Fail-Safe Stuffing with Pork & Sage | Jamie Oliver

Hello lovely people, ok stuffing, mastering the perfect stuffing, I wanna give you principles

that you can use to give your consistency, gorgeousness, deliciousness, breadcrumbs onions

sage there's dried fruit there's nuts I want you to put your own stamp on your stuff first

up the three basics that you must have, onions, bread, herb ok this will give you a basic

stuffing and the way you take it to the next level is by using beautiful minced pork shoulder

really really nice good delicious fat and then over here you got the embellishments

things like lovely chestnuts whether they're from a vacuum pack or whether they're roasted

over a fire, gorgeous and peeled we've got like all those lovely christmasy kind of nuts

that you'd get just toasted up and cracked, they're beautiful really good then dried fruit

just a tiny bit of surprise sweetness and sourness, dried cranberries, apricot very

good then a little bit of dry chili just to give it a background kind of hum now I don't

want it to be hot, nutmeg which is a classic and a little cinnamon let's go in with a little

olive oil and a little knob of butter what we want to do is start to fry off the fragrant

things like the sage this is going to be enough for this whole dish plus a nice kind of 500

gram ball that'll go up the back of the turkey or in the chicken or in your sort of roast

pork, slice it through the leaves get rid of these stalks go in with about 2 tablespoons

of olive oil, butter a little chili, pinch of cinnamon, and then nutmeg now the reason

for this is you're waking up all those spices half the nutmeg goes in we can turn the heat

up ok the first thing that's gonna happen, spicy oily buttery fat in there the sage goes

in and we're got that on a medium heat just finely chop 2 or 3 onions the onions will

go lovely and sweet, so onions into the sage beautiful ok you don't have to make them super

sweet or caramelised just soften them up and give them a shake around again, y'know meat's

always been expensive so the point of a stuffing was to add flavour make it exciting have different

textures but also stretch a little meat a long way we'll lightly season with salt pepper

so guys turn this off now and let that cool down so you can put this in a kind of dish

now, give it 5-10 minutes get it nice and cool now if you look at the 1 1/2 kilos of

pork shoulder, let's put this into a bowl that's gonna be enough to put half a kilo

up the back off your turkey or even chicken or y'know rubbed across the pork loin before

you roll it up and then you can have a kilo to make nice and crispy, you want 2 or 3 big

handfuls of bread to kind of stretch the meat a lot further we've got chestnuts here, so

these are vacuum packed chestnut guys you can get these in the supermarkets but you

could use other nuts as well you can kind of just bust some up in your hand leave a

couple whole like that, things like apricots are just gorgeous and then things like the

dried cranberries totally cool, not much just a few, and with the apricots we'll just run

our knife through it then we'll put it in so when your onions are fully cooled down

add them to your bowl and mix it up, scrunch it in your hands, of course you can use a

spoon if you want to but to be honest it's much better to get stuck in if that's just

minced pork shoulder then you will need to season good couple of pinches of salt and

pepper when you work it with your hands like this it just makes it bind nicely so what

I like to do now is take about 500 grams of this stuffing, it's about 1/3 of it and I'll

put this into a dish like that and this I will stuff in the turkey, I'll only stuff

it in the neck, that little flap of skin you can stuff it underneath don't put it in the

carcass cos' that's gonna slow down the cooking but that will be kind of blonde and juicy

it will flavour the meat, the meat will flavour it, and it will flavour the tray that will

flavour your gravy, you see where we're going so now with this nice big old chunk here add

this to the tray here and then what I love to do is just push it right into the edges

when it cooks it does shrink a little bit so you can kind of push the stuffing up the

edge, just gonna wash my hands just take a few little leaves on the top, you can mix

it up, have a blend, bits of chestnut and a few cranberries y'know cos' you're kind

of story telling on the top and I just think it's really exciting and then a tiny bit of

olive oil just so that sage goes from being dry and horrible and it'll go crispy and gorgeous,

just pat your little sage leaves just look at the colour you can imagine the flavour

can't you, this will be amazing I have a stuffing that's cooked already, gnarly crispy, gorgeous,

have a little try mm so good if you want any inspiration to go with this stuffing then

hit the link up here we've got gravy we've got the perfect roast potatoes, we've got

the perfect roast turkey, how to carve it, all sorts of ideas up here and down in the

description box we've got loads of inspiration from, until next time good

luck take care lots of love from me Mr. O!