4 Untold Ways to Find Scholarships For College When Looking for Financial Aid

one of the number one questions that

parents often ask me is Kansas how can I

find scholarships for my student yes

right now you may be looking for college

money or you know somebody that is well

in this video I want to show you the

four places that I recommend that you

look for college scholarships that

nobody's really talking about number two

I even talked about when deciding on

what college to go with or what

scholarship to eventually take how to do

that and number three you'll get an

inside and listen on all of the

questions that I answered on this live

call with some of the parents that I

work with and my private mastermind


hey I'm cantor Simmons and welcome to

the Kansas Simmons show hey what's going

on Cantus Simmons here so tonight I want

to jump on live to talk about college

money and scholarships college money and

scholarships listen if you are joining

me live or watching this do me a quick

favor let me know where you're from

yes let me know where you're from well

searching for a college is the same way

that you want to search for a car or a

dress or a house right so you know when

you search for a dress or a house or car

you're gonna find out if the house if

the car if the dress has all of the

features that you want right and then

you want to look at what are the

benefits of going to or buying this car

or buying this house even wearing this

dress the same thing is true where I

colleges are concerned what other

features that this college has right

features could be

they have a great program at that

college another feature is it is

inner-city another feature is it could

be close to parents two or three hours

away another feature is hey is local so

I have in-state tuition

another feature could be they have a

great football team a great athletic

program because your son or daughter may

want to go to that school so those are

the features now I also need you to

think about benefits right what are the


oh I love it okay cool John Laberge said

great Emily is doing an internship at

Disney she went to London with the

Sports Management Group in January

awesome awesome did she end up going to

the school in New York Eye mr. LaBelle

just checking out there alright so what

are the benefits what are the benefits

for going to that College right benefit

meaning hmm because it's in-state a

benefit now is that we get in-state

tuition so the fees are lower another

benefit could be oh wow we have a cousin

that works in administration department

who has some inside scoop on allowing I

student getting a benefit right another

benefit could be

they're offering us more than 50% on the

college tuition that's another benefit

now why do I say that I say that because

when I see individuals or families who

have a lot of different options in this

case somebody had about seven different

schools here right one of the things

that you want to consider like sometimes

we have our mindset on the first choice

and that's good and that's great but

sometimes you look at those other

choices and you really look at them they

could be a better choice than the first

tool and I want to I want people to

always ask themselves and parents have

this conversation with your students to

have the conversation with the parent

why is the first choice school the first

choice school right like why is it the

first choice school

and how does it really compare to the

second-choice school now the reason I

say this it's because sometimes I've

seen as things go on people don't go to

their first choice they go to a second

choice or third choice and they realize

oh wow

here's a benefit of the second and third

choice school they are giving us more

money than the first short school and if

that's the case hey I would always take

in most cases take the money over not

being able to go to college I have a big

tuition debt because sometimes in

colleges you may not see a big

difference in the academic program right

they could have some of the same

features but you want to look at the

benefits you want look at benefits one

of the ways that I recommend you guys

search for scholarships and not talk

more about this amount my full program

is to

is to definitely consider the school

now here's what I mean yes I understand

that your son of your daughter may not

have started that school all right let's

say for example Morehouse right yes I

know daughter wants to go to Morehouse

they're not they haven't been a fish

your Morehouse student yet maybe as a

parent you haven't visited maybe you

don't know anybody there but one place I

recommend that you look for scholarships

initially is at the College of your

choice right so you definitely go to the

admissions department

you want to go to the

what I call New Student Orientation


and the Alumni Department

all right so whatever school you're

looking to go into go look on that

college campus research that college

campus the admissions freshman

orientation financial aid department

also them too and then alumni okay

admissions freshman orientation new

student week

their department financial aid

department as well as the Alumni

Association now here's something else

that you can do

have your student or even yourself find

other individuals maybe they're on

Facebook Instagram social media let's

say now we have a student who's

currently a freshman at Morehouse or us

a sophomore at Morehouse

develop a conversation with them to

figure out how they're paying for

college and maybe they have some insight

into some of the scholarships that are

