See & GET Amazon Flex Blocks 10x Faster Than Anyone Else STEP BY STEP - 2020

on the fifth take so obviously obviously

you saw from the title how to see and

get or grab Amazon flex blocks 10 times

faster yes so it is pretty much that

this is really an update video to one I

did prior to when they did - when Amazon

flex did the update of where you had to

swipe to accept and I've actually found

better programs when they did that so

long story short this is very similar to

what to the previous video that I made

before but is actually a lot more

intuitive so it's a very simple process

you just have to follow my instructions

and that's it so if you're if you're

patient and you go step by step this

will not take long at all

so let's just get right into it and let

me show you how you're able to see these

these flex blocks as soon as they come

up and be able to accept them ASAP

all right so the first thing we're gonna

need is BlueStacks which is an Android


I'm using BlueStacks now because Amazon

flex only supported only supports

Android 6.0 and up so it's one of the

few free Android emulators out there

that has Android 7.0 on it so that's the

first thing we're going to download is

bluestacks I said I'd do that first and

then as BlueStacks calm all the links

will be in the description the second

thing is this auto mouse-click program

and I'll leave that link in description

very calm and from here you can

basically manipulate the mouse however

you like so you can have it go from one

spot of the screen to a different part

of the screen have it to a whole bunch

of different options it's actually

really cool and that's why I actually

was searching for something like this

where it would actually enable me to be

able to swipe and accept this shift so

download that neck

and so once we have both of those

downloaded we are going to open up the

BlueStacks emulator so and when you

first I'm just gonna go right into my

apps here which you see I already had a

bamas on flex up and running but when

you first download BlueStacks it's going

to ask you to sign in with a gmail

account just like any Android phone

would so you can either do that or skip

it once you're past that point go into

the my apps section we're on that right

now go to system app section and then

just go directly to browser we don't

have to change anything in this emulator

we're just all we're doing right now is

just downloading the app for this

emulator so it's basically just like

having your cell phone on your computer

basically so and as this opens this is

the act that's the actual website they

just popped up cuz that's the official

Amazon flex download site which I did

put a video on before so this is the

actual site right here to download it

from logistics amazon.com / i app /

download - app - direct I actually made

it so I made a shortcut and it's bi t

dot ly / Amazon flex app once you do

that and hit enter the as you can see at

the top it already starts to download

automatically and so in which I really

don't want it to at the moment so we're

gonna cancel that out cuz I obviously

already have it installed and I'm just

gonna cancel everything out so we can

make this process a little bit quicker

here so yeah let's cancel all this crap

let's get out of browser - so once the

Amazon flex app is done downloading you

can begin to install it as you're

installing it for me with BlueStacks it

asked to send a verification

code to my cellphone number and I had to

manually type in my cell phone number

which is the one that I actually use

when I do

Amazon flex so I did that I got it on my

cell phone and then I typed it in

BlueStacks and it came up perfectly fine

everything works

i-it'll it asks you do you want to

switch devices and you just click yes

and you can always switch back and forth

it's not a big deal so from there we're

just opening up flex so I'm gonna do

that pause it and then we'll get into

the mouse clicking program okay so as

you can see I'm on I'm in the Amazon

flex app and I'm I just click check for

available blocks and in my area there

are always blocks available because our

facilities are just getting overwhelmed

with packages so next what we're gonna

do is open up the auto mouse click

program on the computer and if I didn't

mention BlueStacks

is available on both Windows and Mac but

I do not believe the auto mouse click is

available on Mac so I'm doing everything

through Windows obviously but anyway we

are in the app weird so we're in our

little emulator here we're in the app

and we want to just have this program do

what we would do without us having to do

it so in your area I know there are

still some areas that don't have you

know a plethora amount of blocks

available and that's how we were just a

couple months ago and but everything's

just got everything just became super

crazy and super busy so there's always

something available now and that was

definitely not the case before so the

first thing that we would do in the app

obviously is when you click refresh you

know we're always clicking refresh

refresh refresh refresh trying to see

when it next thing is going to come up

and let's just have this privileges have

this automatic program do it for us so

we go to action type and it's already on

left-click which is what I'm doing here

left click and I'm just going to say

this right now if there's any delay at

all whatsoever it's just because I'm

running the screen recording program on

a freaking emulator that's acting like a

like a tablet and a cell phone so got a

bunch of programs running here so it's

gonna run very quickly and when you are

doing it by yourself you won't see that

delay as much but so anyway we want to

have we want to click on the one I have

this click on refresh first by itself so

it's long left-click we go down to get

Mouse position and add action and from

here you can hit any key you want on the

keyboard I'm just going to press number

one and I'm gonna click assign now

wherever I press number one is what that

is how the action type is going to

execute so I'm just going to press

number one right here where the cursor

is and then you see over there that's

what this program is going to make the

mouse dip so when I hit start it'll go

over to the exact position on the screen

so just if you just remember that when

you do move this when you move the

actual screen itself it's not following

the screen it's following that exact

