Amazon Flex - How to get 40 HOURS of Prime/Whole Foods RESERVE blocks in 2020 - 2 ways


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this video is about getting 40 hours or

close to 40 hours of prime reserve

blocks just to be clear it's only about

reserved blocks and it's only about

grocery deliveries which is from prime

non warehouse or Whole Foods or any

other specialty grocery stores or liquor

stores that Amazon still has contracts

with I don't know how many of you

actually read your emails from Amazon

other than a weekly summary because if

you didn't you should actually take a

look at the one dated February 13th

because that's actually a pretty pretty

significant email the subject title is

delivery partner announcement the the

reason why it's kind of significant is

because for the very very very very

first time Amazon actually detail a

little bit of the way they offer blocks

to a flex driver a lot of it we already

know but we know about them based on

trial and error and based on just

talking to each other because if you

ever email Amazon about why you're not

getting reserves or why you're not

seeing blocks the generic email you get

is basically well it all depends on

whether Amazon needs needs drivers and

that drivers availability that's pretty

standard but in this email they actually

went a little bit more in detail and I

know some drivers did not catch this

because a lot of them were saying yeah

yeah we already know all this stuff but

this one that stands out was having a

large number of cancellations or not

showing up on time means you won't get

first choice of offers now in the past

cancelling or forfeiting a lot of blocks

on a timely manner did not matter but it

seems once Amazon put in their filters

on the app maybe about six months ago I

noticed there was some changes but then

I thought I was just being paranoid

Amazon does make you paranoid sometimes

so I thought was just being paranoid

because I remember I forfeited a lot of

books and then every time i forfeit I

would not see blocks for at least two

hours and but then I thought oh it's

just not that busy or whatever then now

I'm we're reading that it is part of

your policy if you have a lot of

forfeits they're not gonna send you the

offers until you know a little bit later

or you won't even get it if they don't

have any blocks to offer so what does

that mean all right so alright let's

let's give some context here in the past

the way Prime drivers would get their

blocks for the following week was that

we would wait and usually it's on Friday

once in a while it's gonna be like a

Thursday or Saturday but predominantly

it's on a Friday Amazon would just at

random times two would just throw out

all these blocks and we call that a mass

drop so everybody's scrambling

scrambling and because prime blocks get

eaten up so quickly get taken up so

quickly by drivers that we had no choice

but to just swipe swipe swipe swipe and

accept blocks without actually knowing

what kind of blocks we were actually

taking and what time we had no choice

because otherwise if you start reading

you want that and yeah it's all gone and

I can tell you within three minutes mass

drop for the entire week will be gone so

once that's done we all would start

looking through you know what we took

and then will forfeit them or we might

hold them for a friend because back in

the day

we can actually transfer blocks to

another driver within 24 hours of a

start time for that particular block so

we might do it you know at 2 o'clock in

the morning but that is no longer

applicable you're probably thinking okay

okay let tell me how to get this 40

hours thing all right so there are

several things that you have to keep in

mind first and foremost you definitely

need to be good with your quality of

delivery and also your reliability keep

an eye on your weekly summary and also

you know you kind of know because who

doesn't know how they perform throughout

the week right whether you had a lot of

returns or you know and all that kind of

stuff in and as far as I can tell

logistics whatever you did with

logistics doesn't really impact the

prime site that much as far as I can

tell but you know a lot of prime drivers

don't really do a logistics so and and I

know some people have taken logistics

box and they just forfeit them later on

but doesn't seem to impact the way they

are getting blocks all right so there

are two ways that you can get 40 hours

or close to 40 hours I've actually one

time got 35 hours once and they're all

reserves okay oh by the way just in case

you don't understand what reservist

Reserve is an offer especially for you

and it will save that on the offer and

it would say that you have two minutes

to accept it and then if you don't

accept it within that two minutes

its poof gone all right some drivers get

reserves like me and some drivers get a

list of blocks and then they pick them

they pick some and then some blocks

disappear and then they pick a few some

blocks disappear and for my phone

somebody would tell me that they

occasionally get little bits of reserves

but I don't know because uh I don't get

a list I only get reserves as I said

before you definitely need

to keep your reliability rating and your

delivery quality at 100% and reliability

is no leap for fits or miss blocks and

delivery quality is just basically no

returns which is kind of hard sometimes

when it comes to grocery alcohol

delivery or Cambodia I don't know why

