How to Get College Scholarships | Tips, Tricks, and My Experience!

I didn't have the best test scores I

wasn't really a fantastic athlete and I

didn't always have straight A's but I

still managed to get over 78,000 dollars

in college scholarships


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you guys about how to burn free money

for college in other words how to apply

for get and receive college scholarships

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in the description box below I'm gonna

be talking to you guys about how I

managed to get this for your money for

college and I figured this would be a

great video to share with you guys

especially if you're going into your

senior year of high school because that

is pretty much when you have to apply

for them it's kind of a lot to do with

your school work with your

extracurriculars so time management is

going to be your best friend

let's just go ahead and get right into

my advice and as always I will be using

my iPad for my notes if I'm looking down

that is why before we do actually get

into the video I just want to do a

little disclaimer I am NOT trying to

brag at all about what I have earned I'm

just trying to share information with

you guys and share advice based on my

experience because I was not expecting

this at all going in my senior year of

high school and I'm just trying to show

you what the possibilities are for going

to college and paying for college if you

like myself or someone who cannot afford

it and are even wondering for you to be

able to go because of financial aspects

basically I personally earned just about

12 scholarships to be attending college

some of them are 4 years some of them

are 1 year some of them are through the

college itself some of them are merit

from the college I'm going to be talking

about all of that but yeah I pretty much

earned 12 in total and they are about

like 70

and dollars over the course of four

years of college I don't know how we did

it but before I actually get started

like into the advice I want to kind of

explain like the terminology I'm going

to be talking about so first you have

college scholarships and you have

external scholarships so what your

college scholarships are those are

scholarships to come directly from the

college it you're going to be attending

you are chosen for those scholarships

when you apply to met so basically your

college merit or financial aid awards

from psychologists are normally strictly

based on your qpa and your test scores

now I would loan those people who had a

great qpa

I got a few B's here and there like

every year but test scores was not was

not me I would just not go at

standardized tech I went to prep classes

at my school it didn't help me I studied

like crazy it was just kind of to the

point but like I got high I had a good

enough score to get into college if I

didn't get extra money for it wasn't a

huge deal to me

exit arrow scholarships are things that

you apply for what a separate

application that you have to submit

documentation which normally some kind

of business or some kind of

organizational mark gives them Burger

King Wendy's and then normally schools

have like local organizations that also

give scholarships every single year high

school personally has a lot of those

organizations so hopefully your school

is kind of similar but if not there are

times of national scholars because you

can also apply for what I personally did

and was shocked by the results so my

number one piece of advice is just to

apply for everything because you

literally never know like what it could

honestly happen and I personally apply

for this one scholarship on a limb it

was a national scholarship

it was the for the horatio al Burris

oshiete applied for it on a limb I

didn't think I was going to get anything

for it

and I came out of it with ten thousand

dollar thing I was the first person in

my school's history to receive that

scholarship so was a super cool I mean

if you things like yeah I don't have the

best QP Annie and my test scores are

crap I have no service like just apply

because you literally never know I want

it all so we're we touch on super

quickly the things that are considered

when you are applying these external


so first of all your GPA is pretty

important I'm not gonna lie to you but

even if you aren't a straight-a student

like you can still probably got them

also your income level also really

consider that they want they want to

give their money obviously to someone

who can use their money and not someone

who doesn't really need it is also

heavily considered but if you are on the

higher end of the spectrum don't let it

discourage you from applying because you

never know they might still give it to

you if you are on the lower end of the

income level like myself it works out

for you in your favor um but it is not

the only thing considered as well

community service any strong activity

she is also super important if you don't

know what I mean by an activity she I

basically mean like a resume and on your

resume or activity sheet it should say

all our community service activities all

of your activities you did in high

school like clubs or sports musical

chorus band that kind of thing it should

say that and then any offices that you

have and any of those organizations as

well also your major um and what college

you're going to can also be a factor

there were some scholarships that I

personally couldn't apply for because

they wanted people to go to certain

colleges that was one and then certain

majors also had a lot of certain

scholarships as well diversity

especially in these larger national

competitions they are looking for a

diverse group of students they do unless

there are speculations some do have

speculations where they want like a

certain race I started ethnicity or a

certain background but for the most part

I love them do you want a diverse group

of recipient and then also your test

scores normally do you have to submit

them but I don't think they really

looked at that much and also your

letters of recommendations I personally

recommend getting at least two letters I

personally had two and then there is one

so I applied for me I needed three so I

had to just ask someone to make them in

the quickly for me although they're

pretty much like all of the aspects

oh and your essay my next tip since

you're going to be applying for

literally every scholarship is to create

one strong essay that can easily be

adjusted for multiple scholarship

applications too much a lot of

scholarship applications ask you for

information about yourself I like your

activities highlight

your service projects I personally did a

day of kindness service project where I

delivered Valentine's Day cards to

special needs children in my school

district in my community it was part of

my distinguished young woman's service

project think I had that in every single

essay I did because it was a huge thing

and that was also a huge service project

that I did by myself and I organized the

entire thing so I'd wanted to highlight

every essay it also touched on other

organizations that I'm volunteering for

