How to cook the perfect Christmas Stuffing

hey guys today we're going to be doing

circular legs made with a delicious but

simple stuffing we're gonna take a

little bit stress out of the kitchen on

Christmas Day the legs have been pre


we're gonna be making a stuffing with

local sausage meat we're gonna be adding

some Christmas flavors of dry

cranberries dried apricots chestnuts

we're gonna roll it and dry cure bacon

and then we're gonna bake it and then

serve it so it's almost like a big pigs

in blanket sausage meat from your local

butchers delicious

we've camel eyes some money enough so

that's been roasted for 20 minutes just

to get all the moisture out chestnuts

Christmas tongue anymore Christmas

evening chestnuts cranberries just in

this is the fruitiness allowed a bit of

sweetness to the stuffing fresh apricots

so I'm just gonna take a few out chop

them up and then mix this whole sausage

meat up the good thing is but this is

the fact that we can taken the legs and

bone them these can that you can get

your butcher to do this which then saves

you a lot of space on Christmas Day in

your oven as everybody's aware that you

have no space watch what your Christmas

turkey in all you roasted hmm so now she

was doing fresh herbs so we're going to

take some sign chopped I'll take some

parsley and we'll take some chives

butchery or chops up nice and simple

straight in through the bottom and

actually hands in this is where it gets

nice and looky straight in mixed up it's

like a big Christmas stuffing

we've got the dry cured bacon streaky

bacon smoked we've got the turkey legs

that have been boned so going to add

this sausage me to the middle of the

turkey leg

so I'm we're gonna what I'm gonna do

this is just make a big sausage it's

been rolled through just to wrap the

bacon the great thing is with this is

the leg always gets left all the time

nobody wants it cause it's full of bones

but actually it's the tastiest part of

the bird and if you imagine all of them

Christmas flavors that are in that

turkey leg now and I sausage me so

that's that battle go in the oven we'll

take it out to this slice just like a

big pigs in blanket so say if you're

doing sausage and bacon

you've got stuffing and sausages be

Christmas dinner

okay take your leg it's out given rested

for five minutes we're gonna carve it

now it's gonna be delicious

if the baby's not quite Brown whack it

back in the oven crisp up the bacon but

this just smells amazing

ah this if anybody says but they don't

like turkey leg after this here we go

just carved up and then you'll have

absolutely no waste on this turkey leg

ring now all that fruits all them herbs

that roasted onion amazing absolutely

making fats Ungava bit myself there we