HOW TO WIN SCHOLARSHIPS | 6 Tips for High School and College Students No One Talks About

hello everyone my name is chidera aka

vibes with adobo

and welcome to my youtube channel i am

very excited to be doing this this is my

very first video

and as you can tell from the title we

will be talking about

scholarships not only that i will be

giving you my personal experience and

tips and advice on how i was able to win

23 000 so go ahead and subscribe and

let's get into it

all right so before i get into the tips

and the tricks i'm going to give you a

little background about myself

so my like i said before my name is

chidara adobe but it's actually my

nickname my family calls me that

a lot i am 19 years old i am a city i'm

a freshman at the city college of

new york i'm an aspiring computer

science major

and i am nigerian and i moved to this

state in 2015.

so a little bit about scholarships the

first thing i would like you to know

is that scholarships are in form of

grants and

this is money you don't ever have to pay

back so the three ways that you

get um these scholarships one it can

come in form of checks

that's is written directly to you so you

cash it out and it goes straight into

your account straight into your pocket

or it's a check reading to the school so

before school starts you would

you know go to the financial aid or

registrar's office and give them the


or the scholarship the organization they

can just

decide to send the money directly to the

school so now that i've given you a

little overview

i'm gonna go ahead and start with the


first of all i did win 23

250 dollars in outside scholarships so

you know how you watch those videos

where they say oh i got a million in


that's actually all the money that they

got from all the schools they applied

obviously the outside scholarships are

there but don't be

thinking oh how did they get 1.5 million

like oh my god that's so much money it

goes into their account now

now is it possible to get that amount

from only outside scholarships

yes but you know that's a lot of money

and the chances are

kind of low but anyways mine is just

solely outside scholarships my tip

number one that i'm gonna give you

when you're looking for slash applying

to scholarships

is to know what you want when i mean

know what you want

i mean like why do you want a

scholarship why do you want it

so bad now for me

my motivation came from the fact that i

would say that we're poor but like

i knew that there was no money set aside

for my college education

and i didn't want to be a burden to

anyone i have six siblings

and they're all doing really well but

they all have their own family so

can you imagine me bringing my own


on them that's a lot and my parents

they live in new york and they work as

substitute teachers

obviously the income they make is not

enough to send me to any school

at all so yeah that was my biggest


and nobody's trying to take out any


now i'm not saying that loans are like

bad or anything but if you can avoid to

take loans

do avoid it because

when you're gonna start making that uh

six figure money

and then you have all these ones to pay

you can't even enjoy the money that you

worked for you know

so yeah that you know i just didn't

all right tip number two

make google your best friend when i say

that i mean that

literally now my college essay was about


so this tip is like really important

so when i say make google your best

friend i mean

when you're searching for scholarships

you got to be specific

now for me i told you i'm i'm an

aspiring computer science major so when

i was up

looking for scholarships i would type in

google like uh

tech scholarships for high school

seniors computer science scholarships

for high school seniors scholarship for


scholarship for minorities scholarship

for black women

anything you want it's out there you

just gotta be willing to look i'm

telling you

make google your best friend and

you you you thank me later so yeah that

was how i found most of my scholarships

just doing random google searches at

some point i was searching like

scholarships that sororities give

there's nothing i didn't search on the

internet i'm telling you now

while you're doing your google search

it's also important to

try to find a college prep program that

you can be a part of

shout out to ron brown scholars program

i was a part of that and

it really helped me a lot even though i

had google

just having another source to find all

these scholarships was really nice

so on the platform is totally online you

don't have to go out to see anyone

the someone would just post a

spreadsheet of all the scholarships that

they apply to or

that they could find the deadlines a

little bio i was like bless you

so yeah i would go in and highlight the

ones that i wanted based on like what i

read and you know the ones that i could

reply to things that actually

applied to me that i would i actually

felt like i could

apply to and have a good chance of

getting so

yeah that was another way that i found

most of the scholarships that i found

so if you can't find a program that

will guide you through this college

application step definitely go for it

i will link down the rom brown scholar


it's called the guided pathway support

program i'll link it

down in the description box

now you found a scholarship to apply to

what next

well you gotta keep track of your

