Amazon Flex: How to Get Blocks Consistently


my it's melon I just finished my first

block and I'm waiting around for my

second so I do have a little bit of time

and I thought this would be this would

be the moment for me to answer some

questions the question I'm gonna answer

right now which is the million dollar

question or the million dollar answer I

want you you know what I mean is how do

I consistently get blocks and to be

honest I am very conflicted about

answering this question because they

also obviously I don't want to give away

too many secrets and for me not to get

my own blocks but I also practice

abundance and I do believe there are a

lot of opportunities for people so I am

gonna share what I know and how I do it

other people have other techniques but

I'll I'll share with you what it is for

me but first of all let's start with you

know being clear on how you get blocks

so you get blocks reserved blocks you

get blocks the day before and you get

blocks the day of so the reserved blocks

is sent out especially for you it has an

expiration gate where you have to accept

it and it's now 2 hours it used to be 24

hours but now it's 2 hours and I know if

you've watched a video on an app it's

not quite current so yeah so you know

just go with what I'm telling you right

now until it changes but it is just

about 2 hours and they are sent out at

any day of the week but thing that kind

of I find it kind of amusing is that

sometimes they send it out really early

in the morning and people are asleep and

so if you are noticing that when you get

your reserved you get it that early I

would to say you know set set a time

sell your alarm clock and it's usually

for for a future date like maybe a week

from now or several days from now is

when they send the reserved blocks for a

block that starts several days from the

day that you get the reserved email okay

so the day before it's basically that

again I think they have a specific

number that

always sent out the day before it's just

a matter of you knowing when the timing

when that that those offers go out and

then the day of is when the warehouse

actually sends out more blocks to

drivers because then they know for sure

how many packages they have and how many

routes they need to create and things

like that my principle in getting blocks

is essentially patterns timing and

cooperation so these three things okay

so when we talk about pattern when I

talk about pattern there's two patterns

for you to start noticing one is a

pattern of when the block time starts so

so when would you start working on a

block and then the other pattern is to

see the pattern of when blocks get

offered you know on your app so the

first pattern which is you know when do

block start so like for my cut my

preferred station currently and the one

thing about patterns is that you can't

get too attached

Amazon changes things all the time so

once you start getting comfortable and

then and then finally they change it

you're kind of annoyed so get a knife

with like 10 seconds and then move on

and get used to it okay just just go

with the flow that way you know your

your life is so much easier so so for my

current my station my preferred station

currently the blocks starts at 9:45 and

then they go at every 15 minute interval

and then they stop at about 10:45 the

last block then they start offering they

start they start having blocks that

start at 11:45 because between 10:45 in

1140 5 they have a break for their staff

so you need to start noticing when the

blocks start because for you to say oh

I'm looking for an 11 o'clock block okay

you know you can look all you like if

they don't they don't offer it they

don't offer it okay so so start noticing

that and and I'm sure as we get to the

busy season that will change also they

will start adding more blocks and

things like that more times but right

now that's how it is and I know around

not around 2 p.m. it's when you know

they may or may not have blocks later in

the afternoon but I know for sure they

start again at 5:30 in the evening and

that's when all most of the same day

packages go out as well as cleanup

packages and it's up to you which one

you like you know some people like to do

in the morning some people like to do in

the afternoon or evening and things like

that ok so now you know the pattern of

when you you can start working now you

need to know the pattern of when blocks

get dropped and that's that's more

important especially if you are picking

up blocks day off so you need to start

looking like we all most of us know that

we start looking between 6 & 7 o'clock

for one station and then the other

station will start seeing it at between

7 & 8 so it's usually at least an hour

before the start time of a block that we

start altering those blocks until it all

goes away and you need to be fast make

it you just do because especially when

it's slow closed season which is in

between you know like in between

Valentine's and Mother's Day you know

it's kind of kind of slow between back

to school and right now it was so super

slow so it was very competitive

especially when they're also at the same

time bringing in new drivers it was it's

kind of bad but I still was able to get

two blocks so let that's what I'm saying

like everybody's usually curious on how

I do it let me show you something here

so the other thing you should be aware

of it so you've got ninja tapping so

limber up your thumbs so on the days

that you are looking for blocks and

usually this helps especially if you

guys are prime oh my gosh you guys are

like super duper duper competitive so if

you guys are prime you know I'm talking

about so if you do this this is the

bottom is you usually the Refresh such

of your offering screen and the top is

you know whatever the listing of offers

so this is what we do this is what we

call ninja tapping and some people just

do you know a lot of this but most of us

who are very successful in getting

blocks tend to do ninja taps and I would

stay doing that I would get 80 percent

at a time but again I don't sweat it

honestly yeah I don't sweat it so okay

so now you know the patterns so how

