How to Find Scholarships

hello welcome back to the grown up

millennial my name is Jessie this is the

first part in a three-part series on

scholarships so in my last video I

mentioned that I want 11 scholarships

but I had applied to over a hundred so

where does the person even find out two

scholarships that they qualify for

that's what this video is about we're

going to talk about how to find

scholarships to apply to so normally

when you ask your financial aid officer

or your college counselor what were you

talking to a big thing that they're

going to tell you is scholarship search

engines so this would include asta

web.com or cap XCOM now these aren't bad

but I'm not a huge fan of them so you

want to be really careful with them

they're great starting point but they

tend to give you a lot of sweepstakes

and in my experience sweepstakes or

waste of time because you so rarely win

anything there's not a lot in there

quick application usually they're like

five minutes you just put in your

personal information and they enter you

into a drawing I don't know anyone who's

want a scholarship through sweepstakes

on top of that they end up selling your

personal information all of them but a

lot of them to do and then you just get

flooded with spam emails and the chances

of you winning are so low so many people

are putting their name in for

sweepstakes so when you're using

scholarship search engines

I recommend avoiding the sweepstakes and

focus on scholarships where you write an

essay or you do a project something

where you can put in hard work to help

you rise above the rest and where

they're much less likely to sell your

personal information so scholarship

search engines you you're going to make

a profile and they're gonna help connect

you to scholarships that you might

qualify for the second one I think this

is really underutilized is go to your

financial aid office or your college

counseling office if you're in high

school is going to be a college and

career office if you're in college it'll

be your financial aid office a lot of

these offices if you look on the wall

you go talk to somebody they're going to

have local scholarships and local

scholarships are awesome normally they

only be like 250 500 bucks

the thing is though because they're

local very few people are applying to


there's only so many students in the

neighborhood and there's only so many

people students who have heard of them

so these are great you want to apply for

those small scholarships then not a lot

of people know about because the chances

of you getting it are so much higher

often times they only get a few

applications and just a student who

writes a legible coherent thoughtful

essay ends up getting the scholarship

again that's not for all of them but

it's really really common so I really

recommend going to your college

counselor going to your financial aid

office and seeing what local

scholarships are available in that same

vein a little bit different this won't

be the case at most high schools but at

your college both community college and

universities go ask if they have a

common application so for example in my

university my application to the

University was my first scholarship

application I didn't get any

scholarships that first year but I found

out that they had a common application

for dozens of scholarships for

continuing students and very few

students knew about this application so

I applied to it and I ended up getting a

scholarship that helped replace a ton of

money that I was losing from

scholarships that had ended so that was

awesome so really make sure go ask do

you have a common application do you

have a way to apply for more

scholarships because most students after

their first year stop thinking about

scholarships they go well Mara to here

don't be that student always keep

looking for scholarships so another

resource that I really like I went to

library and I picked this up is one of

these big old scholarship books now when

I was in high school and I would see

these they always seemed really

counterintuitive because like I I needs

money why am I going to pay $30 for this

book full of scholarships I don't even

qualify for most of them what I

discovered is that a lot of public

libraries including my own stock these

books and if they don't talk to your

librarian ask if they can buy this or

they can get it from another library

because these are awesome you don't even

need to get the most recent one this is

2015 my my local library want to stay up

to date but the one I got when I first

start applying scholarship

a couple years old the thing is most of

these scholarships are annual so just

look into it find a scholarship that you

qualify for write it down and then

google it

you're probably going to find it most of

these have applications online not all

of them don't most of them do and most

of them if they don't have an

application online at least have

information on how you apply online so

these are great literally the whole

thing is just filled with scholarships

with the exception of in the first few

pages normally it's going to give you

tips on writing essays how to apply

doing interviews I'm going to talk about

that more in my next two videos but

again these are great and in the back

there's going to be these indexes so for

example this is a military-related index

so if you're in the military or family

was in the military you can look through

that list of scholarships they're going

to be you're going to find a lot of

different populations that you might be

a part of that you didn't even realize

for example there was religious ones in

here I'm not religious but I found in

the religious index that there was a

scholarship for non-religious people so

I actually won that scholarship from the

Freedom From Religion Foundation so take

advantage of the populations you're in I

found scholarships for students whose

parents are firefighters or for tall

students yes there is a scholarship just

for being tall so that's the idea pick

up one of these books they're gonna find

you're gonna have a lot more of the

obscure scholarship to the smaller

scholarship so you don't necessarily

find on FAFSA web or capex or the ones

that are really really specific that

they don't put a category for you on the

scholarship search engines so pick up

one of these books find one it doesn't

have to be the one by this company I

know Kaplan does one I think College

Board does one really anyone will work

they're all pretty similar

the idea is go to your library pick one

up for a couple weeks

mark the ones you want make an Excel

spreadsheet whatever you need to do but

these are awesome but these are kind of

my little secret so the one other place

is to just google it now I'm going to

show you how to do that but most

students when they start looking for

scholarships they just Google

scholarships the thing is there are

thousands of scholarships literally

thousands of scholarships so you don't

want to just Google scholarships cuz

it's gonna get overwhelming is just

going to give you a bunch of scholarship

search engines so let's talk about how

to Google for scholarships and find

something that you might actually

qualify for so you want to start

thinking of groups that you would fall

under that might be awarded scholarships

and then start googling those

specifically so let's use an example for

myself I am a woman and I was studying

international relations in school so

let's just look up women international

relations scholarship we already get

some things that pop up so lots of

different options so open this up so you

will get here great so this is just a

list of tons of different scholarships

for women interested in anything

regarding international relations human

rights we got tons of options right here

so this is a great list that we found by

googling we got one if I was going to

College of William and Mary I'm not but

if I wanted to go I I had that option

now let's try something else I have a

friend she's just graduating high school

and I was doing a couple scholarship

searches for her she's a woman she's

black and she's going into the stem

field she's studying biology to be a

doctor so those are all really popular

scholarship awarding communities so

we'll check this out so we've got a list

right here something through the white

house check that out so you can just see

that there's tons of different options

for black women studying stem so this

has got a great list right here over at

the white house website you don't even

have to be this specific so say we drop

stem just look black female so you see

we still got lots of different options

where she doesn't even necessarily have

to study stem so you can do one

population to populations three

populations really mix them up try

different combinations and you'll find

different options so that is kind of how

you're going to use Google to look up

scholarships is you want it to be pretty

specific you want to take advantage of

the fact we

you want to use these specific

populations now for some groups is going

to be a little bit more difficult

particularly white male but that doesn't

mean you're out of luck so white men

have other populations that they're

still part of for example we have

military scholarships that's an option

or if you were in the Boy Scouts a Boy

Scout scholarships use usually tons of

those see right here National Eagle

Scout Association so you got academic

scholarship merit scholarships just for

being a Boy Scout so try to think of

what populations you're part of and

start googling those to find

scholarships you qualify for really

looking for specificity because you want

the population that's applying to get

smaller and smaller smaller and you want

to be a better and better fit for that

scholarship because that just increases

your chances of actually winning so that

concludes this video on how to find

scholarships the next video we're going

to talk about application tips to make

your scholarship application even better

so until then thank you so much for

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