take care of babes that you go carry

dates and welcome back to my channel and

today's video we're going to be doing a

scholarship talk and what scholarships

that I personally apply to to pay solely

for college and basically get a full

ride if you guys are here I'm assuming

you watched the previous video how I got

into UT Austin slash how I got into

college if you did not see that yet go

ahead and click the link right here

check that video out and come right back

over to this video but now that you're

here I'm assuming you watched the first

part of this college 101 series and

you're here to find out the T on what

college it's developed by step he'll

tell you guys all the details all the

nicks crannies T every single thing that

I did to get this money right so keep

watching so I'm not gonna tell you guys

every single scholarship I applied to

because that could go on for days

because I literally applied to so many

it's not even funny I lost count about

how many scholarships I applied to but I

am gonna tell you guys the big ones and

more of the main ones and then like what

you guys can do to kind of find other

scholarships and within your area and

also I'm gonna touch on the scholarships

that I apply to that are solely UT base

for anybody out there who are trying to

get into UT and look for scholarships

pertaining to the college that I'm going

to the number one scholarship I apply to

which many of you already know is of

course the Taco Bell live mas

scholarship this scholarship gave me

twenty five thousand dollars that is its

largest price obviously if you apply you

can either apply for the 5,000 to 10,000

and then there's twenty five thousand

when applying I definitely did not think

I was gonna get the scholarship I was

just kind of just like you know what

I've applied to a thousand scholarships

when I apply to this one and I loved it

because it was an essay based it wasn't

um oh you have to have a GPA requirement

this does not know what I loved about to

live my scholarship is it was solely


based but if you really want to know

more about the scholarship go down to

description box below check out that

video and come back over here I do love

the scholarship it's a great scholarship

it's open to anybody and everybody if

you feel like you have any passion that

you want to share number two the second

scholarships that I was getting more so

and heavy basis is mostly local

scholarships so wherever you live that

may be in Texas Houston New York

wherever wherever you go there's

definitely definitely definitely local

scholarships even if it doesn't like

seem very clear or it's not open to the

public or the community it trust me it's

a Google search away

it's a ask a friend away it's literally

there just look for it one time I was

just talking to a senior and she was

like yeah I applied to a lot of like

East Texas scholarships and I was like

whoa I didn't I didn't know that was a

thing and she's like yeah that's like a

whole website and I was like oh and

there it is

so definitely wherever you're around

maybe look within the community if you

don't know and you're just like well I

just don't know go to a teacher go to an

advisor go to a principal somebody who

will just give you a little bit more

information and usually your high school

will give a lot of information within

like a counselor's office or a

scholarships office where whatever you

have provided to you if you don't have

all that you can definitely just ask

around in community see if there's any

like foundations giving scholarships

anything like that just within the

community for like maybe your school or

maybe where you live or so on so forth

next of course it's an obvious one but

if you do play a sport it is very

possible to get into UT or get into

college in general playing your sport I

definitely did not I played sports but I

definitely knew I didn't want to do that

in college so that's not really a route

I went but I do know that the footlocker

scholarship is a theme and that's

basically settle towards high school

seniors who play sports and their

passions and giving them a scholarship

for that so that is something that I did

apply to I didn't get it but it's

definitely an option for people who play

sports and are

something like that there is also the

coca-cola Foundation Scholarship I

applied to that one as well

that is a great scholarship I personally

didn't get it but a lot of people that I

know that did get it were able to go on

like I think it was like a networking

trip or something like that but

basically if you get the scholarship

it's like a it's like a networking thing

so like they could bring you two people

I think they I flew my friends out to

like Chicago or something like that

don't know quote me but it was it was

something it was something where like

they were flew out somewhere and met the

foundation and all the rest of the

people who received the scholarship that

year and I thought that was super cool

another scholarship that works that way

is Austin to live my scholarship but

since that so many people are awarded

the scholarship it's kind of competitive

who gets to like kind of float out to

California or different places like that

so those are things often definitely

definitely look into and all that

information will obviously be in the

description box below another

scholarship is pertaining to UT you can

definitely apply to first-generation

scholarship that could go on at other

schools as well but I know that UT has a

specific scholarship for students who

are attending college for the first time

on first-generation terms that basically

you are the first generation within your

family to attend a four-year university

and that's a really really good


it's definitely supportive to a lot of

people so I would definitely say look

into that also if you're going to UT I

would definitely look into the

university leadership scholarship I

don't know if that's actually a pliable

but if your application does kind of

show that you meet financial need and

you also have been as represented as a

leader on your high school campus or

something like that or in your resume I

know that they definitely will recommend

you for that scholarship and that's a

great scholarship to because it gives

you $500 a month that's really really

great for someone who's paying rent or

somebody who just might need the money

for books or other things like that

another way that i partly dip funds my

college is financial aid your parents

have a certain income to house ratio etc

etc then you definitely have a chance of

receiving a Pell grants or being awarded

financial aid to get financial aid you

do have to fill out a FAFSA basically a

FAFSA is something that you fill out

