How to find college scholarships 2021 || Where to get college Scholarships in 2021

hey guys this is thomas knapp and i am

here with financial empowerment and i'm

excited today because we're talking

about scholarships

specifically how to find them how to win

them and looking in places that people

aren't even looking all right this is

going to save you

time and it's going to help you be the

most likely to win the scholarships that

you're applying for

instead of applying for a bunch of

generic scholarships that you're likely

not going to win

i employed some of these scholarship

opportunities and strategies when i was

applying for college and it paid for the

majority of my college education

until my junior year when i found

another scholarship opportunity that

covered the full tuition for the

remaining two years i'll get into how i

found that and the rest of these

strategies in this video stay tuned


all right guys strategy number one and

probably the most obvious and some that

you might already be doing is the


search engines these are things like


fastweb.com there's one called unigo

there's also an

app on your phone called scali and it

actually is a paid app so you have to

pay a subscription in order to look for

scholarships and those are all great

starting places especially if you don't

know where to begin

it's a good place to kind of just jump

off there's a few things that i would

point out when you're doing these online

search engines for scholarships

sometimes they're not

as accurate to who you are you might

some of them don't really even ask for a

lot of information

and some of them ask for a lot of

information to create a profile or other

stuff but then the scholarship searches

that they result for you don't always


what you put in that well just be

careful some of them work better than

others but again you'll find

scholarships on there and by all means

use them to find some scholarships

because you can get money one thing i

would caution is

on these platforms there's often a type

of scholarship called a sweepstakes

scholarship this is basically like the

lottery all right you're just filling

out some

contact information for who you are

submitting it to them and then you're

just throwing in a list and then

somebody's gonna win five thousand

dollars well guess what that somebody's

not gonna be you

almost guarantee it i never won any of

them and i applied for a bunch of them i

never won any sweepstakes scholarships

and i don't know anybody and none of my

friends or people that i encountered in

college that have won a sweepstakes

scholarship obviously

well not obviously hopefully somebody is

winning because there's really no

verifiable way to tell but

sometimes these lists are just mining

your information what does that mean it

means they're actually just creating

contact lists that they're going to sell

to advertisers and then you begin to get

a lot of spam

emails to buy products and services so

if you don't want to get a bunch of spam

i would steer clear of the sweepstakes

scholarships now if you

personally have won a sweepstakes or you

know somebody that's won a sweepstakes

scholarship put that in the comments and

let everybody know because i have no

experience with that of winning those i

just have experience with wasting my

time with those so

if your experience is different put it

in the comments and if you want to go

and give this video a thumbs up that

would help out too

strategy number two is you might have

guessed it just searching google

alright but here's the thing you can't

just put into a google search bar

scholarships and expect to get things

that apply to you specifically you will

literally get

millions tens of millions hundreds i

think of millions

of responses to of just scholarships in

a search bar you gotta dig

down and get specific to who you are all

right so that means if you're a male

male might not help you but you can put

in male if you're a female though

definitely put female all right if

you're any particular minority group

go ahead and put that minority group in

the search bar so you know woman you

could put black or you could put


or latino or any of those sort of


also any interests or specific abilities

so if you're in sports you can put

sports if you're in band or

choir or if you are in you're interested

in engineering or science or math

put any of that stuff that's specific to

who you are put that in the search

bar and then hit the search results

you're going to get a whole lot less

results but each result or at least most

of them hopefully will actually be

applicable to you so you're not

wasting your time searching through

countless endless scholarship

opportunities that have nothing to do

with you and you'll never win them

anyways because they're too generic they

don't have anything to do with you the

more likely to win a scholarship is the

more you can match the scholarship and

what they're looking for

with who you already are not trying to

convince them that you're the actual

best choice for their scholarship but

actually being the best choice for their

scholarship you just got to find the

right ones they'll choose you if you're

the right one that they're looking for

but if you're applying for something

that's completely outside of who you

are and that's not what they're looking

for it doesn't matter how great your

essays are so google search specifically


you are and you're going to get more

scholarship results that apply

specifically to you how many people here

have wasted their time on a google

search looking for scholarships because

you didn't know how

to dig down and find ones that are

specific to who you are if that was you


but it's not going to be you going

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tip number three is get to know your