such as like the Salvation Army we're

all division some local things as well I

also talked about some of my favorite

activities like my sports I got into

tennis and cheerleaders highlight

yourself talk about yourself a little

bit just make yourself some really good

basically what I'm trying to say if you

create one strong essay that really

encompasses you and some things that

you're going to have to like answer

certain questions you can kind of

incorporate those questions into your

essay elsewhere now someone told me to

do this and I didn't listen basically I

was doing so much to kind of got to the

point like oh I'm just gonna use that

essay because it's pretty much the same

thing so even if you don't make one

strong essay you're going to get to that

point eventually my next piece of advice

is to proofread your essay or anything

you are submitting to the committee have

a teacher do it put it through Graham

really real quick just make sure it's

proof read and that they can read what

you are saying basically what I'm trying

to say fourth piece of advice is to

double-check the required documentation

needed because some things are going to

need tax forms to prove your income

you're also going to need activity sheet

a certain amount of letters of

recommendation literally every

scholarship in the world is different

just double-check what you need make

sure you have a Oh an order paper clip

it put in that manila envelope turn it

in to your counselor or mailing out

yourself you forget something also your

application might just be throwing out

the window my next piece of advice is do

not let any rejection discourage you I

was like out of point for a while like I

kept getting scholarships and not like

my first rejection letter and I always

like so crushed by it and like I totally

understand being upset because like you

did work hard on it

you spent time on it but don't let it

discourage you I didn't discourage me

but I know some people they were like oh

I didn't have this one someone applying

for this one because I'm not gonna get

it anyway and like I said you literally

never know like literally every

scholarship looks for different things

and they're candidates so my sixth piece

of advice is to get your letters of

recommendation early I recommend getting

them honestly as soon as school starts

like if you know like your principal

really Wow or like certain teachers that

you want to write you letters get them

earlier rather than later because you're

going to eventually need them and you

don't want to be like waiting to turn on

an application because they haven't

given you their letter yet Simon piece

of advice is to turn your applications

in ASAP I was kind of guilty of not

doing this

I personally turn them in like right at

the deadline turn the vein get them done

as soon as you can you'll be so much

less stressed out if they're in late

like they won't accept them like they

normally have to be postmarked by

certain day or if they are online they

can see when you turn it in so make sure

you turn it in at the right time also

really quick know also check your email

and whatever email you put on these

applications make sure it is clear make

sure it is spam free and check it all

the time because they might send you

like hey like this is missing from your

application like can you send us this

like we need it for judging yeah check

my email that much until like I realize

how important it was and they might

notify you if you won them in your

emails as well also search your color

that you're going to for extra

scholarships I happen to just be

googling extra scholarships through my

college and I found one for College of

Communication information and it was the

first year they were doing the

scholarship so basically I had to like

make like a website portfolio submit an

essay on why deserve the scholarship and

then I went I did it I went about with

my business I worked really long and

hard on her I literally worked on that

website since December like during

Christmas break on that it was actually

a tech week for my musical which would

have been like the last week in March

and then my mom called me she's like hey

I got a letter from Kent like told me to

open it and it was like yeah like it's

financially just sound like stupid from

like I don't know the admissions office


I don't really know I always got like a

lot of junk mail so I was like yeah go

ahead open it then she was like oh my

gosh and I was like what are you oh my

gosh thing about them Tuesday you got

$25,000 extra from Kent State just

because I did that scholarship and I was

like literally shaking I was like wow

and in my essays always by like with

something kind of like inspirational and

uplifting and I also have seen this

other scholarship reading pieces of

everyone's essays like out loud and I

was like oh like what are they gonna

read from mine and mine was laughs

because I was actually there

valedictorian scholar meaning I was the

top recipient out that scholarship

talked about how like everything happens

the reason everyone is here for a reason

or found like life is given to each of

us and that we should like do the most

with it and make the most of our lives

like obviously but I just kind of end up

with like that inspirational message and

I think it really stuck in people's

minds because like the guy even said but

he was a drunk to score some he said

this like excerpt stuck in my mind

coming from an eighteen-year-old senior

high school I have some kind of a hook

either in the beginning or ending of

your essay I think would be good to

really like make them remember your uh

saying your application I think that is

another compete so just really quickly

in case you guys were wondering I want

to touch on like some of the other

national scholars I receive just so you

guys know they are out there each one

from Walmart because my dad actually

works for Walmart so I received the

Walmart pendant scholarship for $13,000

which was also a lot of money I also

received the energized national

scholarship award and I was a

semifinalist so I received $3,200 from

NHS did apply for though I applied for

Burger King I didn't get it I applied

for Wendy's high school Heisman which is

of a athletics wimpy or an athlete but

it was a good one to check out and that

application should open around the

October yeah so there are also like a

lot of websites you can search

scholarships on I know scholarship out

is one I think the other one is like

fast web scholarships and they have like

really kind of like random thing

but like you can just submit like a

little paragraph and then like you get

scholarship it's kind of interesting

they also have like monthly drawings for

like $5,000 but yeah if you are a senior

in high school I wish you the best of

luck in this process it's kind of

lengthy I'm not gonna lie to you it's

kind of a lot to take in at one time but

you'll be fine you will navigate it and

you will do it I hope you guys enjoyed

this video and I really sincerely hope

it was helpful for you and if it was

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