Personal Injury Lawsuit Process: What's the timeline for a personal injury lawsuit?

you know the timeline in a typical case

really varies case-by-case but there's a

natural life of a case you know somebody

gets injured or cheated and the person

usually doesn't want to come to a lawyer

but they do because they're basically

forced into it and so someone could walk

sin to a lawyer's office and they they

explained their problem and the lawyer

takes the case on and from that moment

that's usually about a year and a half

at the outside some cases take longer

and a lot of cases take less time than

that once the case is signed up and once

we start pursuing it we get all the

records and we look into the facts of

the case and the details and we see if

there are any witnesses we need to talk

to a lawsuit gets filed and then most of

the life of a lawsuit is a process

called discovery and discovery we take

depositions of the witnesses people who

know things and we get their testimony

under oath and we record that whenever I

take a deposition I almost always

recorded by video because as much as the

words I want the facial expressions and

the pauses and so we we get the

depositions and we see who these people

are who are the players who are the

characters in the store in addition to

that we'll get the documents all of the

documents whether the contracts whether

they're medical records whether they're

maintenance and repair records unit we

get the documents and we look at what is

the case really about we hire expert

witnesses if we need to and we look at

areas of expertise that so if there's an

engineer whether that's from a traffic

standpoint whether that's from an

insurance claims handling standpoint

whether that's in a medical malpractice

case where you have a doctor say look

these are the rules that are required of

doctors in certain situations when a mom

is giving birth to a baby these are the

rules that the doctor is doing the

delivery and the nursing staff are

supposed to follow so we talked to the

experts about that and we then get ready

for trial and trial itself is actually


it's really a short part of the overall

case usually it's only two to three

weeks but it's definitely the most

stressful and it's the most work and

it's the most expense in every case is

when you have to go to trial

you'll have complex cases where for

example you have somebody who has a long

history of health issues and then

something bad happens to him or her

physically well when there's a long

history of health issues that may relate

to what the injury is there's usually a

lot of fighting about that whether or

not the full magnitude the injury is

really caused by the collision or by the

medical error or is it caused because of

the the underlying health condition so

factors like that will drag it out

sometimes you just have a dispute of

liability you know you have one person

saying he ran the red light and you have

the other person saying well no she ran

the red light well when you have a

dispute of liability and nobody wants to

take responsibility for what happened

that'll drag the process out and so

whether it's from the standpoint of what

happened whether it's from the

standpoint of what are the damages that

can all lengthen the process the other

thing that will lengthen the process is

you generally have an insurance company

on the other side of the case and

insurance companies drag out the process

routinely because the longer they're

able to hold on to their money the more

money they make that's why it's really

important to hire a lawyer that has a

wealth of experience not only handling

cases but taking cases to jury trial you

know one of the things that most people

don't know is you hire a lawyer in this

type of case and it's a contingency fee

practice meaning the lawyer doesn't get

paid until the end of the case and it's

a percentage of the recovery and almost

every lawyer charges the same

contingency fee but you may be paying a

contingency fee to a lawyer who has

almost no experience trying cases when

the reality is you can get a lawyer for

the exact same percentage that has a

wealth of experience trying cases take a

look at the lawyer make sure it's a

lawyer that has a track record of

success who tries cases to verdict and

who's successful and I can tell you when

the insurance companies see that the


at my firm have a case they take us

seriously and they work hard to get that

case done because they do not want to

come up against us in trial typically

they know the we're a firm that will put

on time money and resources behind a

case where we take on for our clients

because that's what we do we fight for

people we fight for our clients every

single day and we fight for them outside

the courtroom we fight for them in the

courtroom and we do what we can to get

great results