point on your it's not following the the

emulator of its file it's going to that

exact point on the screen so and then

obviously the next thing we want to do

would be another left-click because we

want to like the first block so which

would you know if you don't see anything

you know you're ruff that's roughly you

know right below the date so anywhere so

we'll just do right in the middle and

okay so we're gonna look bass since

left-click is already up there

we're just gonna hit a sign again and

then I'm just gonna put it right here

number one and so let's do this okay so

let's keep going

so that means that it would have clicked

into here and now what we want to do is

the fun part is swiping before you know

obviously a couple months ago it was

just click to accept and that was it

but now let's wipe to accept so in the

action type we want to go to begin

dragging now slash left button

down so weird so we're just holding the

left button down and now I'm gonna we're

going to hit a sign again and we can

start right around here really doesn't

matter like if I do this it'll start

swiping so number one so now I'm going

to press the number one again on the

keyboard because I click the sign one

okay begin dragon has been added here

and now we're gonna go to end dragon and

we are going to click a sign and again

we can just hit number one Italy can

leave the number one there and then

right around here I'm just going to

press and I'm right around I guess here

press number one again so now because of

the everything running that I have

running right now it's going to look a

little bit it's going to seem slower and

it is it is going to be a little bit

slower when you're doing this by

yourself it'll be a lot fast it'll trust

me it'll go through very quick very

quickly so here's our repeat count I'm

gonna put the repeat count on 15 so it's

going to do all those things 15 times in

a row but obviously in this sequence so

it's going to click refresh that's going

to click the first available block or

whatever that is at the top and then

it's going to do this the swipe action

which is the beginning end

and it's just going to keep doing that

15 times in a row and the delay is a

hundred milliseconds which is really

really quick and if you feel like you

need to edit that you can raise it or

lower it so just know that if you add

another zero here that equals one second

so that just gives you an idea but yeah

so I'm just going to cancel this out and

we're going to leave everything at the

default so on when you're using this

without doing what I'm doing recording

it with this screen recorder it'll look

a lot smoother trust me so all right so

let's set it at 15 times and I should

we'll definite grab something but let's

okay let's hit start like I said it

looks like it's going it's actually

going too fast so but long story short

is I described basically two blocks and

I don't want to go into my section

because I don't feel like blurring

anything out again

because there isn't anything on the

screen and there was what like an 11:30

and then like a 4:30 on there so it just

grabbed both of them really quick so the

program works fantastic and you can set

this repeat count to however how you

want so you know if you just wanted to

just keep you just keep going make sure

that you go to

let's take its menu and then settings so

I actually I'm gonna close this out just

so this would be a little bit quicker

but it definitely grabbed those they

grabbed to Amazon flex shifts for

tomorrow so but anyway I'm closing that

out are you sure you want to exit

BlueStacks yes and then when I go into

my phone it'll say you know do you want

to switch devices and it has perfectly

fine so so if you do set this really

high like if you were

this with yeah however high nine hundred

hundred million whatever you want to

make sure you have a stop option which I

believe is in menu and then other

settings and then abort execution of all

scripts so whatever you put here I had

two letters e so I could put anything

else I wanted so it says none right now

I just I just hit the lottery

oh yeah automatically actually for you

just clear clear see I can't do Z okay I

can do it so whatever character you want

to use to actually stop everything from

running because once it goes you can't

do anything with the mouse at all so you

have to have that failsafe so make sure

you remember what that is make sure you

remember that okay

my abort execution of all scripts to say

you know to stop this program from going

I have to hit the letter A or else it's

just gonna keep going until it hits you

know you know it's it's set parameter of

whatever it's setup it's not good it was

set at you know that and a thousand ten

thousand one hundred thousand so if it I

said you did each of these one hundred

thousand times you know you have to have

that failsafe of actually closing it out

or else but you shouldn't have to shop

the computer but that's that's it it's

that simple you use this program in

conjunction with BlueStacks where you

have Amazon flex installed on BlueStacks

and this thing will just go to town my

friend it will just go to town as soon

as that you know if that's still how

you're doing it where you're trying to

just get the first ship that comes up

you know I'm sorry that you're dealing

with that but this is a really this is

an excellent way to do it this is like I

said this is Android 7.0 and at the

present moment

Amazon flex just recently said okay

we're only doing 6.0 and up

so you should be good for a while with

this program and at least this program

at all I actually did a whole thing on

this on this actual program itself

because it has a lot to offer but anyway

this is all you need for the actual you

know for trying to get blocks on flex as

soon as they come up that's it so thank

you very much for watching I hope this

helps somebody out there struggle and

they get shifts this is extremely easy

you could just set this you can set it

and forget it

basically so you hit start up set the

refeed count as high as you want nine

nine nine nine and then you know stop it

from running and then see what you see

what you grabbed so yeah that's it it'll

it will move faster than you can see

like when it says sorry when it said

sorry this block was taken this is

because I already grabbed it that's how

fast it's moving so yeah that's all I

have thank you very much for watching

and I will see you guys in the next one