inside and

individually go to each floor of the

apartment or business drop offs downtown

where parking is a little bit harder so

that that was a little bit rough I'm not

gonna lie but honestly still finishing

up into enough hours for 66 bucks I

cannot complain so I'm gonna go ahead

and drop this off and then I'm going to

hit Chipotle grab myself a burrito my

next books my next block starts at 4:45

so I've got a little bit over an hour

maybe an hour and a half to get there

which is plenty of time I'm downtown and

it's back at the Georgetown stop so it's

not that far to get down there hopefully

traffic won't be that bad I'm probably

gonna fill up for a Costco gas while I'm

down there are two because Costco gas is

like a buck cheaper than filling up at

Shell and I've also got my Costco visa

so I'm gonna get four percent gas cash

back on that we'll check in with you

guys as soon as I pick up that block

show you the map again to show you what

the layout looks like and hoping right

now that Friday night I get an EZ block

I've done quite a few nighttime blocks

and a lot of times not always but a lot

of times I tend to be lighter

by this point today amazon has fewer

packages so hopefully it's fast I can

get these all dropped off and then

finish up these two blocks in a lot

quicker time than expected alright so I

just picked up my second block of the

day I'm leaving the distribution center

right now as you can see the car is

loaded up with packages I'm filled up it

looks like a lot of packages but it's

actually only 17 packages so I'm gonna

show you guys right now I'm gonna zoom

in on the map and as you can see I'm

headed over to Medina to go drop those

it looks like it's far out of the way

but actually going back to North Seattle

this is just a quick loop around the

lake to get me there so it's not

actually that much further than my

normal drive home anyways and

logistically once I get there it's not

gonna be a huge travel distance over

there and so I did have some free time

between my blocks and as I said I went

to Chipotle I also got a little bit

distracted I'll be honest I picked up a

- with door - and it looked good because

it was 550 bonus in downtown Seattle I

ended up not being that good because as

soon as I finished it I tried to end the

- and it kind of roped me in to getting

another - which I had to decline so I

only got paid to base 650 for that which

kind of sucks you know it's a classic

door - thing to do to kind of like get

you excited rope you in and then it ends

up not working out the way you think

it's gonna be so that kind of sucked but

at the end of the day not that bad

because I did make a little bit extra

money while I was waiting in between the

blocks I'm gonna go ahead and do this

one I don't expect it to be that crazy

it's all residential it's gonna be some

nice houses over there Medina for those

of you that don't know that's kind of

like the old Microsoft money they're all

right there on Lake Washington so kind

of looking forward to that and I feel

like I'm gonna get done with this one in

about an hour hour and a half I will

check in when I'm done it's gonna be

pitch black by then but I'll do a quick

update of how fast it went and you know

I kind of lucked out as usual I've done

a few of these like Friday night blocks

and they don't end up being night block

so I ended up finishing them up pretty

quick so I expect to be done out of here

by like 6:00 6:15 and then you know if I

wanted to I could go hop on drive for

lyft or something and make some more

money tonight we'll see where I'm at at

the end of this I might just call it a

night and go you know enjoy myself on a

Friday night and tap out you know just a

little bit under 200 bucks for the day

alright so I'm over here in the u

district I've been

my second block it was a $76 buck four

hours total I finished it up in about an

hour and a half so much faster than I

expected it was a lot faster it was only

18 packages and it was over there in

Modena really nice area kind of some of

the nicest houses I've ever seen the

second to last one was like this Spanish

villa with a Bentley and a rolls-royce

super nice kind of some cool scenery

while I was delivering that went well I

ended up here that you district instead

of going straight home because doordash

was surging and it was an extra $4 per -

so I decided to go ahead and do two of

those real quick

they were super fast finishing them up

in like a half hour or so and that was

an easy 20 bucks but the last one I had

some issues with but before I hop into

that I want to go ahead and pull up my

QuickBooks self-employed and show you

what my gas mileage expenses were

because those were pretty interesting

actually really good better than

expected so my total miles driven today

was 35 miles but I also did a lift

destination right on the way down there

so I'm gonna take off about 10 miles of

that total just based on that because

that you know that part of the day was

definitely covered that part is not

attributed to Amazon flex mileage and

the two-door dashes I'm not gonna look

into that because I didn't end up

driving that much mileage I'm gonna go

into that in a minute

but let's do the math real quick on

these 35 miles so if you subtract the 10

you get 25 miles driven

I Drive a Mazda 3 that's 24 to 28 miles

per gallon and so if you look at it that

way I basically spent a gallon of gas

money on this trip

that's about 250 here in Seattle when

I'm filling up at Costco getting those

Costco membership perks not bad at all

for mileage and I'm gonna keep going

into that in the future I'm going to do

some more gas expense and gas expense

and mileage comparison for Amazon flex

and then show you had out lines up

against other gigs because I believe

Amazon flex is saving me a lot of money

at the gas pumps and the reason why the

door dashes were so low on mileage is

because I actually blew a tire out here

so I'm gonna go ahead and show you that

in a minute the tire is blown I picked

up the second - and then I looked out of

the tire and it was completely shot I

don't know when this happened but it

definitely happened so I ended up just

running the the meal up to the dude it

was like six blocks away so it wasn't


bad but let's hop out here and I'm gonna

show you that tire real quick



and as you can see that tire is

completely shot it's done for I'm gonna

have to replace it so while gas expenses

were low wear-and-tear are actually

noticeable on this trip definitely not

all amazon flexes point this was bound

to happen eventually I bought these

tires on the side of the road in off of

Rainier Ave at a used at a used tire

shop and if you know anything about

Rainier Ave it's not known for its high

quality tires so it's definitely on me a

little bit that this tire blew out a

little bit of a health hazard but

everything's okay we're good to go so

I'm gonna go ahead and pull out the

spare tire from my trunk and see if I

cannot jack that tire up a little bit

and get it on there so we're good to go

but remember to subscribe to the channel

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