hey guys what's up its Dani and in

today's video I'm gonna be talking about

college scholarships I'll be breaking

down the whole scholarship process by

telling you guys what a scholarship even

is how do you find the scholarships but

most importantly how do you get

scholarships so that you can save money

in college when you're looking and

applying to colleges you're not only

looking at the school itself but you're

also looking at different scholarships

that can help you pay for your education

I remember being in high school and

scholarships for something that was very

emphasized however I also remember back

then and that I really didn't know much

about scholarships I didn't even know

how to get a scholarship

it really was until the end of my senior

year and even starting college that I

kind of understood what the whole

scholarship thing was I know that a lot

of you guys might also be confused on

scholarships the same way that I was

back in high school which is why I'm

gonna make this video so hopefully it

really does help you when it comes to

getting scholarships but before I begin

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goalkeeper Danny to suit I do day-to-day

as a college student but now it's time

to help you guys learn about the whole

scholarship process the first thing that

I'm gonna do so that you guys can

understand what a scholarship is is I'm

gonna give you guys the definition of a

scholarship in a really broad

perspective we all know what a

scholarship is it's pretty much money

that helps you pay for college but as

you guys know I like to be really legit

so I'm gonna read the street scholarship

definition off Wikipedia a scholarship

is an award a financial aid for students

of further their education scholarships

are awarded based upon various criteria

which usually reflect the values and

purposes of the donor or the founder of

the Ord scholarship money is not

required to be repaid now hopefully at

this point you know exactly what a

scholarship is it's pretty much money

that helps you pay for your education

for college for your cost of attending

college now the second thing that I'm

gonna be talking about scholarships

which was something that I was really

curious about is where do scholarships

come from like where does the actual

money come from when I started applying

to colleges applying the scholarships

even earning scholarships I realize that

there are about three different sources

where scholarship money comes from the

first source of scholarship money is of

the college's self pretty much all

college if not most colleges they have

like this like fund that's allocated

just for scholarships and financial aid

the second source of scholarship money

comes from public or state-run

organizations for example here in

Florida we have something called florida

bright futures of many states do have

public funds just for scholarships and

then the last and third source of

scholarship money comes from private

companies for example footlocker and

coca-cola they offer scholarships

however they're really hard to get just

because they're really competitive since

a lot of people apply to them there

might be other sources of scholarship

money however these three sources are

the main sources of scholarship money

and that's where most of your

scholarships are gonna come from now the

third thing that I'm gonna talk about

when it comes to scholarships is how do

you qualify for a scholarship there are

so many ways to get scholarships and so

many scholarships out there that the way

that I like to think of it is pretty

much you can get a scholarship but you

have to find a scholarship that matches

your needs there are about seven

categories that if you fit right into

you can potentially earn a scholarship

you have made scholarships which are

based on your grades your GPA and also

test scores

there's also community service

scholarships which pretty much means

that if you have a certain amount of

community service hours you could be

awarded a scholarship athletic

scholarships if you think you could be

like a pro college athlete then why not

you could even get a scholarship for it

you could even get a scholarship if you

have like a really unique copy or talent

there are background scholarships which

are scholarships cater to a specific

race gener religion identity obviously

you have your financial need

scholarships which are scholarships that

will help you cover your cost of your

education if you can't fully afford it

lastly you have family Ward play

scholarships with our scholarships

awarded to you if your parent works for

a specific company or organization as

you saw there are many ways and many

different options when it comes to

scholarships now the fourth thing that

I'm gonna be talking about which is

something you're probably asking

yourself right now is how do you search

for scholarships personally what I would

first do before I start looking on

all over the place is to call the school

that you're applying to or you're

looking into and call them and ask them

about their financial aid and

scholarship programs and see if you

qualify for any of them and then like I

said you could just look on Google for

scholarships nowadays there are so many

scholarships search engine and websites

like niche comm scholarships comm

fastweb.com all of these websites I

personally use when I was looking for

scholarships if you're in high school

something else I recommend you do is you

reach out to a counselor I know that

some high schools have counselors

specifically for college admissions

reach out to account sir because

sometimes they know about these like

really specific scholarship programs and

you might be able to qualify for one and

that can save you a lot of money you

finally understand a little bit more

about scholarships you start looking for

scholarships there's a couple that you

see but now the next thing on our list

is how do you actually apply for

scholarships the first thing that you're

gonna need to do if you know it you're

gonna need money for college is to fill

out the FAFSA the FAFSA is an online

government form that you fill out using

your parents taxes and with your parents

taxes they pretty much tell you how much

your parents can contribute to your

college education and how much you're

gonna need for college and top of that

the FAFSA can match you to certain

scholarship programs and they can also

send you emails about scholarships when

it comes to applying a scholarships

sometimes you don't even need to apply

to scholarships as soon as you get

accepted into college you might be

automatically matched to a scholarship

that you never applied to but it's still

considered to financial aid so for

example if you got into college and you

have really really good grades the

school might automatically give you a

scholarship even though you didn't apply

to one however this might not always be

the case so it's pretty much your

responsibility as soon as you get into

college call them and ask them about

their scholarships but pretty much when

it comes to any other scholarship that

doesn't involve your college all

applications are really different there

really isn't like one certain way you

just have to make sure that you're in

top of deadlines and of the requirements

some scholarships require a lot of

recommendations transcripts actn SAT

score AP scores IV scores just make sure

that you're in top of everything

regarding your scholarship application

process the next thing that I'm gonna be

talking about is how do you

actually get the scholarship money you

apply it to scholarships you even heard

you've got some scholarships but how do

you actually get like that money that

was promised to you even though

scholarships equals money you really

don't get like the money in cash and

it's really rare I think they only doing

it for like some small scholarships or

you get like the scholarship money and

like a check and it's your

responsibility to like turn it in to

your school pretty much the main way of

getting scholarship money or at least

the way my friends get their money or

even the way I get my money is that the

scholarship money goes directly into

your school's financial account you

don't even see like the physical

scholarship money it just goes directly

into like your cost of attendance and

the cost of attendance should be lower

too because you earned a scholarship you

might be really confused but basically

the way it works is that when you go to

college you have like this online bill

in that online bill you're gonna have

your total cost of college somewhere and

then it's gonna be like broken down so

you're gonna have like let's say tuition

room bood like other fees so you're

gonna have all these expenses on one

side but then on the other side you're

gonna have your scholarships or

financial aid and pretty much those

scholarships and financial aid it will

reduce the total cost of attendance

right there in the bottom so let's make

an easy example and scenario so that you

get a better understanding of how this

all works let's say that your total cost

of attending college is fifteen thousand

you're paying five thousand for tuition

five thousand for a room and five

thousand for a meal plan but you earn a

ten thousand dollar merit scholarship

that ten thousand dollar scholarship

will pretty much reduce your cost of

attendance to only five thousand instead

of fifteen thousand so pretty much

scholarship money is sent directly to

your school and they deduct the total

cost of attending that college for you

now my two last pieces of advice when it

comes to scholarships is to really

really make sure you're looking at

scholarship deadlines as well as

requirements and then make sure that

you're really looking to the scholarship

itself because not every scholarship is

given every year some scholarships are

like a one-time thing but there are

scholarships that during you themselves

all right I dunno what that was a lot a

lot of it

Meishan but hopefully that did help you

understand the scholarship world a

little bit more I really do hope that

this video taught you at least one thing

regarding scholarships because guys I

know applying to college and

scholarships can be really stressful and

confusing but hopefully I could help you

out if you enjoyed this video please

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