Jamie's Perfect Christmas Stuffing

right stuffing I want to give you away

that is really simple really quick and

packs a really good flavor punch so

literally all I want to do is put that

kilo of diced pork shoulder in a food


some sea salt big pinch of white pepper

half a nutmeg may be slightly less than

half the zest of half a lemon and just

two or three strokes of an orange or a

Clementine a big old bunch of sage and

two or three rashes of smoked bacon

right so two big white onions go

straight in then go by in bread crumbs

what a waste of money

just have some fail bread and then we're

going to wet it up so I'm gonna use my

hands now see I'm just scrunching it up

I'm gonna save half of this stuff in

back to put up the jacksie of my turkey

right and then the other half of my

stuff in I'm just going to put in here

like that

now chestnuts I'm gonna pour lead on top

and just crush them so there we go this

stuffing is really to go in when you put

your spuds in your roasted veg in now

I've got one here that I made earlier

and for me just have a look at that this

bubbling it's shrunk it's gone crispy

I'm gonna have a little try of it


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Christmas ever