on that college campus alright so the

first thing you definitely do is to look

local look at those local schools go

really in depth also even reach out to

the departments or the majors that your

son or daughter want to go into and

sometimes they can give you even more

insight into where the money is at that

local college so first of all looking

local second of all

all right cool so

god I'm just reading commerce here's

miss Dana said they do not add up I was

asking if those other private schools

if the scholarships added up she says no

they did not add up to a full

scholarship maybe around 5 to 10 K out

of pocket per year for private schools

Barry and Agnes Scott all right cool

cool so what we want to do now you want

to keep those things like you want to

weigh your options and keep up this work

actually one of our families miss the

Randall family they stayed with this

process stay with this process and they

were able to get all the money they

needed check this out one week before

school started because they didn't you

know cave in and quit so I encourage you

guys to do the same thing

all right so number one looking at the

local college research in the local

college digging into the local college

finding what scholarships are there at

the local college I'm gonna do a quick

search for something

there's a book it used to be in the





all right so there's this book now it

may it may be outdated

all right so let me show it to you guys

I don't think I've ever showed anybody

yes I have let me share my screen over


that's not the screen I want

all right cool so this is a screen over

here that I want to show you

all right

if you guys can see my see my screen

over here it's like Amazon you guys can

see that all right cool you should be

able to see that so there's this book in

Amazon it's called the college blue book

now this book used to be in the library

it's the 34th edition so you realize

that because it has 34 editions this is

hardcover 2007 version

this book is a hardback because like $95

used to be in the library in some

schools here's one right here

I would definitely check out

I'm looking at the rankings the ratings

it's called the ultimate scholarship

book 2020 billions of dollars in

scholarships grants and prizes

information on 1.5 million scholarship

grants and prizes is accessible in this

revised director with more than

threatened listing now I believe how

many to purchase this book for myself I

might add it to my cart see what it's


all right now I love this because it

also gives me access to some other books

but let's go back and look at this one

book here

look at the reviews in the ratings

this book will help your college-bound

child better on the computer this book

is so less stressed within searching

industry on the www valuable information

we have a high school senior we are

determined to see him graduates in

college a good reference as I said a

very old copy only thing you need for

scholarships it's all in here absolutely

no point in going anywhere else this is

very helpful

so I would recommend checking out this

book right

and the Blue Book the one that I used to

recommend which I still do recommend I

believe has been minimized because it

was like I said it was in the library

and it was a huge huge catalog of

scholarships right here and let me go


you're the same book you know this is

years but you could go through it and

flip through it based on you can search

for a few things there and that book you

can search for colleges and then show

you all of the grants fellowships and

scholarships that are related to that

College and you can search to find all

the scholarships that are wrapped around

a certain type of alright I think I'm

gonna order that other book for myself

okay so that's another way okay just

books and resources out there here's the

third way there is a


alright let me show you my screen again

over here

awesome so there is this app now you

guys can download this to your computer

if you have a heard of it it's called

skali alright

skali my scollay calm and you can

download the app and the app will help

you find some scholarships once you log

in and go to your Student Success

platform you can go in and set up your

profile and get organized there on

scholarly you gain access to all of

Scully's amazing product scholar scholar

search editor and math work together to

help students thrive at every stage is

that gonna be Journal Scholar search

that's what you want to go into

it's an adaptive scholarship matching

engine connects you with scholarships

Taylor just to you Scottish Church turns

the process of finding money for college

four months in two minutes

does anybody else use scholarly this app

if you can download to your phone

my scollay calm my scholar calm the

search feature there

so number one create a profile

check your Scala scores

you just Khali editor that's a really

cool app there all right scollay skali

calm what my skali calm all right

another thing you want to do go back to


just double-check something here

all right another thing that you want to

do here go over to Google and what we

want to do is take your major or your

son or daughter's major drink some

orange juice here your major plus


hmm I'm sorry if I'm angrier that juice

is so good all right

so business

now look at this before I can even write

down scholarships Google give me some

suggested terms now here's what I

recommend when you're doing this search

let's say your son or daughter may be

interested in going into

business right

now we can use the word business or we

