Easiest Rice Pudding | Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

how many times do you say to yourself if

only there was a shorter easier rice

pudding recipe I would make it well

today I'm going to show you a shorter

easier rice pudding recipe and the

secret is using arborio rice our borio

rice has all this great starch in it

that comes out into the milk as it's

cooking and then there's no need to add

any egg none of that stuff no liaison no

tempering nothing just fantastic

creaminess so you're going to start with

one cup of arborio rice silky creamy

delicious and it has the greatest

texture when it's cooked I need 4 and

3/4 cups of milk altogether but I'm

going to start with four and a half cups

and save a quarter cup for later 1/2 cup

of sugar and then a quarter teaspoon of

fine salt using coarse salt use a half

teeth that's it super easy so far right

now what you want to do is bring this

whole mixture to a boil you might want

to start once or twice before before it

comes to a boil don't comfort it before

it comes to a boil you know what happens

to milk in a covered pot when it's

boiling I'll tell you it boils over and

then it's really a pain in the butt to

clean up oh my god look it's about to

boil and it could boil over so as soon

as you see it coming close to boiling

turn it down and then let it simmer

covered for 25 minutes make sure that

you start every once in a while she

doesn't stick wait to see what this

looks like now look at that most of the

liquid is absorbed not quite all of it

so add that remaining quarter cup of

milk and then just cook stirring for

about five minutes you'll notice I did

not really stand here stirring this for

the entire 25 minutes which for

traditional risotto you would but for

this rice pudding you don't need to and

look now it's completely creamy and

delightful and all that took was about 5

minutes of stirring oh I need to add

some vanilla don't let me forget don't

forget the vanilla so one and a half

teaspoons of pure vanilla extract stir

that in and then you're ready to chill

it just put it into a bowl or any kind

of dish that you really want once it's

in the dish cover it with plastic wrap

in the plastic wrap directly onto the

surface so that it doesn't form a skin

and then chill it you couldn't eat it

warm I suppose if you wanted to but

that's not traditional and you know me


a stickler for tradition oh yeah so this

is fully chilled it's very firm so what

I'm gonna do is stir in a little bit of

cream to loosen it and add just a tiny

bit of richness because I cooked it in

milk there was no other cream in there

so stirring about a quarter of a cup of

cream you may need a little bit more if

it stiffened up too much or you could

add a little bit of fresh milk too just

to loosen it you want to have it I don't

know the texture that you want it

depends some people like it a little

more stiff some people like it a little

bit looser I like it a little looser so

I have a tendency to add a little bit

more and then a little bit of cinnamon

and then spoon it up serve it up and eat

it there's nothing easier I guarantee

you if there's an easier rice pudding

recipe that's not instant send me the

recipe or maybe I'll make it but before

you do that you try this one and you

tell me my name is Sarah Kerry and I

approved this recipe because it's