Classic Rice Pudding - Old Fashion Creamy Rice Pudding Recipe - One-Pot Method


hello this is chef john from food wishes

comm with classic rice pudding that's

right this is one of those homey

comforting desserts that nobody wants

but that everybody loves and what I mean

by that is you never really hear about

someone craving rice pudding I mean

nobody's ever looked at a dessert menu

at a restaurant and said oh man there's

no rice pudding on here but despite that

when you make this and serve it to

people they absolutely love it and by

the way not only am I going to show you

how to make this crowd-pleasing dessert

I'm going to show you how to make it a

lot easier with our proprietary one pop

method so with that let's go ahead and

get started with our one pot into which

we're gonna add some long grain rice and

I know you may have heard short grain

and medium grain rice work better for

this but in my opinion they don't at

least not for what we're calling classic

rice pudding so we're going with the

long grain to which we're gonna add some

salt as well as of course some nice

fresh cold water and then once that's at

we'll head over to the stove where we're

gonna bring this up to a boil over

medium-high heat and this is probably a

good time to mention if you have

leftover rice from that takeout last

night you can just skip this step but

anyway we're gonna bring that up to a

boil over medium high at which point we

will reduce our heat to low cover this

and set our timer for 20 minutes and if

everything's gone according to plan once

that timer rings we should be looking at

some very nice tender soft rice okay we

really do want this fully cooked before

we proceed to the next steps so we'll go

ahead and check that with the fork and

I'm happy to report mine was perfect and

your should be too after 20 minutes and

then what we're gonna want to do at this

point is turn off the heat as well as

toss in our sugar and our milk and then

what we're gonna do while the heat is

off is stir this with a whisk until the

bottom of the pan is completely clean

and deglazed so as I mentioned earlier

we're just gonna use one pot here which

is not the normal method

okay virtually every other recipe calls

for transferring the cooked rice into

another pot before you make the pudding

and the reason for that is they're

worried we're gonna scorch the bottom of

our pan because of that layer starts

it's already on the bottom but as you

know we have tricks so by stirring in

this cold milk with the heat off we're

gonna deglaze that thin layer or cook

down starch from the bottom and as long

as your heats off and you give it a

minute or two as you'll see all that's

gonna dissolve

and the bottom of your pan will be clean

and once that's been accomplished

there's almost no chance this is gonna

burn so take that to pot methods and

then once we're confident that there's

nothing stuck to the bottom of the pan

we can put our heat back to medium and

cook this for about ten minutes or so or

until it's done and the reason it done

is in quotes is because you're gonna

have to decide when that happens

okay the longer we cook this mixture the

thicker and stickier it's going to be

okay because those grains of rice are

gonna continue to cook and swell and

eventually they'll just collapse

completely and you'll have something

super thick and starchy but I generally

don't like to let it go that far okay

while I do like them very very soft I do

want some identifiable grains of rice in

this sort of cloaked in a sweet creamy

sauce so I cook mine for about 10

minutes or so until it looked like this

but like I just said you might want to

go for five more minutes

totally up to you you are after all the

Richard Hertz of your comforting

old-fashioned desserts and then what

we'll do once we decide is cook long

enough is turn off the heat and stir in

the rest of the ingredients we'll do a

nice pinch of cinnamon some real vanilla

extract and an egg yolk and please note

how as soon as that egg yolk hits the

pan I'm stirring immediately and

vigorously until it disappears okay

really we're supposed to temper that egg

yolk before we add it but as long as

your heats off and you stir fast and

furious you will be okay so we'll go

ahead and give that a whisk until we're

sure it's all incorporated and then

we'll whisk it for another 20 seconds

just to be sure

at which point we will introduce our

last two ingredients some butter and if

we're adding it some dried fruit and if

you'll indulge me let me do one of my

rare freeze frames because I have a

couple things to quickly explain number

one that butter is not dirty that's a

cinnamon fingerprint by the way in case

you're wondering not admissible in court

and then secondly if you are writing dry

fruit may I suggest some chopped-up

dried cherries instead of the

traditional raisins okay that's enough

let's get back to the action and stir

that in so as you know I'm not a huge

raisin fan so for me personally these

dried cherries work much better they're

gonna add that same kind of dried fruit

sweetness without that off-putting

texture I don't enjoy with the raisins

and then once we have that all stirred


technically it's ready to serve if you

want to serve it hot which I do not

recommend I mean it's not like it's

going to taste

and some people enjoy this warm but I

think it's a far superior desert once

it's chilled and gelatinized so what I

like to do while still warm is

transferred into whatever cups I'm going

to serve it in and if we want and it's

optional we could give that the old Taba

Taba to settle it down and kind of

flatten it out a little at which point

we will let those cool down to room temp

and once that's happened we will wrap

them up and pop them in the fridge until

very very thoroughly chilled and yes by

far that is the hardest part of this

recipe but somehow I managed to do it

and then once those are chilled we can

pull them out and serve them in so many

different wonderful ways and I'm going

to show you a couple the first a most

classic would be to dust the top with

some cinnamon and enjoy as is which is

probably my favorite by the way this is

also wonderful top of the fresh fruit

but anyway I'm going to dust that with

cinnamon and our classic rice pudding is

done and waiting for someone with a

spoon to enjoy it and for now that

someone is me so let me go ahead and dig

in and that my friends is just the

epitome of a comforting

stick-to-your-ribs homey old-fashioned

dessert just sweet enough just starchy

enough it's just very easy for all your

senses to understand and I'm not sure

exactly how well you can see it but if

you cook it as much as I cook mine it's

all gonna be very soft and tender but

it's still identifiable as grains of

rice and like I said earlier it's all

being sort of held together by this

beautiful sticky creamy sauce so I was

100% happy with how that came out

but as you know I'm never satisfied with

just happiness so I decided to try

another one

using the same technique we do for a

creme brulee I decided to sprinkle a

little white sugar over the top and then

I fired up my trusty blowtorch which you

really should buy at a hardware store

and not in one of those fancy kitchen

equipment stores where it's gonna cost

you twice as much but anyway using that

exact same technique we will melt that

sugar over the top and if you're

wondering now would it glaze this all

the way to the edge but I didn't fill my

cup up enough and I was afraid to char

and or break the glass but anyway I

think it kind of looks nice with it just

glazed in the center and that's the

story I'm gonna stick with and then once

that sugar has been torched it will cool

down it to a very thin very crispy layer

which we will now verify because as you

know spoon don't lie

oh yeah that sounds good

so I dug into my second rice pudding

would you my age is probably one pudding

too many and while this approach is

definitely different I thought it was

just as delicious the only thing that's

a little weird is the rice right under

the surface is a little bit warm so not

only do we get a contrast and texture

but we also get one in temperature which

you may or may not like but anyway

that's it

my take on classic rice pudding as I

mentioned in the intro this isn't really

dessert people know they want until they

give it then they're like oh yeah that's

exactly what I wanted so for those

reasons and more I really do hope you

give this a try soon so head over to

food wishes dot-com for all the

ingredient amounts and more info as

usual and as always enjoy