could use some other word like business



all right business management


so here's what I'm advising you to do

even though they may say hey I want to

go into chemistry we could do chemistry

plus scholarship but now I'm just

showing you you know chemistry is one


chemistry scholarship

he's a give you some suggested terms and


but we also can do hmm

science scholarship right even though I

won a major in chemistry really cup

science scholarships

nothing we can do stem

scholarships now if if she is a female

we can do scam scholarships for women

right so what I want you to see here is

by taking your major your field of study



now Google automatically gives you some

suggested terms and phrases

and now you can just search these

phrases right business cautions for high

school seniors let's go there

all right now at the top here if you see

something called ad that means this

organization they paid Google to show up

at the first spot on the Google search

now in some cases I will say skip past

the ads but then I ask myself all right

cool why are they promoting their

business to be on the first page and

then I click it here

right national college map quest bridge

who should apply we are looking for high

school seniors who have shown

outstanding academic ability despite

financial challenges we take a holistic

approach to reviewing applications we do

not have absolute criteria for cut-offs

for GPA standardized test scores income

or other factors all right any time you

find one of these scholarships just want

to go through and look at the criteria

eligibility unless you're eligible for

this scholarship

in the fall of 2009 applicants must

graduate from high school Dorner before

the summit of 2020 and planned to enroll

as a freshman in college fall of 2020

all right

so for those interested in business you

can go the go there here's some


are important considerations for

students who are not US citizens are

permanent but are attending high school

United States only some of our colleges

was consider none us dude alright now

you want to go through academic

achievement grades in the rigor of high

school curriculum primarily aids in the

most courses class ranked top five ten

percent SAT scores additional criteria

financial qualifications all right so

these are the academic qualifications

you want to read those and check yes yes

yes if that is your son or your daughter

go through the financial qualifications

finalist type typically comes from

households earning less than sixty five

thousand dollars okay

go through everything here personal


and then let's see here refer a student

finalist egg profile how to apply click

on apply here

and then it walks you through how to

apply alright so I would definitely

check that out just because it's on the

top page it's the first page the first

link up there they're paying for it and

then I will take the time to go through

these other links

25 scholarships specifically for

business majors that's $5,000 there

there's three thousand dollars there

Renewable fifteen hundred five thousand

five thousand golden key I think I had a

golden key scholarship all right go

through this and look at what's required

okay that link was bad

but now we could potentially if we can't

if that link doesn't work just go over

here copy it

go over to google and sort of type in

golden key undergraduate Achievement


find another link where it hasn't

there's some contact information looks

like they're in Atlanta you just got to

do your research got to do your research

all right let me go back over here too


$10,000 10 to 15

thousand dollars yes it's competitive

right but you got to look got to put the

work in got to put the work in I'm going

any other majors you guys still there

any other majors any other majors

sports management yep sports management

so again I'm go to Google

bones so I didn't get to typing yet

sports management and again


and I can go with the very first one I

could but the reason I like doing this

before I hit return so that I can see

some of the other criteria that people

would like to search for these phrases


Saba look see there I'm gonna check

something here

perfect sports management scholarship

sports management 2020 for high school

seniors let's go 2020

thousand dollars $2,000 $2,000 some dude

days there

twenty-five scholarships the sports

management majors

let's the scholarships the sports

management majors raise me sports


here's an ad Ohio University sports

administration and coaching

I'm sorry here's another thing that you

can do at the very the top of Google

there's the words at the very bottom

here some other related search term hmm

minority sports management scholarship

scholarships for minorities and I takes

you to UNCF org if you anybody seen

you're not a Negro College Fund

it leaves you there

you can go through and search there

physiology I got you miss wetly

wetly or wetly all right slowly ones are

the same thing here you want to go

through and research page one go through

the page to Tom Joyner foundation

support for favorite HBCUs $1,000

scholarships scholarships in Georgia

scholarships and service management some

in service program

sixty-six minority College Gaza for 2019

now even though this is

sixty-six minority college scholarships

of 2019

Nikki Washington all right

they probably have these same things in


so what do you want to do you just want

to go through Wayne State University I'm

not sure if Miss Macmillan is still on

Khalif family scholarships


oh okay cool black african-american we

can search around here

