The Perfect Irish Christmas - Stuffing by Kevin Dundon

we all have a traditional way of making

stuffing now in my house Catherine's job

on Christmas Day is to make the sage

among the stocking so in fact this is

her recipe for this recipe we're gonna

be using some fresh parsley sage and

thyme breadcrumbs 2 onions some butter

and of course some salt and pepper put

the butter in a saucepan on a low heat

and let it melt chop the onions finely

and then add them to the butter when it

starts to bubble keep stirring them

while they cook take the herbs and chop

them as finely as possible that's really

important when you're making this

stuffing that you cook the onions on a

low temperature so you get no color

whatsoever so we go nice and soft

they're perfect they're nice we're just

going to turn them off let them cool

down for a couple of minutes and then

we'll add the herbs in the breadcrumbs

when the onions have cooled add the

herbs into the saucepan then season with

generous men with sea salt and some

pepper now pour in the bread crumbs give

it a good mix and make sure the bread

crumbs get evening coded by the butter

and herbs transfer the mixture back into

the glass bowl

and that's it but she should let it cool

completely before stuffing the turkey

I'm also gonna show you a second stuff

we're using FIGS sausage meat and orange

which is fantastic for this would be

used in southern pepper chili flakes

some finely diced onions and orange in a

sprig or two of thyme and parsley and

finally the sausage meat crushed garlic

and dry figs take the figs and roughly

chop them

add them into a large glass bowl bring

the ball up onto the board and now it's

time to add the recipe ingredients

spooning in the sauce to meet the garlic

and the onion now grate the zest of an

orange into the bowl sprinkle over some

chili flakes finely chop the parsley and

thyme and add to the bowl season with

salt and pepper give it a really good

mix through making sure the sauce meat

gets properly combined with the veg figs

and herbs now I'm gonna cook this

wrapped in tinfoil in a preheated oven

at 180 degrees for about 25 to 30

minutes there you have our two stuffing

so we're going to put the traditional

stuffing into the bird and we're gonna

cook the other stuffing separately now

internally you can always push the

alternative stuffing in the next section

of the bird which also works out really

really well now if you love this recipe

we've got loads more recipes on our

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