Classic rice pudding - Mary Berry Everyday: Episode 5 Preview - BBC Two

much as I adore trying out new and

exciting messages with the family there

are some everyday classics I return to

time and time again I've always loved

traditional rice pudding I had it as a

child I made it to my own children and

now I make it to the ground children

it's amazing to make such a delicious

pudding out of such easy ingredient I

would have pint and a half of full cream

milk which I just want to heat you can

do it from cold milk but it gets going

quicker if you're new is hot that's it

then the life I've got 75 grams and it's

short growing rice it absorbs the milk

better than ever long grain rice that's

why we use it so I'm just going to put

that in like that

a jolly good tablespoon of castor sugar

I really well buttered the dish not only

does that make it easier to clean it

also enriches it once the milk is piping

culture but you mustn't let it Nora

simply pour over the top give that a

good stir for at the moment then rice is

all at the bottom rice pudding is

something so simple to make and it's all

in one dish left water the secret to a

good rice food is a long slow cook at


after about half an hour there'll be a

light skin on top

carefully give it a gentle stir now by

no means is the rice gun it's just


to absorb the milk now if you like

nutmeg and that's traditional and

classic just grate a little on top just

a light dusting is enough like it's very


it's a lovely flavor back in the oven it

goes at the same heat for a couple of

hours and I can't wait for the results


the memories come flowing back one's

childhood that skin is just perfect

you either love the skin or you load the

skin I just love it


all that means is a nice dose of jam Wow

here goes


that is absolutely beautiful it's creamy

it's piping hot

it's Brosius and I want to work