No-Fail Signature Thanksgiving Stuffing - Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph

it is that time of year it's

Thanksgiving time and today I'm super

excited to share with you a basic

stuffing recipe that you can customize

in so many different ways a basic

stuffing would be nothing without some

celery and onions you really need that

base flavor to really start the stuffing

process so in a saute pan here I'm gonna

add 3 tablespoons of unsalted butter to

this I'm gonna add 1 white onion that's

chopped up into quarter-inch pieces

that's gonna go in and 2 stalks of

celery that are also cut into that

quarter inch dice right into your pan

and along with this I have 4 cloves of

chopped garlic so these aromatics are

going to saute it's gonna take about

maybe 5 to 6 minutes to get these nice

and translucent you don't really want

much color here but you do want them to

soften and for some of the moisture to

kind of exude from the vegetables so

that'll take a little bit of time so our

celery onion mixture it's looking good


and now what else do you need for a

great stuffing well you need bread so

what I'm using is one kind of standard

loaf that you would find at your bakery

or your bakery section of your

supermarket and I have it cut up into

about one inch cubes and you want to

lightly drive these in an oven for about

10 to 15 minutes just so that they lose

a little bit of their moisture and

they're able to pull in any of that

moisture and flavoring that you're going

to put into this stuffing so this is

about 8 cups of bread cubes and to this

bowl I'm going to add the ingredients

that you can really use to customize or

something now today I'm making a walnut

and golden raisin stuffing with some

really delicious woodsy herbs so I'm

using 1 cup of chopped toasted walnuts

right into my bread cubes here I have 1

cup of golden raisins that goes right in

and then in terms of the herbs that I'm

using this is 1 tablespoon of chopped

rosemary one tablespoon of chopped thyme

2 tablespoons of chopped sage leaves

Thanksgiving wouldn't be Thanksgiving

out sage and then I have one tablespoon

of chopped oregano so this is a very

fragrant stuffing now there are so many

other options you can do so many

different things now if you go to Martha

Stewart comm and you look up this basic

walnut and golden raisin stuffing there

are alternatives that you can click

through and I have two of them in front

of me here the first one I have here is

it does have that sage flavoring it also

has fennel seeds which have a nice a

nice flavor which is really delicious

dried cherries and pecans that's a

really great stuffing that will go well

with your turkey and then this one is a

slightly different stuffing it has time

and has a little bit of sherry vinegar

which adds a punch of flavor and a bit

of acidity and that goes really well

with some bacon and also some smoked

oysters so that's a really different

stuffing if you wanted to bring that to

your table and surprise your relatives

so now I'm going to add my sauteed

vegetables right into this bowl with the

bread make sure you scrape out all of

the butter because that butter is flavor

and you need it don't forget you need to

season this because you've all of that

bread that isn't seasoned at all so be

pretty generous with your seasoning I'm

using kosher salt and pepper if you like

a little bit of heat add a little bit of

cayenne to this that would be really

nice or red pepper flakes so mix this

together and one thing that I didn't

mention when you're making stuffing use

some good bread bread that you really

like to eat if you like a whole wheat

bread go for it try it

cornbread stuffing I mean come on that's

a classic especially in the south so

once this gets mixed together slightly

I'm going to add 1/2 cup of chopped

flat-leaf parsley now flat leaf parsley

has much more flavor than curly parsley

so if you find that it's also called

Italian parsley sometimes add that as

well and then to moisten this slightly

I'm going to add some chicken stock now

if you're roasting a turkey it is

Thanksgiving and you're making a turkey

stock with the neck and some of the

giblets you could certainly use that

here as well because that would give you

even more turkey flavor so I'm adding in

about two cups of this

stocke and this is a pretty good ratio 8

cups of bread - 3 cups of your stock

added in stages I'm gonna leave a little

bit behind I have about a cup of chicken

stock left now I'm going to add the eggs

and the rest of the stock I'm just gonna

mix these up at 3 whole eggs okay so

these eggs are new nicely whisked

together I'm gonna add that to my

mixture here the rest of this stock and

now mix this together don't over mix or

smash but just fully incorporate and

using a nice big wide Bowl is really

great for this so now make sure your

oven is preheated to 400 degrees with

the rack in the middle of the oven and

this stuffing bakes uncovered for about

25 to 30 minutes so while your turkey is

resting you can put this casserole dish

right into the oven and by the time the

stuffing is done you're ready to start

carving your turkey and putting it right

out onto the table it works out really

well so I have a 9 by 13 inch dish here

that's been buttered if you don't have a

9 by 13 a 2 quart casserole would work

just as well and so this goes right in

just spread it out don't squash it all

right so right into the oven again 400

degrees for 25 to 30 minutes until it's

nice and golden brown on top

so here's our beautiful stuffing hot out

of the oven ready for the table and I'm

I can't wait I'm gonna taste a little

bit of it here you guys it's crisp

on top which is what you want those are

my favorite pieces I would totally steal

all of the crunchy ones on top but

really moist on the inside

and now so good you guys now that you

have this kind of this master stuffing

recipe you can customize it and flavor

it in your own favorite way there you go

enjoy happy Thanksgiving guys