Make-Ahead Christmas Stuffing

hi guys Xmas dinner can be a lot of work

so I take all the shortcuts I can but

making a few dishes ahead of time

freezing them and taking them out too

tall on Christmas Eve

this Christmas stuffing recipe is

perfect for that it's got loads of

smoked pancetta and more Christmassy

flavors as well like orange zest and

nutmeg start out by break you up about

300 grams of crusty white braised and

blitzing it up in a food processor and

set it aside in a large mixing bowl now

to UM bother washing the food processor

but add one stick of celery broken up

into pieces add two green apples peeled

and cored 2 onions peeled on halves and

blitz until it's a fine paste now chop

some bacon into strips I'm not using

smoked pancetta here and about a pound

of us it's like you that's actually 440

grams now take a large deep saucepan and

over high heat add 2 tablespoons of

olive oil and a small knob of butter

once that starts to foam go into your

bacon or pancetta and just stir it all

up until it all breaks up and really

really Crispin's up this took me about

10 minutes with this pancetta but this

was dry pancetta it wasn't packed with

added water if yours is packed with

water it'll take you much longer because

that water needs to evaporate off before

your bacon will crisp don't worry about

the brown there you see at the bottom

the pan that's called a fond and it's

pure flavor it's gonna come away now

once I add the onion mixture now mix

that in really well and turn the heat

down to medium add 2 tablespoons of

thyme leaves next take a whole nutmeg

and finely grate about a quarter of this

into the pot if you don't have this

whole nutmeg then add a good pinch of

the powdered stuff add about a

tablespoon of freshly cracked black

pepper now take one on waxed orange and

finely grate about half the zest into

the pot if you can only find wax oranges

that's okay just watch it'll really

really well in a hot water first

mix all that up and allowed to cook over

a medium heat for about ten minutes now

turn off the heat add your breadcrumbs

stir the man completely and let the

whole thing come down to room

temperature once it has cooled down to

room temperature take a regular-sized

loaf tin and add a little bit of olive

oil about a tablespoon and rub it up and

down all the sides now crack two eggs

into a bowl and beat them up and pour

them over your stuffing mix them really

well into your stuffing and then

transfer the stuffing into the loaf tin

once this is filled you can bake it now

at 200 degrees Celsius for about an hour

or you can wrap it up in tin foil really

really tightly and freeze that until

Christmas Eve when you'll take it out

too tall overnight and bake it off then

when the turkey comes out of the oven

once it's had its hour in the oven take

it out and serve it at the table and

enjoy I purposefully don't stuff the

turkey with the stuffing because it'll

take longer for the turkey to cook and I

can just roast this afterwards thanks

for watching guys I hope you give this

recipe a go this Christmas it'll really

save an awful lot of time for you if you

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