3 places to look for scholarships you might not have thought of!

everyone Tina Steele here are the FAFSA guru  and just wanted to come on and talk to you  

about scholarships because we're getting ready to  enter the busiest scholarship deadline season of  

the whole year January through April is when  the majority of scholarship deadlines are so  

now is the time you really should be gearing up  and searching for these scholarships so I wanted  

to share three places with you to look for them  that you might not have thought of so the first  

is your job where you work and the bank that  you do Banking with a lot of people don't even  

realize that their employer offers scholarships  for themselves or dependents if they're attending  

college and it's the same with banks local banks  and credit unions a lot of them have scholarships  

in place so check with your employer and the local  bank not necessarily that you just bank with but  

local banks in your community a lot of times they  will offer scholarships for people who live who  

live in that particular town so that's number one  number two is your state's Higher Education Agency  

every state has a higher education agency that  houses information about financial aid and the  

college planning process to help families all you  have to do is Google whatever your state is and  

then say Higher Education Agency after that so  for me I would do Maine Maine higher education  

agency and it's going to pull up the resource for  you some states have better resource listings than  

others but go there and look when you get to  their website just navigate to the scholarship  

section if you can find it if you can't a  quick way to do it is just up in the search  

bar type in scholarships and it should bring you  right to the directory of scholarships that are  

available for residents of that state there's  a lot there and a lot of people don't realize  

that they're kind of missing out on all these  resources that are available just by being a  

resident of that particular state so that's  number two number three is once the student  

gets admitted to college and makes a decision  on where they're going to go which is happening  

now for some students that have applied early  action you want to check directly through the  

college that you plan on attending because they  actually have a whole other resource listing of  

school ships available for students that are  attending their institution and it's usually  

housed in the admissions or advising office in  addition to the actual academic department that  

you're planning on studying so like if you're  a business major or an engineering major check  

with the engineering in the business department  for scholarships specifically for students that  

are pursuing that degree within that university  they're gonna have a huge resource listing - so  

I realize some of you are still kind of going  through the admissions process right now and  

that's fine but just kind of tuck this away and  keep it in mind for when you do make a decision  

to look at those colleges some of them even have  a portal where you sign in sign in as a student  

and can search for a whole bunch of scholarships  that way so that's three places your employer  

and the bank that you bank with that's one your  state Higher Education Agency is - and then the  

college that you decide to attend is three and  remember January through April is when most of  

the deadlines are for scholarships so these next  few months are going to be really important for  

applying for them to help you get additional  money to go to college scholarship money does  

go unused every year and remember the tip that  I share on some of my other videos focus on the  

scholarships that are $3,000 and less because  those are the ones that really go unused and  

are less competitive everybody's applying for  the five thousand ten thousand fifteen thousand  

dollar year scholarships because they want to  get the best bang for their buck so that's it  

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