guidance counselor now it might be

called a college prep

office or each school might have a

different name for it but essentially

you're finding the person at your school

your high school

that's in charge of helping to prepare

you for high school or for college

those people often are a treasure trove

of content and information related to

local scholarships and even school

specific scholarships so if you're in

any extracurriculars at all it's

possible that the booster club for that

has some sort of scholarship now these

are often smaller scholarships think

five hundred dollars maybe a thousand

dollars but guess what

take 10 hours and then you apply for 10


and you only win one of them that's 500

for one scholarship but you only spent

10 hours

500 divided by 10 hours that's 50

an hour 50 bucks an hour is a pretty

good rate for a part-time job for

somebody in high school so if you start

to think about scholarship applications

as a part-time job and break down what

you could potentially be earning on an

hourly basis how much

effort and time you put in directly

correlates to how often you win

it's actually not that bad you might

think well i don't want to write another

essay well if spending an hour writing


i mean you're not going to spend the

whole hour writing an essay but if

writing a solid

essay for a scholarship could land you a

thousand dollars that's a pretty good

rate of return

i want to be clear here you're not going

to win every scholarship that you apply

for but

your initial reaction was 500 that's

pretty small it might not be worth my


guess what everyone else is thinking the

same thing so if

everybody thinks it's not worth their

time you might be thinking there's going

to be a hundred applicants there might

be three there might be five

you might be competing against no one

you might have been the only application

so you just got 500

for free any small scholarships

everybody else is thinking that it's

small too that means there's less

competition for the small ones your

guidance counselor is going to know

where to find these

most likely and it's possible if you're

at a bigger school there might be more

than one guidance counselor let's just

say not all

not all guidance counselors are created

equal i understand that people are


maybe yours isn't uh particularly

knowledgeable in that particular area

you can talk to other guidance

counselors there's no rule that says you

can't talk to the other guidance


get to know all of them all right and

they can all be a great resource

also they will write you fantastic

letters of recommendation

because they they know that stuff they

know how to write it they know what to

put in them that's a whole nother video


how to win your scholarships but to find

them talk to your guidance counselors at

your school

they know where to find the small local

scholarships and winning a bunch of


can pay for college right how many

people watching this video actually

already know and talk with and have a

relationship with your guidance

counselor tell us what's the best thing


you've benefited from in high school

because you've been in close contact

with your

school counselor i know for me my high

school experience was way better because

i had a good guidance counselor that i

knew and she knew me

and so we were able to make things

happen in high school that benefited

my schedule and that benefited my

experience and helped prepare me for

college in ways that never would have


available to me if i didn't take the

time to get to know it all right guys

and strategy tip number four

this is related to the actual college

that you will be attending now

if you don't know yet obviously you'll

need to kind of wait you can talk to

more than one school at the same time if

there's a couple that are still on your

list that are kind of your top

contenders or the ones you think are the

most affordable for you you can talk to

them but you're going to go directly to

the school the colleges

financial aid department these people

literally their full-time jobs

is handled and surrounded by financial

aid they are going to know

every opportunity that their school

offers for financial aid now a lot of


your application to scholarships at the

institutional level like this

are part of the actual application to

attend college there so they're going to

take the transcript and the information

that you put on your test scores and

your essays for application to the

school to the college itself

and they're going to apply that to a

certain range of academic scholarships


and maybe some that you automatically

qualify for and you're going to get

awarded those scholarships

but there are a host of departmental

scholarships and other scholarships

available to you that might not be part

of the actual school

application process you may have to do

an additional application or fill out

another form or something like that but

these could be thousands of dollars

in scholarships remember in the intro

when i talked about that i had found

something my junior year that paid up to

half my tuition

and if i had known about that my

freshman year i could have paid for all

of my college tuition

all four years instead of just the last

two that was because

i found my junior year that if i took a

religion minor at my school the religion


would give me a scholarship up to half

of my tuition so i jumped on that that


got that religion minor in place and i

got half of up to half i didn't owe half

at that time so it was just

the remaining amount of my tuition to be

paid was covered my junior and senior

year so i didn't know anything my junior

and senior year because of scholarship i

found my junior year offered by a

specific department that i wasn't even

taking classes in all right so it's out

there my brother i know got a

scholarship in the same process of

taking on a minor in leadership

and he got a scholarship from that

department so there are specific

departmental scholarships that are

available some of them

huge have tuition that's huge all right

not all of them are that big but they're

out there if you stop searching for

scholarships after your initial

application in high school

and you're just like well i got what i

got and that's it no there's more money

out there

keep searching all right keep searching

and your colleges financial aid

office is the first place to go but also

look at specific departments and find


at the college also in relation to

applying specifically at the college

take into account that they sometimes

offer a common application or a common

scholarship application from the

university so in addition to

your application to attend that school

there might be a separate a college

common scholarship that will apply to

all the scholarships offered by that

school look into that as well and again

your financial aid office should be able

to direct you in the right direction

for that anyone who's already talked to

your school's financial aid department

tell us about that experience put that

in the comments so that other people can

learn from what you did

maybe what you wish you would have said

or would have asked or would have done

when you were

in front of somebody and this can be

through email this can be phone calls or

this could even be a face-to-face

meeting you can call and set up now

obviously if you

are out of state it might not be the

best idea but if it's somewhere close by

and you can go

you can just set up a meeting and go

meet with the financial aid department

directly if anyone has already done that

tell us what that experience was like so

that we can learn and our fifth and

final strategy and tip for this video at


is the scholarship book scholarship book

come on how many people even knew there

was such a thing called a scholarship

book search for the ultimate scholarship

book and you will find that there is a


often there's multiple books by

different companies but they publish a

huge book

that is just full chock full of

scholarship opportunities now

here's the thing pro tip you don't have

to buy it likely

your school or public library has for

you to just go and check out and if your

public library doesn't have a copy of it

you can actually talk to the librarian

and suggest

that they get a copy if they commit to

getting one then just wait till it comes


otherwise yes you can buy your own copy

of it if you need this book is great

because it also breaks down

and indexes and identifies scholarships

by different things think if you're in a

military family you can buy scholarships

just for military families if you're

religious you can find scholarships that

applies to specific religions

and so different churches might offer

different things and it might be in this


book again this is a resource that

people often aren't even

looking for they don't even know it's

out there so definitely take a look at

the scholarship

book and be prepared with some sort of

notebook or excel spreadsheet or however

you take your notes but

you're going to want to copy these

things down and make note of them

somewhere so that you can go back and

reference them after you have to say

return the book to the library if you

bought the book you can highlight and do

whatever you need sticky notes all sorts

of nonsense to just keep track of what

you have now there's going to be another


on kind of how to organize all this

stuff but this is just how to find them

all right so use the scholarship book

now come on put in the comments if

you've ever even heard of the

scholarship book before if you haven't

go ahead and get your copy or just go to

the local library and pick one up now if

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