How Do I File a Personal Injury Claim?

a lawsuit is started by filing a

complaint allegations of negligence

against the people who committed the

acts that you were complaining of that

you say who caused your injury after the

complaint is filed with the court it

gets served on the defendants usually by

a process server after the initial

discovery proceedings the defendants

will ask for information about your

medical condition and they will request

copies of your medical records your

hospital records after that both parties

submit to oral questioning called

depositions and they ask you how the

accident happened

the nature of the accident the nature of

your injuries and how it's affected your

life the court orders a date to be set

for trial at which point the attorneys

for both sides prepare their cases of a

trial if you've had an accident either

with a car or a truck or a bus it is

important for you to contact an attorney

right away because there are time limits

within which you can bring a lawsuit

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