💰 Postmates Promo Code 2021 Discount Coupon (100% Works) 🍔

hey guys i wanted to quickly make a

video to share this awesome postmates

promo code with you guys

if you guys are in a hurry you can find

the codes

in the description below the video

so this postmates promo code gives you

twenty five dollars in food credit

this means you can use the code towards

the cost of your food order

you'll get five dollars off each of your

first five orders

for a total of twenty five dollars

this code only works for new users

if you're an existing user meaning you

have placed an order in the past with

post mates

then the only option you have to get a

discount on your order

is to use a different delivery service

like ubereats

doordash or grubhub i'll also put the

best promo codes for these services

in the description below this video as



hope you guys enjoy the codes and have a

great day