How to Get Blocks on Amazon Flex DAILY (2021)

hello hello are you guys doing first

time here welcome I shoot this video

like two weeks ago in my in my channel

and since I should this video I have

been receiving several messages asking

me if I can also do it in English my

channel it's this normal in Spanish this

is my first video in English and it was

it was about Amazon flex and how to get

blocks in Amazon how to work everyday in

Amazon flex I have an app that I use and

I would like to share with you guys it's

a free app is working great to me you

know as you guys might know there are

several people that sometimes you have

to pay in order for them to give you

blocks and you fill up your way trading

days or whatever and this app is free

I don't play nobody and it's working

great that's why I have to decide to

listen to you guys and do this video now

in English I think it's a good idea I'm

gonna see the reaction of the video and

probably I'm gonna start doing it in

both languages from now on I want to

walk you through the steps in order to

download it set it up and your phone and

teach you guys how to use it I mean

there's other apps around yes apps that

you have to pay and learn that better

than this there's one app in particular

is called flat utility

that's pretty good but you have to pay

this one is completely free you're gonna

like it

I mean I'm telling you just try it and

you like here it is I'm gonna try to

shoot the instruction slowly that way

you guys can keep up all right so first

step we're gonna go to the Play Store

you're fun and you're gonna type Otto

Otto flicker quick touch automatic

clicker that's a one that I like that's

a one that I know so we're gonna

basically install it you're gonna

download it

so basically when it's installed you

open the app and the first thing that

you have to do is grant permission

you're gonna allow permission right here

go back go to start you're gonna go to

install devices outer clicker on you're

gonna allow go back go back

you go back and basically this is the

this is the screen that you're gonna get

next so once you get this screen you're

gonna go to multiple target mode right


you're gonna keep and you're gonna have

this menu on your right hand side so

once you have that menu then you're

gonna go and look for your Amazon flex

which is right here really simple you're

gonna press the plus and you're gonna

have the number 1 which you're gonna put

basically where the offer comes on your

Amazon flags up then you're gonna press

and hold the plus sign again and you're

gonna have two number two one with start

and another one with n so you're gonna

grab the start and you're gonna put it

right here where you're supposed to

swipe once you get the offer and the

second one when you want to finish

facing so once you have that the next

thing that you're gonna get is just play

and that's it the application will do it

for you

let's wait couple of minutes in here to

see if any offer comes up that way you

see exactly where you're gonna get


alright that was quick that was an offer

that I the application just took the

keep waiting there you go another

another block well and now is basically

you know this is basically what's going

to happen if we keep waiting with the

app working so let me what I'm gonna do

I'm checking on the calendar where is it

I see that is in Miami Gordon which I

don't like to go so I'm gonna just

forfeit that block I like it this is the

way that I get as you can see



hope this video I really hope you

subscribe really hope to see you again

and soon thank you