deadlines i mean

you're gonna forget there's no way your

brain you're not a machine

as much as trust me i was that person

who would be like oh i don't need

reminders like i know everything

it's in my head

anyways i use the reminder app on my


i would set like deadlines for every


when the due date and now when i was

studying deadlines is another important

thing to do

don't set the deadline to be the

deadline of the actual due date

so let's say the application is due on

may 15th

i will set my deadline to be may 1st so

that way i have enough time to actually

start the application if you know i

didn't remember it on time

it's really important because you can

apply early and

honestly applying early saves you i know

it can be hard trust me i'm a


but be smart with your procrastination

you know so you found your scholarship

you've kept track of the deadline now

you're in the process of applying what


well as you're applying you better find

somebody that's going to review your


emit cues of your english teachers like

they're there for you for a reason in my

high school we had

extended learning time so i would go to

that in the

evening after school and just go in

there if i see any english teacher i'll

be like

hey i have a scholarship can you review

it you know

and that would be so happy to do it do

keep in mind that

you're gonna need recommendation letters

for most of these scholarship

applications so that's actually a good

way to

get somebody that's going to write you a

letter from those relationship with your


i can't stress this enough you need

somebody to review your essays

because you think you know it all but no

and also a quick thing if you do apply

to the ron brown scholar program this is

why i really enjoyed the platform

you can just i don't know you have your

essay due at 11 59

and you post it's it's like a

facebook space but it's called workplace

so it's similar to the facebook platform

so i would just make a post like

hey is somebody able to review this

essay it's due

tomorrow whatever and like in 10 minutes

you get two comments

oh email it to me there you go quick


disclaimer um the platform is

only for students of african-american


so yeah that's something to bear in mind

while applying anyways

let's go into the next tip so you had

someone review your essay

you've applied what next

i mean i'm pretty much done right no

next tip keep applying

now i applied to like 22

scholarships i think i'm gonna put like

a list here

do you know how many i didn't hear back


do you know how many i got rejected from

but what did i do i kept going now


i remember i applied to like the

coca-cola scholarship

it was like the big the huge ones and i

was getting rejected rejection i'm like

what is going on i think i switched my


to like the smaller scholarships because

no shade to the big ones but think about

it if it's a national scholarship

and let's say you're giving out 20 000

you're competing with the whole country

so find those small small ones like

a thousand dollars two thousand dollars

even the five five hundred ones

because if you get a thousand dollars

for 50 scholar is it not is that 50 000

exactly so don't underestimate those

local scholarships

and apply apply apply keep applying do

not give up

even if you feel like you've made so

much money or you've gotten accepted

it doesn't hurt it does not hurt to keep

applying i'm telling you

um the first scholarship i won was from


and bro let me give you a little story

time about that scholarship

so this scholarship was due i

i remember the day so vividly i think it

was like december 5th or something

it was in december it was due at 5 00 pm

such an odd time too

and i was at work i worked at a boys and

girls club as a teacher aide

at that time so you know my last minute


procrastinated to the last minute i only

had two essays to do for the

scholarship i wasn't working on the

second one it was like

oh my hair it was like 4 p.m

ish 4 30 i think i thought 30 i was done

i was trying to submit

the website crashed

i i i didn't know what to do because

this culture was for 2

500 like was my excuse i was

procrastinating really so i remember

like i would use my friend's phone i

would use my phone

nothing was working oh my goodness i

that was like the moment where i said

you know what last minute i'm really

done with you

never again like we're done see our


is over now you got to be smart so when

the website crashes

or something like that happens or you're

late still

apply just send them an email like

oh i remember one time i lied i was like

oh i was having technical difficulties

i just wanted to know if my application

would still be considered

that was another scholarship but for the

comcast one i

emailed them i was like hey i was trying

to submit

at 4 30. and

the website crashed it wasn't working it

wouldn't let me submit what do i do

so they were like oh it's okay we were

having problems with the website we're

gonna extend the deadline to 11 59

tonight i was like god i know you as a


thank you luckily for me i got the email

in april i was like

you want the scholarship yeah i was

really happy about that

and you know that just like motivated me

to keep applying and to never give up so

that was a little story time so yeah

definitely apply early the last tip is

just to be confident and don't give up

listen to me if you work hard and you're

