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so today we're going to be talking about

scholarships I was asked by a few of you

guys on my other college videos to make

a video talking about scholarships like

how to apply to a scholarship how to

find scholarships basically everything

else has to do with scholarships so I

compiled a bunch of information that I

have learned through my college process

and I even went out and reached out to

my own college counselor who helped a

lot of people in my grade with

scholarships to give you the best

information on how to get that coin for

college the first thing you need to know

about scholarships is that there are a

lot of them and there are a lot of

different kinds of scholarships so you

can get I want to differentiate

scholarships and financial aid if that

makes sense as far as I know

scholarships usually earn through merit

which is like your grades you're

actually particular is pretty much your

regular college stuff and basically you

get these scholarships is that you apply

to a bunch of places that are offering

money to students a chance to win send

money and you send money towards your

college tuition without having to pay

them back as far as financial aid

packages go for the most part those are

just loans which you can get from either

a the government through FAFSA or be

through the school directly but

eventually you have to pay those back

which become loans later but like most

things when it comes to college every

school is different and every school

have a different way of making their

school affordable for their students so

these are is general tips that you can

use for scholarships for specific things

you'd need to find that either on the

school's website or on the website of

the scholarship provider so with that

out the way let's get into the

scholarships that you have to apply for

one of the hardest things about applying

the scholarships is actually finding the

scholarship opportunities like I said

before there are tons and tons of

scholarship opportunities out there you

just need to find solid ways to find

them so I suggest for one talking your

college counselor or your guidance

counselor to get resources from them

they usually have a pretty reputable

list of scholarship opportunities and

many of these scholarship providers be

in contact with your counselors so that

they can get their scholarship

information out to the public if for

whatever reason your counselors don't

have those resources there are many

different websites out there that

publicize different scholarship

opportunities in your area you just

doesn't make sure that the scholarships


on the website our reputable and aren't

just out to get your personal

information usually those types of fake

scholarships just have you put in your

personal information as an application

for your scholarship so if one of the

scholarship opportunities you come

across says like no essay or something

like that it could be real but you just

need to err on the side of safety also

if you're applying for scholarships it's

really important that you diversify your

sources of scholarship money that makes

sense basically what I mean is don't

only apply it to the really big

scholarship so that give you a whole

bunch of money because those generally

have a lot more applicants and are a lot

harder to win money from those

scholarships are usually like the

coca-cola scholarships the Bill and

Melinda Gates scholarships the

McDonald's scholarships basically

anything like that you can apply to

those but just know that your chances

are really slim of winning that money so

you might as well apply to a few local

ones which require the same amount of

information but you have a higher chance

of winning my personal advice would be

forget the big guys just go to the

smaller or more local scholarships and

apply to a ton of those so you can just

start accumulating late because most

scholarships can stack and eventually

it'll add up another thing about

scholarship applications is that a lot

of the questions they ask for essays are

very similar to the questions asked on

your common app and college supplements

so if the shoe fits make your life a

little easier copy/paste the thing for a

reason but of course if you're going to

do that make sure that you're changing

the informations but it's relevant to

the scholarship because that'd be

embarrassing if it wasn't a lot of

schools also award their own merit

scholarships which you can get from

either a applying early or be just

applying in general I know for GW as

soon as you submit your application you

also become an applicant for their

Presidential Scholars scholarship and no

it's the same for a lot of different

schools but again it varies school to

school just to make sure you do your

research so you know what you're getting

yourself into one of the last bits of

information I have for you guys is that

a lot of the scholarships that you apply

for aren't renewable that means

scholarships expire after the first year

or sometimes even the first semester of

college so unless the scholarship

specifically says that it's renewable

you're going to be needing to do

scholarship applications all four years

unless you want to be paying in a poll

which is never fun so I think that will

close off the video for today

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