put in your parent

income your parents marital status

basically what your support system is

see how many people they're taking care

of and just kind of generates an amount

of money in that you could potentially

receive if you meet that need there's so

much more that goes into financial aid

as well obviously that that doesn't

include people who are maybe like

adopted or people who are in foster care

are people whose parents are in the

military there's a lot of different

things like that that can kind of tie in

to all that and so I definitely would

say if you're interested in all that go

over to fafsa read up on the

requirements and apply and see if you

are eligible to receive some financial

aid so those are the top few things that

I personally did to funds my college

career but I know that there's so many

more like so many more scholarships out

there you guys and I'm gonna put a lot

of them down in the description box

below I personally could have talked

about them all in this video because

this video would have been like 10 years

long but I did get on the main ones that

actually helps me fund UT and paying off

all of college with no loans no debt and

you can do the same thing if you just

really just look literally look the best

thing I did was every day after high

school I would come home and I would

apply it to two scholarships and I

promise you it is not hard to do just go

on Google and say high school

scholarships scholarships for an

entering college student something like

there are there is money out there so

much for people to take and nobody wants

to put in the work and actually just a

look for the scholarships and apply for

them like everybody just wants it to be

like an easy thing I'm sorry if you

really want the money you gotta put in

the work of course nobody likes sa

scholarships put those are the ones you

got to apply for and the way I kind of

finesse the system with that is I wrote

like a main general essay kind of like a

explaining my life and what I've been

through and then I wrote like a more of

an educated essay kind of like what I

want to do through college where I want

to go goals and all that stuff and what

I achieved in high school yeah I got my

English teacher you can get anybody it's

kind of like look over it critique it

corrected and those are like the two

general templates scholarship essays

I would use when applying scholarships

cuz scholarship essay questions are kind

of all generalized and kind of like oh

why should you get this scholarship or

what would getting the scholarship mean

to you

blah basically they always say the same

thing and then there's those few that

just want to be so specific like if you

got this scholarship how would that

impact your health or something like

that I don't know basically those were

the scholarship essay templates that I

use and then I would kind of change it

up for each individual scholarship I

applied to and that in itself just took

some load off my soldiers so that I

didn't feel like I was writing a new

essay for every single scholarship I

applied to it kind of felt like I was

just tweaking an essay I already wrote

and then just sending it through and

that definitely helps me get through a

lot of scholarships and apply to a lot

of scholarships in a timely manner one

thing I would say is if you are

researching scholarships and you're

looking at deadlines and you're waiting

and you're like oh I see the scholarship

I want to apply to it but the deadlines

not for like another month so I'll just

like wait

honestly best thing I did was I had a

notebook or some people can do an excel

if you like to do like things more

online but basically what you should do

is have a notebook or have something

where you can refer to if all the

scholarships you want to apply to or

that you're eligible to apply to or that

you're interested in and then have their

deadlines because that'll kind of help

you navigate what scholarship you should

applied to over the other like okay this

scholarships deadline it's not for like

another two months

this scholarship deadline is next week

you know so that kind of help you

prioritize and not get your scholarships

kind of mixed up and when it comes to

scholarships and recommendations I

definitely feel like if this is

scholarship you want to apply to and

you're like I'm used to apply to this

scholarship right already know you wanna

plug in scholars should definitely

straightaway start looking for

recommendations start looking for people

to like write you those recommendations

honestly if you really bring the outside

you know stuff like that the junior year

I just asked one of my favorite teachers

and I was like can you write my

recommendations and she was like yes

and I think she was like my English

teacher so honestly if you're really

like you're on your stuff like that

honestly just find that teacher that you

this will be your go-to for

recommendations like this is my teacher

I will ask you for recommendation and

they will give you that recommendation

fist definitely do that it definitely

takes another load off of you same thing

maybe it'll be better if you can get to

teachers so maybe like one that's more

of like a counselor or academic advisor

and one that's more of a teacher if

you're in high school you definitely

probably already have one but if you

don't I would say as soon as possible

get started on making your resume

because it is so annoying applying to

all these scholarships and they're just

like what activities did you do in high

school what award did you win in high


blah blah blah did you have a job all

that stuff it just gets so tiring trying

to manually always fill it in and then

honestly sometimes you can forget some

stuff especially like way back freshman

year if you're like a senior and you're

just like I don't remember like half of

the stuff I did back then like so

definitely as you're going through high

school write down maybe like oh I

volunteered here or oh you know I played

this board for a week or something you

know this cannot keep up keep on track

with things that you're doing and then

have it on a resume preferably to where

you can just send it to those

scholarships or if they want it manually

put in you ask something you can refer

to that is definitely gonna make the

load of applying the scholarship so much

easier but yeah you guys those are a few

tips and tricks and the little finesse

is that I definitely did whenever I was

applying the scholarships from college

and I really hope that they help you

guys as well you guys have any questions

on scholarships applying to scholarships

getting scholarships comment them down

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