Classic Stuffing Recipe | Holiday Dinner Recipes

hello lovelies all week long I am

sharing Thanksgiving classics that you

and your family will love today I am

sharing my classic stuffing recipe I

live for stuffing

I love stuffing it's actually by far my

favorite part of Thanksgiving now we

should just clear this up right now

because I know it's going to end up in

the comments section inevitably anyways

stuffing that is not stuffed into a bird

is actually called dressing so from a

technical perspective this is actually

my classic dressing recipe but I prefer

to call it stuffing because that's what

I've always called it now that we've got

that cleared up we're gonna get started

with some really great bread in this

case I'm using a crusty French loaf and

I'm just going to use a sharp serrated

knife to cut it into half-inch cute I'm

going to spread all of those cubes out

on a baking sheet to help it dry out now

the drier your bread is the more

delicious your stuffing will inevitably

be I know that sounds a little

counterintuitive but the fact is that

dry bread actually absorbs yummy flavors

a lot better than moist bread so you

have two options for drying out your

bread one is to do this process the

night before and let it dry out in an

oven that is off where there's very

little humidity overnight or if you're

pressed for time you can also go ahead

and pop it in your oven at 200 degrees

Fahrenheit for about an hour or so you

just want to shake it around every 15

minutes so it dries out evenly and keep

a good eye on it you're not trying to

toast it you just want it to dry it

alright so now that we've taken care of

drying out our bread it is time to get

to work on all of the flavors of this

stuffing this all starts by chopping up

some onion and some celery I love both

of these things more than you can

possibly imagine then I'm going to melt

some butter I'm on the stove and when I

say some butter I mean a lot of butter

because one of the most delicious parts

of stuffing is that it actually is

drenched in butter don't be afraid

Thanksgiving calories don't count at

least not at my house once that butter

is nice and melted and heated up it's

time to add my onion and celery I'm

going to cook that for four or five

minutes or until it gets nice and soft

in those onions

come translucent then it's time to add

some yummy fresh herbs in this case I'm

using some sage some thyme leaves and

some parsley and then we're going to add

a broth in this case I'm using vegetable

broth but you could also do this with

chicken broth except that it would be

really nice for all your vegetarian

friends to be able to enjoy the stuff

thing because stuffing is the best part

of Thanksgiving even for vegetarians are

you picking up what I'm putting down use

some vegetable broth be kind to your

vegetarian friends once it has reached a

simmer we're going to turn the heat off

on our stove and add in our bread we're

just gonna give this a good stir until

all of those bread crumbs are soaked

with all of that yummyness then we are

going to finish this off by mixing in

two beaten eggs once all of that is

mixed up we are going to pour this

mixture into a well greased baking dish

and then we are going to pop it in the

oven covered in foil for about 30

minutes or so or just until it's heated

through for the last 15 minutes of

cooking we are going to remove that foil

to make sure the top gets nice and

crispy and that's it stuffing I made it

easy I hope you'll give this awesomeness

a try and if you do you must treat me

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