confident and you have faith i don't

know there's no reason why you won't get

a scholarship unless you're doing

something wrong please write good essays

and have good teachers recommend you

because i don't see the reason why

you put in all this work and you're not

gonna get a scholarship at least one

let's say you apply to 20 you wouldn't

get one

anyways i wish you all the best of luck

because listen

the rejection can hurt real bad but

another thing i wanted to say is make

use of your guidance counselors

see a lot of people underestimate their

powers but i'm telling you if you go

into that office

and you tell them listen i'm seeing that

college is really expensive and i don't

want to be in depth for the rest of my

life so

hook me up what scholarships are


if they don't give you a specific one

they might you know point you in the

direction to like a database that the

school has set up already

and you know at least talking to them

they know and

now one thing i want to say for me

most of my big scholarships were

scholarships from my school that i got

nominated for

like from my local community so that's

why i said local scholarships are really


because you never know maybe you live in

like a rich community people

people have money to give so you know

you gotta talk to these teachers you


form these relationships because those

ones i got nominated for

i wouldn't have gotten nominated if they

didn't know who i was so but it was


you know they knew me i was always in

the office like hey

um do you have any updates like do you

have idea any new opportunities

so you know one of them was for nine

thousand dollars and the other one was

for eight thousand

mind you i'm competing with like four or

five students for each one

obviously you have to like write an

essay and do an interview but

i think the interview is really what's

you know sold me out i was really able


package myself and you know tell them

like listen

i need this money so i need you to

invest my future

and also you see those um what's it


the notice boards around your school pay

attention to those

like now my also my tips is not just for

people in high school

in college as well these tips do apply

you know

i haven't really applied to any

scholarships in college right now

but i know i will very soon yeah this

this tips apply to anyone like if you're

in nigeria and you're watching me

listen i know things are a little bit

different but

the same things apply it's you're gonna

find these things on google

if if it's in your school i'm sure your

school already has scholarships that

they give out to like

best student or anything resources are

out there just gotta be willing to look

and talk to the right people because a

lot of these things are connections

step outside your comfort zone it's very

important i can't stress this one enough

but honestly even if you're an

international student

go to the international office and ask

them if they have scholarships for

students like you because i

trust me i know they do because i've

seen it at my school

like in college right now and

google uh scholarships for international


is out there i promise you so do not be

afraid to look and talk to the right


so i'm gonna give you a few websites

that you can use to look at least i use


so i know they're like proven i did use


the college board and

i used fast web a lot but i would link


like most of the popular one at least

the top ten so go ahead

and get this money but before i wrap


up i just want to review all my tips

again tip number one

is what you already forgot really

really so i sat here talking for nothing

know what you want number two may google

your best friend

number three keep track of your


number four find somebody who's gonna

review your

essay your application number five

keep applying number six

do not give up if you give up

i'll come for you i'm just playing but

the thing with this

you gotta stay motivated and how do you

stay motivated

it goes back to tip number one if you

know your why there's no reason why

you would no don't get me wrong like

you're gonna slack you're gonna feel

like oh my god i'm so tired of this like

when does this end think about the

bigger picture

when you're in your college and you're

chilling and you don't have to worry

about loans because listen you put in

all that work in high school

so now you're chilling so yeah think

about the bigger picture it's always

about the bigger picture in life

i'm wishing you all the best of luck if

you have

any comments questions

concerns advice for other people

please feel free to comment like this


share with all your friends in high

school in college in nigeria anywhere

you are

share with them because i'm telling you

these tips are very helpful

at least they helped me how did i get 23


anyways what else oh yeah reach out to


on you know what's it called

instagram twitter snapchat anywhere

i will be happy to answer any of your

questions and give you my help

and also if you need that spreadsheet

that i was talking about

email me my email is my business email


also below that's really it that's it i

hope to

see you guys in my next video i'm really

excited that i started this channel

because i just felt like i have so much


to share with people starting with this

one because

a lot of people be asking me how did you

do it

follow my tips and you have it