Amazon Flex - Why you're not seeing a lot of blocks right now??



it's malin flexing with flex this video

is actually more for the newer drivers

who joined flex

in this last few months in february

march april maybe even may

and you are not seeing as many blocks as

you're used to

you didn't get as many reserves you

didn't see as many listed blocks

and you're wondering what is going on

so i'm going to tell you what's up

okay one of the things about amazon is

that it's pretty seasonal

surprisingly enough even though a lot of

people buy online

it's just that around this time of year

starting around

march all the way through close to


it is pretty slow it is a pretty slow

time of year except this there might be

a little bit of um short spending

spree i guess you can say like during


days and then there's mother's days

father's day

and then you know fourth of july

um basically those are like the holidays

where people buy

supplies to celebrate whatever the

occasion is

but otherwise this is really the time of

year that's pretty slow

and that's one of the reasons why you're

not seeing as many blocks

you're not seeing as many reserves the

other thing too

this year is a bit unique because of the

covet 19

amazon seemed to have hired a heck of a


more drivers than they normally uh

they normally did in the past so it

didn't seem like

they stopped recruiting more flex


um and you are probably one of those

flex drivers that came in

and it was super busy and let me tell


that is not normal for the time of year

um and it's purely in my opinion purely

because of covet 19 and people were

hoarding a lot of food

they couldn't find um items at the store

so they started

getting food through amazon

so that is why right now you are not

going to

uh you're not seeing a ton of blocks

like you're used to

um and get used to it because it's not

going to be that busy until around

september and then there's a new group

of new drivers that gets recruited

just in time for uh the holiday period

around like november sometimes we do get


with back to school especially logistics

but even then i i don't know what it's

going to be like

considering that with october 19 our

school is going to be open

on a regular you know like not online

like how is that going to pan out right

so that's still up in the air but

i want to tell you what you can do at

this point because

this is what veteran drivers or drivers

who've been doing this for

a year at least have had to do and

and one of the first thing that you need

to do is you need to adapt

you need to open yourself up to doing

other kinds of blocks

and what i'm saying is that if you used

to be like oh i'm going to focus on

whole foods because that's where the

money is

well then you need to open it up to


other kinds of blocks i know that

logistics is pretty consistent in my


with the evening blocks at least here in

my market

so you might want to join your facebook

group and find out and see whether those

are um those are available chances are

you know whatever you see on your app

are like going to be

a lot of logistics if you really need

the money you need to adapt and take


blocks and mix it all up um

the other thing that you need to do is

open yourself

up other than adapting to taking other

kinds of blocks

it's also opening up your time i know

some of you guys are

spoiled at this point um because you're

like okay i'm going to work only

day blocks from seven to five or

whatever it is

well at this point you might want to

consider doing night blocks

or you might doing early morning blocks

so you need to figure that one out

because um

there's opportunities there that you

might not be looking at because you're


used to the ideal conditions that you

when you joined in where there were

blocks you know there's

a ton of blocks um the third thing that

you want to do is start being observant

and this is this comes with um

for blocks as well as for routes uh

getting good routes

so for the blocks you need to observe uh

when is the blocks more plentiful uh


days are more plentiful because like i

said amazon is surprisingly

seasonal so that also means that um like

a lot of things

uh there are certain days that they are

kind of slow like retail

uh you know their certain days are they

are slow and certain days they are busy

so there are more likelihood that you

are going to find blocks on the busier

days and the busier

uh time of the day like

this whole week for an example i've

noticed that

uh the middle of the week uh well this

is still in the middle of the week but

the last few days i noticed that that uh

the blocks

in the middle of the day it's very very

very very scarce

and that might be one because like i

said it's it's slower

than in the past like so it's pretty


around this time of year if you compared

it to last year but

um it's slower than the last few months

during the middle of the day

plus there's a lot of drivers and

chances are those drivers already have

those blocks and nobody's giving up

those blocks and

amazon isn't offering more blocks

because again

uh that's just not a lot of work so

maybe you need to adjust your time


um doing night delivery so you need to

be more observant

you also need to be more observant when


uh routes because think about it

you're um i i hear this a lot like oh

why do some people get get a lot of

um packages and when i get there i only

get one or two stops

well once in a while that's just gonna

happen with everybody

um so so it's it's nothing

really um special

but i do know that people who tend to

get bigger routes or uh routes going in

a certain direction or closer to the

station or whatever it is

um there is some sort

of um technique i guess you can say


the best way i can think of but you need

to experiment for yourself like

okay for instance what i mean okay let

me give an example

like i have a friend and she swears to


that she always checks in early so she

has a 9 30 block and she gets to the


at maybe 8 45 so she has 25 minutes


so she would tap you know i've arrived

and then you know you wait to check in

but she goes

and goes to the prime station and um

swipes her id like 45 minutes early


and then she swears to me that she gets

the best

routes and based on her experience

it's true for me if i did the same exact

thing as her

i got the pupu route

so for me it does it just doesn't turn

out that way so

you need to experiment and figure out


it's working out for you because for me


i um check in right on time

i get a pretty good route but when i

check in

um you know super early i just

get poo-pooed so so yeah you need to

experiment and you just need to observe

and test things out because amazon is


changing things so don't get attached to

this routine i mean get attached for

maybe a couple months but don't get

attached forever and ever

because it's never going to be forever

and ever

all right so again let me recap open up


for other types of deliveries you know

go for logistics

um go for prime or go to

uh whole foods you know if you've been

concentrating on just one kind of

delivery and then the second

is for you to also open up with time

um you know do night blocks or

you know i mean if you're hungry you

really really need money

you need to adjust all right and the

third is um

it's just observing observing and


on how it's going to turn out for you um

like i said i kind of think

that like i said you know i a lot of

people will tell you this that amazon

doesn't treat

all uh flex drivers equally especially

when it comes to block distribution

um that's true that's a fact they even

said so

in an email but when it comes to


of routes um i have no idea nobody

really knows

and uh there's no real answer

uh because it's not going to be

forthcoming from amazon so you have to


and figure it out yourself okay so don't

be complacent don't expect people to

give you you know information on a on a

platter because

right now it's super competitive and

the advantage that people like me uh who


seasoned we kind of know how to adjust

we kind of

have a good sense of what's going on and

we adapt

it quicker than most newer drivers

because you are kicking and screaming at

this point and wondering why

instead of saying okay it's not working

this way right now

so i'm going to adjust all right so stay


and make that money take care bye

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