The Easiest and Tastiest Sage and Onion Stuffing | Christmas Recipe

what's going on everyone and welcome to

the channel for the month of december

i'm going to be posting a whole load of

christmas inspired recipes with this one

being a sage and onion stuffing it's so

easy to make and tastes absolutely


please sit back relax and enjoy

all right guys let's start this off with

three medium to large sized brown or

yellow onions and what we want to do

with these is slice off the end opposite

the root and slice it in half

through the root you guys are then going

to guess what i'm about to say which is

that we can then peel off the skin

and save the scraps for a stock we can

then make thin slices stopping just

before the root to keep the onion intact

rotate the onion 90 degrees and slice it

in half again stopping just before the


then come through with your knife and

dice the onion into medium sized pieces

make sure to trim off any excess flesh

from around the root to avoid any


save the rope for a stock and then what

you'll be left with is a nice pile of

diced onion

for the next ingredient grab yourself

two large cloves of garlic and with


slice them nice and thin if you prefer

you can mince them or give them a rough

chop but slicing them like this only

allows for a subtle and not overpowering

flavor as we're not breaking down the

allicin compound which is what gives

garlic its strong pungent flavor

next here is 12 large leaves of fresh

sage which can be substituted for 2

teaspoons or 2 grams of dried sage


if using fresh scrunch it up into a nice

tight bunch which will make it easier to

work with then grab a sharp knife and

give it a good chop which doesn't have

to be perfect

just make sure there's no large leaves

next here is 5 grams or 0.1 ounces of

flat leaf parsley which can be

substituted for half a teaspoon or half

a gram of dried parsley and with this

we're just going to do the same thing we

did with the sage by scrunching it up

nice and tight

giving it a rough chop not being perfect

but making sure there's no large leaves

now for the last step this can either be

done with a food processor or by hand

either way we're going to need 220 grams

or 7.7 ounces of fresh white bread with

the crusts removed and if you're doing

this by hand i'll leave the information

in the description below this video

anyway make sure the food processor's

lids lock nice and tight

turn it onto the highest setting and

process the bread to create coarse fresh


also please only use fresh bread crumbs

for this recipe as dried will ruin the


anyway once that's done turn the food

processor off remove the processor bowl

from the stand

and either add it into a separate bowl

or leave it in the processor bowl to

save dishes

now to cook this place a large low

rimmed pot or pan onto your stovetop

over a high heat and add in 100 grams or

3.5 ounces of cubed unsalted butter

give the butter a quick mix to get it

moving and allow it to melt

once melted and slightly bubbling add in

the diced onions along with 1 teaspoon

or 5 grams of sea salt flakes

and 1 teaspoon or 10 cracks of black


give that all a good mix and saute the

onion stirring frequently for 5 to 6

minutes or until very lightly golden

translucent and soft six minutes later

and the onions are lightly golden and


give them another quick mix around

before adding in the chopped sage

the chopped parsley the fresh homemade


the thinly sliced garlic half a teaspoon

or 2.5 grams of sea salt flakes

and another 1 teaspoon or 10 cracks of

black pepper

we can then give this a good mix for

those flavors to become friends and

continue cooking this stirring it

regularly for one minute for the bread

to absorb the butter and to very lightly


the garlic to very slightly soften and

for the herbs to work their magic

then after one minute we have an

aromatic lightly toasted stuffing mix

we can then turn this off the heat and

remove it from the stove top

for the next step brush or wipe half a

tablespoon or 7.5 grams of melted

unsalted butter into a small to medium

sized baking dish which will not only

add more flavor to our stuffing but i

will also prevent it from

sticking reducing the work needed to

clean up we can then add our stuffing

mix to the buttered baking dish making

sure to scrape it all in there to avoid

any wastage

spread it all out so it's all sitting

flat for even and consistent cooking

then make your way over to a preheated

oven set to 180 degrees celsius or 350

degrees fahrenheit

and bake this for 30 to 35 minutes or

until golden brown

on top 30 minutes later and this is

looking beautifully golden brown

we can then remove it from the oven

being careful of any escaping steam or


place it onto a heat resistant surface

or dining table with a heatproof cloth

underneath and allow it to sit for five


before we can then dive in with our

spoon and serve this delicious stuffing

with the rest of our amazing food or in

other words

we can then dig in

so that's what it takes to make this

delicious stuffing that takes less than

an hour only requires a few simple

ingredients and it can be used to stuff

a turkey a chicken

or you can serve it up on its own this

recipe here serves six and can easily be

double tripled and so on

and to store it we can place it in the

fridge in an airtight container for up

to three days

or you can place it in the freezer in an

airtight container where it will last up

to three months

to reheat it simply place it back into

the oven set to 180

degrees celsius or 350 degrees

fahrenheit and bake it for around 10 to

15 minutes just until it's nice and hot

i really hope you enjoyed this video and

i was able to teach you something

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