Christmas Stuffing - Easy, quick and Freezable!

hi guys and welcome to the bachelor d2

this Christmas special where I am

showing you and how to make Christmas

stuffing for your turkey and on the back

of your channel I show you how to make

fast simple homemade food that's quick

and easy that you can get in your

freezer and bring out for whenever you

want it so you're always ready in

advance and today we are talking about

lovely and sage and cranberry and

chestnut stuffing okay

and it's so simple this is lips we're

gonna take two minutes okay so I grew up

that I always had paxil as my part for

my Christmas dinner and my husband

always had sausage meat in terms of his

stuffing so we have compromised and this

is the compromise that I always do so I

take piece of sausage meat and I take

this stuff which I might know my

overhead camera again my mobile phone

has decided that the storage is to fill

in as date so I'm going to show you just

from here but this is literally just and

fresh breadcrumbs and it's got sage and

onions through it and some various other

herbs and you get it and I think you've

got this in testicle beside where you

get the chickens and it's be said it's

it's basically that all year round I

think it's not a Christmasy thing so

I've seen it what so what you want to do

is just get your stuff in the

breadcrumbs mix and it seems you're

making it yourself basically

and we just get it it's fresh rice comes

and mix it in with the sausage meat and

it's going to a completely flavored it

and know it's something cool it's a bit

drama and I'm going to add some

chestnuts to it as well so once you've

mixed it what I tend to do is you can

use a freshly squeezed orange as you

want but I'm just got some orange juice

just to save a bit of money and I'm just

going to put a scourge of lime juice in

the middle and mix it around and it's

going to give it that lovely Christmas

Eve flavor and get it quite moist which

is what I want and practically smell it

just now of that orange and perhaps it's

really really good and I'm going to put

inside my turkey okay Turkey right no

how do you make chestnuts from not so I

always get the East East College guru me

yes not so don't know either groovy

probably because they're quite expensive

but and I never seem to find any other

chestnuts about so if you like chestnuts

you can add them and if you don't you

can leave them out I'm going to just

chop these are quite moist and soft

anyway but I'm just gonna give them a

quick chop and stick them in and the

hoopla is about using stuffing I think

you should I mean I'm not sure but I

what I would say is I always stuffed my

cookie because it keeps it moist ER and

because it's got em it makes a nicer

flavor and so I would all these put

stuffing actually in my turkey and there

is another stuffing that I like to do

with good meal but I never do that in

the turkey that's always one of the

stressed out but that is basically it

all I'm gonna do is put that in ah

we're going to see it right a sealable

freezer bag yes and and that's just

gonna sit there until a couple of days

before Christmas so I bring it out to

get frost if you want it to defrost

quickly then make sure you flatten it

down a bit and that is going in the

turkey have a brilliant Christmas watch

out the other at a Christmas episodes

coming up this week and and check me out

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