How to Look For College and University Scholarships

my daughter got a ton of scholarships

scholarships her freshman year she

didn't have the great grades but it puts

you have to put the work in and you have

to really research if they have a

specific passion like your daughter

playing with the flute they they might

be some great scholarships for that if

they excel in leadership and community

service there are so many corporations

out there that give kids significant

many--and dollars for doing significant

community service projects like the gold

award and toyota gave our girl 16 of our

high school girls ten grand one year for

their gold award projects so there's

there out there for everything and you

just have to really research and be

creative in your searching skills we

have a lot on our website most high

school counselors office have pages on

their high school websites where you can

just go so your high schools will know

tons of resources so like you were

saying be in constant contact with your

counselor on that