would you figure it out how would you

figure out the pattern of you and

brand-new well I would say join a

Facebook group or something like that or

just spend a lot of time on your phone

if you have the time to do that

you have to be willing to put in a time

sorry you need to put in the time

because my friend of mine just joined

and she's like oh I just have a couple

of times I'm like yeah no you you just

need to tap at the beginning like like

your hair's on fire but you know now

that we're coming up to the holidays I'm

sure there's way more blocks out there

is just your timings off which comes to

the second point timing so now that you

know is being drop at 7:00 o'clock then

you know set your alarm I mean that is

the time that you need to start looking

and the other thing about timing like I

know for for this my preferred station

they tend to put the afternoon blocks

like the early afternoon like around

noon or so they might show up when they

are offering the morning blocks but I

know the later afternoon like you know 1

o'clock 2 o'clock maybe 3 o'clock will

come out a bit later in the morning so

so you start looking I mean that is all

about timing and I know that uh you know

other drivers who've been doing this as

long as I have they don't they don't

understand the timing either i I do tap

while I'm delivering while I am in the

middle of deliveries looking at it but

of course I have to watch my step

because I know other drivers have like

shift tilde things and falling down


so you have to be careful okay so the

third item guys said cooperation so this

is I think the key to my success

it is joining a Facebook group alright

first of all so I kind of know what's

going on because and you have to join a

really good Facebook group the one is an

eagle is awesome because everybody likes

to share information there there are

people who also do other jobs but we all

get addicted to tapping oh that's for

whatever reason I guess it's like a

video game

so it's like you're winning you know you

get a block but when you are so you tap

you know they take a screenshot and then

post it on the Facebook group saying hey

blocks for the the second station is

available now they're up you know come

and get it kind of thing so it's a great

group so join a Facebook group in your

local area because that would help you

out and then the other thing now this is

a real real secret to my success part is

that start getting to know other flex

drivers in person well you don't even

have to really know that in person but

build that relationship because I I now

belong to two different like a chat

group a sub group once on you know

Facebook Messenger and the other ones

just a text chat so the text chat we

just met each other why we were you know

at the station and and just exchanged

phone numbers and then we have a crew

and you know everybody does your own

thing sometimes we look at this we want

the same blocks but it's never

competitive and we are always able to

get blocks at the same time so somebody

might say hey this block is up and you

know they might ping your your name so

you kind of know when when to look and

sometimes we do swap blocks now swapping

blocks is it's not it's nothing weird

it's not something that Emma's

on really frowns on because it's really

just a matter of timing when you drop

your blocks when you forfeit your block

and the person at the same time the

other person who wants your block

tapping on the phone so you have to be

fast because again you know they've been

times when I've picked up a block let's

say a six o'clock block that I know

somebody wants it's just as busy has

work or he's taking care of his kids or

whatever and I pick it up for him

because I don't intend to work that that

day and and I'll telling me I have this

body you want it and so we will schedule

a time that's off time when the sharks

are around looking for blocks and you

know and I'll forfeit it and I'll ask

him it's already easy on his app and

then I say okay count of three and I'm

gonna forfeit and he will be tapping

tapping on on it at the same time to you

know refresh and accept and I would say

80% of the time that works out really

really well and sometimes mean it

doesn't it's like wow but you know like

like I said you know I just not worry so

much about it it's like I would say 90

percent 95 percent of time the blocks

that I want I will get it even this

exact block isn't there but you know all

the blocks that start at least here

starts every 15 minute interval this

it's not a big deal so I think the key

is really the cooperation is in that you

know now I know a lot of people a lot of

drivers and they're always you know

helping me get blocks and I'm always

helping them get blocks so you know do

it that way you know and sometimes I

even put it on a Facebook group I have

some so block anybody wants wants it

come and you know instant message me it

is that simple so it's nothing we're not

using BOTS or anything like that

and other sharks are there for

extroverts who happen to be looking for

blocks at the same times you could be

faster then the person who want your

friend who wanted the block so you could

lose it so and I have lost a few

so I you know like I said it's no no big

deal at least there's a chance that I

could get it versus not getting it out

at all and having to spend time in the

morning getting up early to tap on the

on the on the app alright so again get

your patterns you understand what the

patterns are for your particular station

your timing has to be pretty good not

only in knowing when they are dropping

the blocks but also in like and then the

third thing is just cooperating with

each other and and just today I was

talking to somebody who I met he was

like the first flag strawberry that I

became friends with I think it was on

like second and third day and he said

how do you get a afternoon but I'm like

how can you not know at this point right

and then he said oh you make friends

don't you yeah so he said like duh yeah

right so anyways so make friends don't

be a loner because it is harder like so

so uh what do they say work smarter not


alright take care bye