April 16th

for community journalism

blacks at Microsoft scholarships March


David Porter need bass diversity $10,000

african-american students enrolling

improving you want to go through look at

those things

and you just want to follow the trail

and go down the dark hole of

scholarships all right before I stop

that let's go out of that all right

somebody else your head

no pilot OBGYN physiology scholarship

agam and go back over to Google

here's what I would do here I would do


why in

scholarships for ob/gyn now normally an


they may not have that major

but it can give some clues until where

things may go

medical fields like even though your son

your son or daughter may be majoring in

a certain feel like physiology but we

know that we may want to go to grad


what we can do now is find scholarships

that's going to support their future

these are the same thing don't do the

same thing so now you can also - if you

want to we can do physiology


I'm gonna leave it in there


so this universe's on Southern


they talks about some of the awards that

are already been given out there

medical school scholarship scholarship

undergraduate medical school UK

scholarships are studied medicine in

Canada medical school scholarships we

could go down that rabbit hole there or

we can just go and stay with physiology



hmm twenty-five hundred five thousand

forty eight hundred fifteen thousand

the scholarships calm

just follow the rabbits real

now this thing is an additive and

additive property

within September 11th

we can hit do days and put the due dates

in order or we can click by ammount

hmm look at those numbers

and I just want to follow the rabbit


there's the contact information we look

to see what's required

all right was this helpful so far

somebody says I want to I want I want

her to do nursing first okay

maybe that's not wise right like why do

you want her to do nursing first

all right why do you want her to do

nursing is that because you want her to

be skilled enough to get a job all right

so you got to look at what's the best

route now here's another thing that you

guys can do

all right time i come off real quick my

face so we have searching the university


we have searching and having

conversations with other people that are

already currently enrolled in that


number three we have Google

in number four we have alumni now this

is a different type of alumni alumni

that have already graduated from their

school and maybe they're not associated


the alumni association right so what I'm

gonna do here let me see if I can here

so what you want to do now you go to

Facebook up in the search area

and now we want to find groups or people

type in the College of your choice

I said Morehouse College and I put

business because that's the major and so

now we can look at all post of Morehouse

College in business we can seek out

people I know he went to Morehouse and

they may have some others you know going

to Morehouse but go over to groups in

those groups

Morehouse College group

thirteen hundred members exactly almost

and then now we could potentially go

through here and

not spam the group will look at certain

people what they're doing and just in

boxing my eggs and some questions

when I ask them some questions

all right I'll have the app so I need

events going on

hmmm how to do business with Morehouse

School of Medicine

all right that's not even in April maybe

there are some people there

that knows something now you can do your

research there alright so what am I

saying I'm now saying to go ahead and

develop some relationships with people

that are ready to go to the school all

right listen I just wanted to jump in

tonight I don't want to stay here too

long but was this helpful let me guys

let me know if you guys are still here

let me know this has been helpful for

you let me know how you can practically

use this how you can practically just go

in and do your research and not only for

what's out there the applications but

also doing research with individuals

that actually went to those schools

using social media to this sort of

network and give you some ideas on like

think about it if people are already

going to that college there are some

people at that college that are who are

there and they're there in school like

somebody's paying their bill so we got

to figure out okay if you're in school

you're in school already you're at UGA

you're at Morehouse you at University of


okay cool who's paying your bill

and can you help me find the person that

pays your bill because they paid your

bill maybe we can pay my son or daughter

beer you see what I'm saying so that's

the little thing I just want to jump on

because you guys are here we can go more

in depth on this more tips and tricks

and everything on on this and actually

over the next few weeks I'm working more

with some families in a private program

and if you're interested in a private

program to go through and you know step

by step to help you get organized and

our Lord I know a lot of times it's hard

doing it by yourself but

unaccountability a group of families and

over a few weeks we really break this

down and just sort of walk people

through it that's how

our family from New York

mr. LaBelle met him and his family miss

McMillan her family the Randalls

families walking them all through the

process and if you're interested in in

that program hey send me a message in my

inbox and I would love to have you in

that program and walk you through it now

thank you so much for watching this

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