here in California we have to call

people for certain cambogia deliveries

so that's annoying but anyways so in

order to get 40 hours or close to 40

hours there are two ways the first one

is kind of not practical but it's doable

for some people it is to take vacation

for at least two weeks from flex I know

right you had to take a vacation from

flex which you know might work for some

people who just want to focus on

annoying uber for a couple of weeks and

I know that you also definitely need to

like I said keep your ratings up before

you do that from what I can tell the

longer you don't flex and take vacation

the more they will offer it to you and

then once you get your 40 hours for

example when you come back the first

week that you want to do it make sure

you do not forfeit anything work the

entire 40 hours because that's the New

Deal where you cannot do a lot of

cancellations so when you get your

reserves be selective and decline

whatever it is that you cannot work

because once you forfeit later on during

the week your you know your whatever

they want to call it your cancellation

will be you know will kind of damage

your ability to get 40 again the

following week and it seems to me it's a

bit on like a cumulative Bank of good

little flex drivers kind of thing so if

you keep getting 1440 and you

for do a forfeit or cancellations as

they call it chances are good that even

if you did end up forfeiting like two or

three blocks at some point they're not

going to ding you where they are going

to take ticket all the way down to just

giving you 10 hours to following me you

know that's what we've been observing

alright so the second way that you can

try and get 40 hours or close to 40 is

that when you get your all you all the

blocks that you accept in whether maybe

you might be getting just ten hours or

20 hours whatever it is do not forfeit


work it and when I say working I mean

working in the past I've taken blocks

like there was one week that I had 35

hours and I just took it because I

figure all I'm gonna you know Bank it do

I call it banking it and if I decide to

work it I'll work if I if I don't you

know it's it's I don't you know kind of

a nice little system I thought I had and

so I ended up just forfeiting from that

35 or 36 ending up with like working

only like 18 hours or 19 hours so the

following week I got like maybe three

blogs it's like really Amazon like it

was feast or famine and now after this

email I totally understand why it's the

way it was because again I had ten

before ten hours before and like maybe

16 hours before and then suddenly they

gave me there's 35 hours and 36 or

something like that and then and then I

forfeited basically almost half of it

and then I got three blocks so there is

this cumulative quality of cancellations

I guess you can call it and so the more

you bank where you're never cancelling

it seems like the more they will


reward you with more with more blocks

the other thing I noticed too there are

the people who are getting consistently

40 they are also doing the what I call

the poop routes blocks because you know

Arthur I'm sure in otherwise kids you

know you have the same thing where there

are certain routes or certain blocks

that nobody actually wants to work here

in San Diego we have Bristol farm and

King and bottle and Bristol Farms like a

specialty grocery store and and but if

you care about it is a liquor store so

you either end up sitting in the parking

lot doing nothing or you are going to

get this order or two orders and they're

spread out like maybe one in East Side

and then the other one way far north so

you can literally drive 30 40 miles one

way to you know between the two

customers and nobody wants that because

they you know you're not gonna get them

a lot of tips so that's why that's why

people don't take those or forfeit them

if they can try and get other blocks so

again be discriminating when you get

your reserve offers and just decline

them declining it's fine it's when you

can so after accepting it that's not

good oh and the thing is to watch out

for that is so cool and it only happened

to me once and I know other people have

that experience too is getting reserve

offers there are like multiple reserve

offers on your screen I was so excited

when I saw that and and it's four

different stations and four different

times in days I was so excited because

I've never seen something like that I

was you know and I forgot to take a

screenshot and I'm like accepting it

like really fast before they all poof

disappear because I'm paranoid because

Amazon makes me paranoid and so I

accepted them really quickly because I

was expecting it that if I accept one

the other two would disappear but no

they were because they were all

different in different times in

different days yeah we weren't

overlapping I took all of them and I was

like so excited but forgot to take a

screenshot so yeah so hopefully you guys

can get your 40 do some of the poop

blocks if you like and also um and also

it doesn't happen overnight let's say

you're in good behavior this week last

week you had some forfeits like maybe

20% of your blocks that you accept that

you forfeited which could be just

basically out of five blocks you

forfeited one that's 20% so um yeah it

doesn't happen overnight so this week be

good next week be good and then you will

start seeing the offers 3 servers

increase for you all right so again like

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