A Real World Guide to Getting ANY Summer Job

the job hunt is stressful enough without

people ask me things like how's the job

search how's the job here jumbo jumbo

like a sister so lucky you I'm here to

guide you through this jungle of regret

with a list of items that you can buy at

your local grocery store that'll

surprisingly help you navigate your way

to your next nine-to-five okay so before

you actually start your physical search

you may not be too sure how it initially

may go so something like this a little

easier I suggest getting some of these a

lot of you want to have these but

they're way too high so I highly

recommend these ones down here so once

you actually go out in the world and

start looking for work you might hit

your first initial snag which is a

qualification chances are most of these

spots require you to be 20 years old but

also have 13 years of work experience

and since you weren't born in Bangladesh

this might be a problem and one thing

you could try is being 10 years older

but what a lot of people like to do is

try get a degree in fact that's what I'm

personally doing but it's gonna set you

back like like but $40,000 not a good

way to paying for this by getting a job

which is pretty backwards and backhanded

if you think about it so I recommend

having some cents on hand not to help

you pay but because this doesn't make

any I mean how am I giving the

university a $40,000 for four years of

education I'm sorry what you took from

the bank

then there's the PLUS loan okay so

thankfully I've just figured out the

very solid workaround that'll really

help us solve the situation all right

looks like you've actually found some

candidates that you're actually want to

work for and you're about to apply like

like all 13 of them know as you start

your application you may get a quaking

feeling in your stomach looking at some

of these corns possibly some negative

thoughts but you won't be good enough

for that you'll start to hate your job

but this isn't anything to worry about

it is commonly known as foresight now

going through all 21 applications you

may see questions asking about

references and

specific skills and why you should be

considered for the job and because of

that I like usually to purchase a

comforter like something thick and

durable really comfy for all the line

you're about to do this is also

applicable for other questions aimed

around figuring out how positive you are

how excited you are to work how well you

get along with people okay you finished

all 34 application and ah boy if you did

everything right you'll just have to

wait two to thirty two business days and

look at the phones it's ringing

however scheduled an interview which

most people tend to stress about

naturally but it's possibly one of the

easiest but it really just comes down to

being ready for what questions are about

to come your way so let's go through

some questions and see if we can't find

some items that'll help us be more

prepared what made you want to apply for

this job in particular so for this

question the interviewer is usually

trying to see what your motives are for

applying for the job and if you have a

genuine passion for the company and how

much you truly care about what they're

trying to do so for questions like this

I persist just getting a pooper scooper

so don't soil your own fingers when you

give them your giant load of

name an instance where you like oh okay

so a scenario question this is a chance

for the interviewer to see about how you

handle certain under pressure situations

I'll let's head on over here to the

makeup aisle because that's we're going

to be doing it's probably enough and you

wouldn't see now but a lot of men in

this out

contrary to popular belief as we do this

all the time and you know while we're

here tell me a little about yourself and

we're going to grab that concealer where

do you see yourself in five years now

this this this is a really good question

you know and it's one that takes a lot

of deep personal thoughts and

self-reflection so we're just gonna head

over here and you know you don't even

have to buy this forever you know we're

just gonna look into this mirror and

just look deep into it to see if we can

hit it and there it is yeah there you go

and well there you go you should have

all the items you need at this point

hopefully with these you'll be in a good

spot in from here it's all about waiting

on that call now we're just a reminder

this guide for finding work isn't for

everybody in fact we can make some

substitutions for example you could

substitute every item on this list for a

camera and a tote

not stolen version of Premiere Pro and

try to make creative YouTube videos in

your local Walmart about things you hate

like finding a job the longshot hope

that in time it becomes a job

so despite if you decide to make any

substitutions or not it doesn't always

work out for everybody so just in case

someone to put all the time if you just

spend what's up y'all sorry I'm looking

so scraggly every time I work on a video

is auto no nose no shave no trim no take

care not matter it's bad like this

series let me know in the comments below

I try something different I thought it'd

be pretty cool if you got to like it let

me know in the comment section below

and I miss any items that would help me

I'm finding a job I'm not worried about

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